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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 197

2023-01-29 10:46:31Publish Time: 343 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 197: You Guys Are The Ones Who Provoked Me!

“Shangguan Xi Wei, your Ancient Spirit Village actually dares to bring an outsider back?!”

Xiong Lie frowned as his complexion turned dark. For generations, no outsider had ever stepped into the place where they lived.

“Does the ancestor’s instructions mention that no one is allowed to bring an outsider in?” Shangguan Xi Wei questioned.


Xiong Lie’s words got stuck in his throat. Although the one village and two tribes did not allow outsiders to enter, it was more of an unwritten rule that had not been, written in the ancestor’s instructions.

“Is this Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard yours?” A youth behind Xiong Lie asked Su Yi.

“Correct. It is mine.” Su Yi nodded his head.

“Then, this is easy to handle. We want this Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard. You can leave!”

Although the youth had found it weird that why would a cub of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard stood beside Su Yi as it was a child of the demons, after looking at Su Yi’s age, he absolutely did not place him in his eyes.

Su Tian Que kept leaning on the back of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard with slightly squinted eyes as it was totally disinclined to understand the meaning of the youth.

Su Yi’s gaze swept past the youth that had spoken. He slightly smiled while saying: “If you have the capability, then you can come here and take it!”

Seeing that Su Yi wanted to intervene, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yu and the rest reached an unspoken consensus as they did not say anything else.

They even wished for Su Yi to intervene because he was a frightening fellow that could easily hurt the cub of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard severely.

“Brat, you seem to be quite arrogant!”

The youth was stunned, and then he revealed a cold smiled. He leaped down from the back of the One-Horned Sturdy Cow and walked towards Su Yi with huge steps while coldly saying: “I am coming now to take it, so what are you going to do about it?”

Seeing that the youth was finding trouble with Su Yi, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu and the rest secretly laughed at him as the fellow was asking for humiliation.

Whereas the remaining youths from the Mighty Bear Tribe, presently, did not even take it to heart.

Seeing that the muscular youth had walked over, Su Yi had a face full of smiles as he went forward two steps while softly saying: “If you want to take the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, you have to walk past me first!”

“Then, you better get lost!”

The youth from the Mighty Bear Tribe did not think that the other party would dare to be so provocative. He deeply roared as he abruptly erupted with a cry that could deafen the ears.


Yuan Qi surged under his feet as the full aura of the Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade exploded out. The youth leaped and directly pounced towards Su Yi with a clenched fist and detonated out.

At this instant, the youth was like a mighty bear while his entire aura monstrously burnt as though he wanted to make Su Yi directly detonate!


Su Yi raised his eyes. He did not retreat, but instead, went forward while raising his arms and shook as he directly struck out with his fist.

The youth from the Mighty Bear Tribe had exceptional skills. With the cultivation of the Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade at this age, he would be one of the top few students of the big sects and schools on the outside world with this sort of talent in cultivation. That had aroused Su Yi's heart to probe him out.


The instant when the two fists collided, explosive clangs sounded like metals clashed while violent raging wind swept out with Yuan Qi light exploding.


In an instant, under the gazes of several surprised and awed eyes, the body of the youth from the Mighty Bear Tribe flown out as he spurted out fresh blood from his mouth, heavily crashing several zhang away.

“Xiong Qi, be careful!”

The youth that sat with him cried out loud as his expression suddenly changed. He was also the one with the bow from before. He immediately placed his sharp arrow onto the bow as Yuan Qi surged and the arrow shot out.


The sharp arrow was like lightning piercing through the empty air. With the ‘swish swish’ sounds of wind separating along with radiance, it instantly pierced towards Su Yi’s chest.

Su Yi’s complexion changed. That arrow was a sneak attack that was vicious and ruthless.

If the arrow had struck him, the consequences would be severe.

These people from the Mighty Bear Tribe were truly unreasonable and bossy.

