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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 222

2023-01-29 11:14:11Publish Time: 331 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 222: A Bloody Battle!

When the ferocious bird saw that, it’s fearsome expression became imposing as it flapped its wings and rapidly scaled horizontally, avoiding the joint attack of the four beasts.

The ferocious bird dodged with a violent wind sweeping under its wings. However, in an instant, the four beasts had directly fought together.



Beasts roared like thunder. A demonic wolf, a demonic lizard, a fearsome beast that appeared like a tiger and a bear, and an ape instantly tangled together in a fight.

While in mid-air, the ferocious bird also refused to be outdone as it spontaneously spread its wings and dived down to join in the tangled fight, trying to take the chance to steal the corpse of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros.

But, whenever a beast got close to the corpse of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros, it would suffer the joint attacks of the rest of the beasts as nobody could prevail.


The ape roared and giant fists pounded on its chest as it angrily stared at the surroundings with a frightening momentum!


The demonic wolf howled to the moon with sharp teeth!

The fearsome beast that appeared like a tiger and a bear was savage with endless powerful force while emitting a monstrous bloody aura!

The demonic lizard had a rapid speed and thick scales with a scorching aura emanating all around its body!


The ape roared and rushed forward, trying to fight for the corpse of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros to get its demonic core. A glow sparkled on its giant fist like stars twinkling in the night as the radiance spread, yet the aura was fierce and frightening.

Within the palm of the ape, a glow swept out like a light pillar and clashed onto the body of the demonic lizard who was blocking in front of it.

The demonic lizard opened its mouth, and a monstrous brilliant light spat out, directly blocking that light pillar from the palm.


In mid-air, that ferocious bird dived down, trying to take the chance to get close to the corpse of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros.


However, the fearsome beast that appeared like a tiger and a bear soared up into the sky and leaped out with a claw directly slashing out. A chilling light sparkled with a sharp aura as though tearing through the empty space as it smacked towards that ferocious bird.

The color of the ferocious bird's complexion changed as it did not dare to be careless. A sharp claw reached out as it rapidly spread its wings, directly confronting the beast.

The moment the two claws collided, there was clang like the clashing of metals ringing out.

The intense battle erupted in an instant with incomparable intensity. The fierce aura swept through everywhere, causing the surrounding beasts dared not to get close.

"These beasts are the strongest existence in this area......"

Shangguan Xi Wei spoke as her delicate face lost color. She had never expected that so many strong beasts would suddenly appear. If they were to really approached the corpse of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros just now, most likely, they would immediately be the targets of these strong beasts.

"Gulp gulp......"

Shangguan Yan and the rest also had lingering fear in their hearts as they looked at the several strong beasts while sucking in cold air.

Earlier, they had almost could not avoid it.

"Those beasts have yet to reach the Demonic Void Realm. All of them are in the Demonic True Realm Ninth Grade. That ape seems to have reached the peak of the Demonic True Realm Ninth Grade for a very long time. No matter which one of them is to get the demonic core of that Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros, there will be an increased chance to breakthrough to the Demonic Void Realm, which none of them are willing to give up. Luckily we have retreated quickly, or else there will be trouble."

Su Tian Que said as it watched the intense battle in front while continuously clicking its tongue. Fortunately, it had run away fast.

Su Yi rolled his eyes at Su Tian Que. This fellow definitely was not the so-called peacock.

Else, why would a genuine peacock at this moment, be so frightened of those beasts in the Demonic True Realm to this degree?

Currently, Su Yi's heart was also secretly imposing. At the moment, with so many beasts in the Demonic True Realm and furthermore at the Demonic True Realm Ninth Grade snatching the demonic core of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros, there would be no chance for him totally.

Even if it was only one strong beast in the Demonic True Realm Ninth Grade, Su Yi reckoned that if, he was to fight with full strength while risking his life and also summoning out Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest from the mysterious space, there would also not be any chances.

Sitting by watching the demonic core that was, right before him yet he could not obtain it, this type of feeling, was intolerable to Su Yi's heart.

"Bang bang bang......"

In a short time, the intense battle in front had already instantly turned white-hot. The demonic lizard, was simultaneously attacked by the ape and the beast that appeared like a tiger and a bear. It let out a loud and furious roar as its tail was torn-off with blood dripping like a river, in a very miserable state.


The demonic wolf took the chance and attacked. With hook-like claws, it directly landed onto the back of the demonic lizard, tearing through a giant crack on its tough and scaly huge back as blood spurted out from the wound.

However, the wound was not too deep to the point where bones could be detected, proving the toughness of the body of the demonic lizard.

The demonic lizard shrieked while revealing unwillingness and anger in its fearsome eyes, yet the first thing it did was to turn around and madly flee.

It had already sustained severe wounds and could no longer get the demonic core. Leaving with its life was a much better choice.

There was always a rivalry between it and the other beasts. If at that moment it still did not flee, after a while, when these beasts struck it when it was down, it would surely be fraught with grim possibilities.

While watching the demonic lizard leaving with grave injuries, the remaining beasts did not give chase as their goal was only the demonic core of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros, needing it to step into the Demonic Void Realm to then become the king of this area.

The intense killing battle was still ongoing while the surrounding mountain collapsed and ground cracked. Sand flew, and rocks rolled with beasts roaring like the clanging of thunder.


Finally, the ferocious bird in mid-air found an opportunity. Its sharp claws reached out like a rocket with momentum similar to the thunderclap as it grabbed onto the fearsome beast that appeared like a tiger and bear.

The fearsome beast had rough skin and thick flesh with glow still emitting on its body, yet it was nevertheless pierced through by the ferocious bird's sharp claws with fresh blood dripping, revealing its white bones.


At the same time, the wolf kept howling as it got injured by the ape. A leg got almost directly pulled apart while its notably big body was held within the ape's hands and harshly thrown onto the large boulder before the waterfall with endlessly roars as the boulder cracked. It actually got directly killed.


The fearsome beast that appeared like a tiger and a bear angrily roared as it crazily exploded. With blood dripping on its back showing its thick white bones, a glow was spurted out from its mouth like a series of sharp blades, charging towards the ferocious bird.

The ferocious bird was unafraid as it spread its wings to avoid it. Only, the glow of the sharp blades was akin to lightning and the bird could not avoid in time. It was hit so many times, that many of the feathers on its body also fell off.

"Wu wu!"

The ape charged out as it abruptly leaped from a huge rock and directly pounced over. The moment its giant palm reached out as if like a bow shooting out of the arrow, it tightly caught the ferocious bird in its hands.


The ferocious bird whined while revealing fearful expression. Its wings flapped, trying to charge up to the high altitude immediately.

But it was too late. The ape, had long been prepared for it as it had already succeeded. A trace of horrifying momentum exploded out as it directly pulled the ferocious bird down and harshly threw it from the low-altitude to the top of the waterfall.


The ground moved, and the mountain shook. The waterfall surged as though the mountain had collapsed and the ground had cracked.

Following with a shriek from the ferocious bird, it followed along the mountain and rolled down with endless water droplets pouring. The body of the ferocious bird snapped with many 'cracking' sounds of crushing bones emitted from its entire bones. Its feathers flew around as it then got buried under the collapsing mountain.

The several strong beasts were now only left with the ape and the already severely injured fearsome beast that appeared like a tiger and a bear. The rest were two dead, and one fled.