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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 272

2023-04-22 07:00:00Publish Time: 397 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 272: Fortify The Spiritual Soul!

Inside the Tian Yao Cave, that strange energy was fluctuating and hovering around Su Yi's body while emitting a faint radiance as it headed into the pores of Su Yi's entire body. Lastly, there was actually radiance sweeping towards the center of Su Yi's eyebrows.

When that strange energy entered the center of Su Yi's eyebrows, it was very cozy, which made Su Yi feel as though a summer wind had passed by while his spiritual soul fluctuated.

The spiritual soul, was initially a formless thing that could be felt, but completely untouchable.

However, after the last time when he absorbed the energy of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul already had a small shape. When this strange energy entered his mind, strands of glittering radiance swept out.

Within Su Yi's mind, that small sun-like shaped of the spiritual soul light ball, absorbed that strange energy as if it was absorbing tonic.

"There is an effect……"

Su Yi was surprised. This type of feeling was too astounding, which was something he had never felt before. Under the cocoon of that energy, the spiritual soul had an unspeakable comfort. Like what he expected, it indeed could strengthen the spiritual soul.

All of a sudden, under Su Yi's astonishment, the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique circulated and started to guide the strange energy inside the Tian Yao Cave to fortify his spiritual soul in order to cultivate the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

The time slowly passed by in this way. Unknown when it began, inside this Tian Yao Cave, Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan, and the rest were enveloped within the radiance while there was a glow fluctuating on their bodies, emitting a sort of ancient aura……

Su Yi was attempting to fortify the spiritual soul in order to cultivate the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

The energy inside the Tian Yao Cave was like the energy of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng as it indeed could cultivate the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

Inside Su Yi's mind, on top of the small sun-like spiritual soul light ball, the glow got more and more blinding as if the spiritual soul had formed into a solid thing, turning into a bigger shape while emanating a sound as it kept transforming.

This kind of transformation cause Su Yi to felt very weird as he could seemingly sense that his spiritual soul was breeding a sort of living thing.

At the same time, strands of energy that gushed in converged, and condensed inside Su Yi's spiritual soul light ball, yet it did not instantly strengthen the spiritual soul as it just acted accordingly to the circulation of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, fortifying the spiritual soul and kept compressing it, converged, condensed as if to be toughened and hardened into steel.

"The Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul is actually like this!"

Su Yi started to gain a little enlightenment. The Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul was to absorb energy that could strengthen the spiritual soul, to keep fortifying and polishing the spiritual soul so that it could get more and more real and tough like the first layer, Indestructible Vajra Body that continually fortifies the physical body to lastly formed the Indestructible Vajra Body.


Inside his mind, Su Yi's spiritual soul light ball glowed splendidly brilliant and fluctuated like the waves while emitting crimson light with a frightening aura.

Simultaneously, Su Yi was also stabilizing his cultivation as this energy, not only could it strengthened the spiritual soul, it could also enhance the Yuan Qi. The youngsters that entered the Tian Yao Cave every half a year, and could increase several grades on the Yuan Xuan Realm when they came out, was the proof.

But, Su Yi did not dare to casually breakthrough again as he absorbed these energies to only fortified the Yuan Qi Ocean within his Dantian in order to stabilize his cultivation.

Su Yi had long submerged into a sort of enlightenment. In this state, the time had also seemingly lost its meaning.


In the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Hu Ming and the rest had returned to the tribe while every one of them was very miserable with bruises all over their bodies.

After returning to the tribe, Hu Ming and the rest then found out that the fellow, was called Yi Su while a Scarlet Searing Raging Bear in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Realm after the raging transformation was also defeated by him.

"He is also a Soul Tamer!"

Hu Ming said such words with disheveled hair and a pale complexion.

"He is also a Soul Tamer!"

The entire people were shocked and perplexed. That Yi Su was too insane. To think that he was still the Soul Tamer from the legends.

Even Hu Ming, who was in the Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade, was also defeated. In that case, back then, when he defeated the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear in the arena, he still had some reservations.

Very quickly, the news about Hu Ming and the rest got thrown down from the mountain by Su Yi had also spread within the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Ancient Spirit Village while those who heard it, were shocked.

"Soul Tamer. Yi Su is actually also a Soul Tamer!"

"Haha, in the future, the Hunting Tiger Tribe will most likely not dare to offend our Ancient Spirit Village anymore!"

"Yi Su has done it excellently. Haha!"

Inside the Ancient Spirit Village, many people were ecstatic and happy from the news.

Inside the Mighty Bear Tribe, some youngsters had already made up their minds that, in the future, whenever they saw that Yi Su, they must never provoke him and stay far away from him.

"Yi Su, that fellow, is too insane!"

Some of the youngsters of the Mighty Bear Tribe were tongue-tied and already afraid.

Especially those young men that were stripped by Su Yi, whenever they heard the name 'Yi Su', their hearts would uncontrollably shiver.


Su Yi sat cross-legged with a glistening glow around the rush cushion enveloping his body as though bringing along with a flawless radiance, exhibiting a type of supreme holy authority while emitting a mighty aura.

Inside his mind, the spiritual soul light ball fluctuated. Su Yi was fortifying his spiritual soul as he was gaining insights about everything while continuously fortifying.

If, his body wasn't emitting a glow, the current Su Yi, who was sitting cross-legged, was as though petrified, sinking into a deep level of enlightenment.

However, at a particular moment, Su Yi woke up. There were changes inside his mind while on the spiritual soul light ball, it abruptly emanated a brilliant crimson glow that illuminated his mind as though strands of crimson symbols were flying inside his mind, going ups and downs inside the empty space and rippling while emitting an abnormal mighty and strong aura.

"Rumble rumble!"

At this instant, inside Su Yi's mind, for an unknown reason, it permeated a clear wind and thunder sound.

Within the crimson spiritual soul glow, strands of obscured purple radiance emerged as if the chaotic aura of the beginning of the world that contained many mysteries and mighty pressures, were flowing inside his mind.

"The Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul!"

Su Yi was pleasantly surprised as he could feel the aura of the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul. Although it was not the actual state of the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, it had already entered and touched the threshold of the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

The spiritual soul permeated a wind and thunder sound while obscured purple air was rippling within the crimson glow as the surrounding energy circulated within there with the spiritual soul as the center.

"Continue just like this……"

From the start of cultivation, Su Yi had always been strengthening himself, grinding, fortifying without rest, and was never once lazy. He did not have a famous teacher and could only rely on himself.

Right now, with such benefits, how could Su Yi missed it? Forget about everything. He was going to make himself powerful.

Very quickly, Su Yi once again sunk into enlightenment and wholeheartedly cultivating as he absorbed the strange energy of the Tian Yao Cave to fortify his spiritual soul and stabilized his cultivation.

The center of his eyebrows glowed while his entire body was crystal-cleared like a warm jade, perfectly blending together with the surrounding energy.

Unknown when it had begun, on top of the eight rush cushion, the glow that contained Su Yi was the brightest and was getting more and more dazzling as though the surrounding energy was implicated and came over.

These energies kept drilling into the center of Su Yi's eyebrows and his body, blending together with him. The glow was resplendent and incomparably blinding along with a mighty and ancient aura.

The time once again gradually passed by like this while Su Yi was like an old monk sitting in meditation. In a blink of an eye, two months had already passed.

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