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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 221

2023-01-29 11:14:04Publish Time: 315 views
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Chapter 221: Group Of Beasts!

At this moment, the emotions within Shangguan Xi Wei's eyes were also not collected as the demonic core wasn’t an average item. If they could get it, then the outing this time would absolutely be a worthwhile trip.

"Brother Yi Su, what is your opinion?"

Shangguan Yu asked Su Yi as all of them knew that currently, the strongest one on the scene was Su Yi, which had unknowingly become the core of the group.

At this moment, the others were also looking at Su Yi. Their hearts were excited, nervous, and hopeful at the same time, as their gazes had gushed red. It was hard to calm their hearts.

"Are you sure that it is a beast in the Demonic Void Realm that is going to die of old age?" Su Yi lowered his head and asked Su Tian Que seriously.

"It should not be wrong. That beast in the Demonic Void Realm is going to die of old age and is releasing the last of its might." Su Tian Que answered sternly.

Su Yi lifted his head and glanced in the direction of that frightening commotion. He mulled over the thoughts and then glanced at Shangguan Xi Wei as he inquired: "What is your opinion?"

"The demonic core is a precious treasure. If there is truly a chance to get it, then we should fight for it."

Shangguan Xi Wei nodded her head as the demonic core had also caused her to be unable to stay calm.

Hearing this, Su Yi nodded his head and then looked at Shangguan Yan and the rest as he said: "We must be careful, and there must not be any carelessness."


A young man full of vigor and vitality rubbed his palms together. If they could really get that demonic core, then they would strike rich.

Afterward, all of them took off and started going up the mountain.


Inside the mountain and the forest, the ground moved and the mountain shook as though a myriad of beasts were rioting. Groups of mountains quivered while sky-high trees snapped. The scene was outrageously dreadful.


In the night sky, densely packed ferocious birds were spreading their wings as they blotted up the empty sky while emitting radiance. Their cries were sharp and piercing to the ear.

Four hours later, the group of people met with a small bunch of beasts that were scattered apart. Fortunately, the beasts on the outer perimeter had low cultivations.

Strangely, at the moment, the bodies of these beasts were trembling as they revealed dreadful expressions, completely ignoring Su Yi and the rest as if they only cared about scattering in all directions and escaping.

It seemed as though the commotion was right before them, but in actual fact, it was very far away.

There was a mountain after another mountain with seemingly boundless of mountains and forests. The thick and broad ancient trees were like huge umbrellas rising on this ancient mountain as the tree crown reared high into the sky.

Everyone cast their Yuan Qi as they went up the hill and down the valley. They had depleted quite a lot of energy as all of them were panting heavily. They finally approached the vicinity of the origin of the commotion.


Around the vicinity, the cultivations of the beasts scattering in all directions were much stronger and bigger in size, appearing in massive amounts.

However, at this moment, all of these beasts were shivering while revealing fear in their eyes, not daring to get close as they slowly retreated.

When they saw humans coming over, their fearsome eyes shone as they stared while exhibiting a fierce intent.


The Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique on his body circulated as a whiff of an overbearing and majestic aura unknowingly emitted and abruptly spread out while Su Yi stared at those beasts from afar that were waiting for a chance to take action.


Those beasts abruptly roared and lay prone as they trembled, no longer daring to get close.

When looking at these changes, Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest were secretly surprised and shocked.

Su Yi continued in deeper, feeling that the roar from the start was getting closer, just right in front of him, not far away.

Only, as they went in farther, the front was gradually getting quieter as the atmosphere unknowingly exhibited a sort of oppression.

"Why is it so quiet?"

Everyone could feel that something was wrong. The outside was like a riot with many beasts moving together, yet the closer they got to the place, it was instead getting quieter, which was extremely unusual.

"That beast is going to die and should have shocked the surroundings. No beasts will dare to come here anymore." Su Tian Qie responded.

The group of people continued forward. The front was a mess with rocks burst into pieces and snapped sky-high trees.

"Quickly look......"

All of a sudden, Shangguan Yan spoke as he glanced towards the front.

Several hundred zhang away, right under a waterfall with the rumbling of water and water droplets splashing around.

Under the shine of the moonlight, a massive object was lying on the ground. Looking from afar, it was like a small mountain in front of the waterfall.

"That is......"

When the gazes of all the people unitedly glanced over, and right under the waterfall, a probably four to five zhang tall beast was lying on the ground with thick scales on its body. There were no more fluctuations of life as though its life force had depleted. However, that traces of remaining might still unknowingly made the surrounding air to tense up.

"Demonic Void Realm......"

Everybody was excited. That was a beast in the Demonic Void Realm, and right now, it was already dead. A demonic core that was almost at their fingertips.

"It seems like an Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros. I know this beast as I have heard about it before."

The expression of Shangguan Xi Wei secretly changed as she recognized the faraway beast. With an astonished face, she said: "Although the bloodline of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros is not high, almost impossible to break through to the Demonic Void Realm, this Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros in the Yao Luo Mountain is very special. There is a report in the village's record of our Ancient Spirit Village that this Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros has lived for a very long time. Rumor has it that it has eaten a treasure and therefore reached the Demonic Void Realm."

"Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros!"

Su Yi also knew of this beast. Although its bloodline was not considered high, it's battle strength was exceptional with overwhelming power.

Sadly, although this Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros had gained a great opportunity and reached the Demonic Void Realm, however, since its bloodline was not high, it was unable to advance any further as there would always be a time limit.

Until that day, its life force had depleted with ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

"Everything will be meaningless without becoming a genuinely strong cultivator!"

Su Yi had an insight. A cultivator could live much longer than an ordinary person, but without becoming a genuinely strong cultivator, everything would be meaningless. Not mentioning about the lifespan, where strength was respected, only with strength could it represent everything. Only a genuinely strong cultivator could control everything.

"The demonic core is inside its body!"

Everyone was joyful. Sure enough, this was a beast in the Demonic Void Realm with a demonic core in its body.

"Something's wrong......"

Suddenly, Su Yi's eyes moved, as under his keen and mighty spiritual power along with his vigilant perception, he could feel that something was wrong.

It was as though at the surroundings, something was hiddenly watching, unknowingly seeping out a type of danger.

"Quickly retreat. Quick!"

Without any hesitation, Su Yi urgently cried out and momentarily retreated.

"What's wrong?"

Even though Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yu and the rest felt strange, they still closely followed after Su Yi and stormily retreated.

"An Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros died of old age with a demonic core in its body, most likely, it has also attracted some strong beasts' attention in the area. They will definitely not let it go."

Su Yi spoke as he recalled a matter.

There were many beasts in this Yao Luo Mountain, so naturally, there would be many strong beasts too.

A demonic core was a treasure while similarly for the beasts, it was also a treasure.

Presently, the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros had died of old age, so the strong beasts in the area would not miss it.

Hearing this, the people in the group half-believed in it, and were half doubtful while they urgently stormily retreated.

Everyone retreated for a total of several hundred zhang before they stopped. They stood on high ground as they watched the waterfall in the front.


Almost at the same time, a cry sounded from mid-air as on the top of that waterfall, a ferocious bird spread its wings that were a dozen meters long and dived down with a violent wind, directly grabbing towards that Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros that was lying on the ground.


From the four sides of that waterfall, four massive beasts had also successively abruptly appeared. Between the roars, they directly pounced onto the ferocious bird that was diving down.