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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 273

2023-04-24 07:00:00Publish Time: 396 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 273: An Ancient Aura!

The energy inside the Tian Yao Cave flowed between Su Yi's bones, muscles, and all of his limbs, allowing his physical body to be even more blinding and crystal-clear, as though it was once again baptism.

"Boom!” At a particular moment, at the same time, when the glow around Su Yi's body glistened, his body also trembled while reverberating with the sound of thunder.

From the inside of Su Yi's body, a whiff of a new aura abruptly escalated as he instantly stepped into a new stage.

Yuan Xuan Realm Ninth Grade!

Even though he was trying to stabilize his cultivation and fortify the Yuan Qi Ocean Whirlpool, the energy inside the Tian Yao Cave was extremely rich, so after he had stabilized his cultivation, he still broke through and fully stepped into the Yuan Xuan Realm Ninth Realm!

"Boom!" At the same time, inside Su Yi's mind, a whiff of a frightening aura also emanated, shaking this mysterious location.

The crimson spiritual soul light ball fluctuated with obscured purple air while a mighty supreme momentum also emitted out from it.

Around the spiritual soul light ball, the crimson glow undulated like a small sun that was dazzling and eye-catching as it turned into surging rays of sunlight.

Strands of energy gushed in, while heading to the dwelling area and condensing.

At this moment, Su Yi could clearly felt that his spiritual power was materializing and strengthening as if it still contained a special type of power that was seemingly awakening.

This type of feeling had already appeared twice. Back then, when he was at the Forest Of Demons dealing with Dharma Protector Hei Jiu of the Black Fiend School and gaining the benefits from the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, this aura had appeared before.

"Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul!" Su Yi was notably pleasantly surprised as he seemed to have already genuinely stepped into the level of the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

From going out of the City of Man, from the people of the Sacred Mountain coming forth, from when his grandfather got hurt, from after getting thrown down the towering cliff by Wang Quan De and then getting chased by the Black Fiend School……

Etcetera and etcetera, Su Yi had always been craving to strengthen himself, wishing to become a strong cultivator one day in the future.

The thought of becoming a strong cultivator got more and more firmed within Su Yi's heart while also getting more and more unshakable!

The Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, the second level of the Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body that came from the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, that was Su Yi's essential.

"Rumble rumble……"

Inside his mind, the aura of the spiritual soul fluctuated like undulating ripples, bringing along with an arrogant and overbearing air that seemed to be able to suppress the Ancient, and looked down the Heavens!

The inside of this Tian Yao Cave isolated everything.

Su Yi sat crossed-legged on the rush cushion while his entire body was enclosed within a blinding glow that shone flamingly like the sun.

From Su Yi's body, a holy light seeped out and emanated ripples of fluctuation, as if a mysterious power had transcended time and space, descending from the time of the Ancients while emitting clangs of thunder.

Such commotion was too huge that it jolted the entire space of the Tian Yao Cave and awakened Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan, and the rest.

"What a strong commotion!"

The gazes of Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Yan, and the rest trembled as they glanced afar while all of them could feel that Su Yi must have gained a remarkably good benefit.

That frightening aura had a mighty pressure as though it was resonating with the heaven and earth along with an imposing pressure, which caused them to secretly shivered.

"Rumble rumble……"

Such an aura got denser and denser. Finally, a new aura surged out from within Su Yi's body, sweeping through the Tian Yao Cave.

"Rumble rumble……"

The glow shone brilliantly as a powerful aura made his robe flutter, sweeping through all around.

"How is it so strong?!"

Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest abruptly trembled and were very shocked.

All of them could feel that the aura inside of Su Yi's body currently, utterly could not be compared to a cultivator in the same realm.


All of a sudden, the entire Tian Yao Cave rumbling shook while abruptly, from the top of the cave, a blinding glow emitted out.

The glow shone brilliantly, casting light on the void along with a tremendous and endless aura descending.


Within that glow, faintly, there was a beast figure like a tiger and a lion, like a dragon and a phoenix appearing, casting light on the void as if it came from the Ancients and transcended time and space as it shrouded onto Su Yi's body without any misses.

"This is………"

Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest were incomparably shocked as they totally did not know what had happened while they had also never heard of such changes from the elderly.

At this instant, that beast figure and Su Yi had seemingly fully merged together.

It was as though allowing Su Yi to transform into that beast figure, wanting to charge into the sky and merge into the void.

The beast figure was blinding like a beast figure battle armor covering Su Yi's entire body.

At this moment, there was a supreme demonic air emitting and sweeping through space, desiring to squash this land!

Su Yi had also discovered this commotion and did not know what had happened. The surrounding space was as though solidified while he totally could not struggle, and the Yuan Qi inside his Dantian was also bound.

Presently, the aura that had appeared numerous times before was incomparably clear at this moment as it emerged within Su Yi's heart, making Su Yi feel that the origin of the aura came from this place.

An incomparably blinding and resplendent glow drilled into Su Yi's eyes, causing his eyes to feel a stinging pain.

At this instant, a mighty ancient aura also madly surged into Su Yi's mind.


At this instant, the mysterious space inside Su Yi's mind abruptly exploded out radiance with a supreme might permeating.

As if it could feel something, the ancient aura that gushed into Su Yi's mind suddenly emitted a fearful intent and did not dare to come forward even half a step.

However, unsure of what was going on, the mysterious space that suddenly let out a commotion, immediately once again sunk into silence, and retracted it's radiance as it continued to stand aside alone.

When the radiance of the mysterious disappeared, that ancient aura once again swept through, assaulting Su Yi's mind.

The glow was blinding, causing Su Yi's eyes to feel a stinging pain.

Su Yi tightly closed his eyes, but the glow could pierce through the skin and continued to cause his eyes to feel a stinging pain.


Tremendous energy from within Su Yi's mind seemingly exploded while the strong assaulting force caused his mind to feel a stabbing pain as he unbearably yelled, yet everything had been imprisoned, that even his voice also could not be transmitted out.

Afterward, Su Yi's conscious felt pain as unknown enormous energy forcefully injected itself into his mind, making him faint over.


Before Su Yi, a space suddenly torn opened while emitting a glow. A trace of swallowing power covered Su Yi's entire body, consuming both Su Yi and the beast figure into the space crack.

Inside the cave, Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan, and the rest were dumbfounded, utterly uncertain of what had happened as inside the cave, a space crack had actually appeared.



The entire Tian Yao Cave shook as the mountain suddenly rang out as though it was going to have an earthquake.

"Ka ka……"

The meandering stone road that headed to the Tian Yao Cave had lines of cracks splitting while crushed rocks fell.

"It is the Tian Yao Cave. What has happened there?"

On top of the sky of the three clans, the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe, there were figures charging up to the sky while glancing in the direction of the Tian Yao Cave from afar.

"What has happened? Is it an earthquake?!"

"What a strong aura!"

Within the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, figures abruptly ran out while glancing in the direction of the Tian Yao Cave.

At that place, the ground moved, and the mountain shook. A radiance charged into the sky with a vast ancient aura covering this land.

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