“Crack……” Yuan Qi formed under his foot like a whirlpool as radiance surged. Using the Hundred Transformation Steps, Su Yi's body abruptly dragged out a chain of afterimages as the arrow flew past him. He then instantly pounced towards the youth with the bow.

At this instant, Su Yi had become seriously furious!

The color of the complexion of the youth changed as he did not expect Su Yi's speed to be actually that fast.


The One-Horned Sturdy Cow roared as it directly protected its owner. The sharp horn glowed, and with its body that was like a huge rock, it charged towards Su Yi.

"Insolent beast!"

Su Yi's foot stepped down with glimmer gushing out from his eyes. The force from the ground made his hair rise as he did not dodge it.

In the next instant, under the gazes of many flabbergasted eyes, Su Yi reached his hand out and directly grabbed onto the horn of the One-Horned Sturdy Cow. Yuan Qi surged as he fiercely obstructed the body of the One-Horned Sturdy Cow.


At the same time, Yuan Qi in his body surged from his meridians while a whiff of powerful force exploded out as he hurled the One-Horned Sturdy Cow that had a massive build and forcefully flipped it over.


The One-Horned Sturdy Cow roared as it revealed fear in its expression. However, it could not control its body and was directly flung over, landing harshly onto the ground.

"Bang bang!"

As though the earth was moving and the mountain shaking, the poor One-Horned Sturdy Cow fell onto the ground with blood dripping as it could not climb up. The scene was too horrifying to watch.

The youth with the bow, who was sitting on the back of the One-Horned Sturdy Cow scurried to leap down from the cow's back with staggering footsteps as his face was full of shock while he retreated miserably.


A figure like a ghost with unbelievable speed directly appeared before the youth and struck out with a crimson palm as fire element Yuan Qi rendered the surrounding space to be incomparably scorching.

The color of the complexion of the youth changed. In a panicked, he could only shake his right hand and welcome the palm as Yuan Qi spilled out to form a Yuan Qi light shield before his body.


The body of the youth was sent flying away while the Yuan Qi light shield on his body cracked. Blood spurted out from his mouth as he landed several zhang away.

In just an instant, two people, had been heavily wounded, and there was also the insanely frightening scene where the One-Horned Sturdy Cow was flipped over, causing the gazes of all the people on the site to be bewildered and lost for words.

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest already knew that Su Yi would be able to handle these youths.

But they had never thought that he would use such an astounding and mighty method to solve it.

That was too frightening!

The remaining other two youths and Xiong Lie from the Mighty Bear Tribe were even more astounded.

A young man that they formerly did not place in their eyes was actually so terrifying.

"You are going to die today for hurting the people of my Mighty Bear Tribe!"

Very quickly after the fall of the second youth, Xiong Lie returned to his senses while his complexion changed exceedingly. His powerful and muscular body with a broad back like that of a tiger and a waist as thick and robust as the bear leaped down from the One-Horned Sturdy Cow and landed right before Su Yi. The ground quivered where he descended. His eyes shone with the surge of chilling light and anger.

"Yi Su be careful. Xiong Lie has cultivated his Mighty Bear Tribe [Mighty Desolate Verse] and has reached the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Fourth Grade......" Seeing that Xiong Lie was going to attack, Shangguan Xi Wei immediately warned Su Yi. Even if, she was to go all out, she would still find it hard to handle Xiong Lie.

The Mighty Desolate Verse of the Mighty Bear Tribe was no trivial matter.

However, Shangguan Xi Wei seemed to have recalled something as her words ceased abruptly.

The Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard in the Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade was also not an opponent of this fellow, so no matter how powerful Xiong Lie was, he would not be able to deal with a Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard in the Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade.

She was worried for nothing.

"You guys are the ones who provoked me!"

Su Yi glanced at Xiong Lie and could feel a powerful and virile aura. This fellow should be a hard boss to handle.

The two youths were rude with their ruthless attacks which had made Su Yi furious. He naturally would not be polite too.