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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 196

2023-01-29 10:46:23Publish Time: 348 views
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Chapter 196: The Mighty Bear Tribe!

After Su Yi's words landed, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan and the rest momentarily glanced at their surroundings with imposing eyes.

"Haha, to think that you guys have really found a beast."

A burst of raucous laughter rang out. Afterward, from behind a large boulder in front of them, three beasts mounts walked out.

The three cow beasts were around one zhang tall with long horns. Their entire bodies, were covered in meat callus-like hairs that were emitting light. Their eyes were like brass bells, and whenever they breathed out, they would spurt out white fog.

These were a type of beast called the One-Horned Sturdy Cow which had quite a powerful cultivation. However, their personalities compared to other beasts were quite gentle.

Su Yi arched his eyebrows as five youths were sitting on top of the One-Horned Sturdy Cows’ bodies.

Two strong and muscular youths sat on each of the two One-Horned Sturdy Cows on the side.

The four youths looked to be around 16-17 years old, only slightly older than Shangguan Yan and the rest.

On the back of the One-Horned Sturdy Cow in the middle, sat a youth alone that seemed about the same age as Shangguan Xi Wei and was much stronger and muscular than the others.

The youth had a broad back like that of a tiger and a waist as thick and robust as the bear. Under the tight clothing, the muscles bulged on his broad shoulders as if it was going to rip open the shirt. He had a broad forehead and a big face with shining eyes.

"Eh, it seems to be the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard!"

The five youths emerged, and when their gazes fell onto the body of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, their complexions changed.

"Xiong Lie, what are you guys trying to do?!"

Shangguan Yan glanced at the sudden appearance of the five youths as his complexion secretly changed color. Gathering up his courage, he questioned loudly.

"These are the people from the Mighty Bear Tribe. The one in the middle is Xiong Lie, one of the stronger opponents battling against us this time. His strength is not something to be belittled, and I'm afraid that they have come here with ill-intentions." Shangguan Xi Wei said softly beside Su Yi.

Su Yi followed Shangguan Xi Wei's word and landed his gaze on the leading youth, Xiong Lie. He looked about 18-19 years old and as strong as a bear. With a glance, it could be, perceived that he was an opponent with a robust physique.

"Shangguan Yan, you still do not have the qualifications to talk!"

Xiong Lie sat on the One-Horned Sturdy Cow without paying much attention to Shangguan Yan. Instead, he directly glanced at Shangguan Xi Wei.

Xiong Lie had also secretly and curiously sized up Su Yi with one glance as he then showed a faint smile to Shangguan Xi Wei and said: "What good luck to be able to get a leopard cub of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard. Are you going to hand it over to us obediently, or do you want us to take it by ourselves?"

"Xiong Lie, are you trying to steal from us?"

The color of Shangguan Xi Wei's face changed. After taking the recovery elixirs for two days and a night, she had mostly recovered. The two curved sabers were held tightly in her hands while her hair slightly moved. These people had come with ill-intentions, so she had to prepare for it.


Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, and Shangguan Yu had also drawn their treasure swords out from the sheath as the four of them gathered together with faintly surging auras while they stared at Xiong Lie and the rest.

"Ha ha ha ha......"

Glancing at Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest, Xiong Lie and the rest laughed loudly and brazenly as though they totally did not place Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest in their eyes.

"With just you guys, you are absolutely not my opponents. As long as this Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard hasn't gone back, it is not considered, as yours."

Xiong Lie glanced at Shangguan Xi Wei as a faint chilling smile gushed out from his eyes and said: "Shangguan Xi Wei, seeing that Big Brother Xiong Zhan likes you and that sooner or later you will become my sister-in-law, be a little tactful and voluntarily hand over this Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard then I will let you guys go this time. Otherwise, I don’t mind letting you guys eat some sourness so that you won't be able to stay for the third round. I hope that you guys won't refuse the toast, only to drink a forfeit!"

"Xiong Lie, what is the meaning of your words? You are clearly stealing! Do you still want face? Sister Xi Wei also completely spurns Xiong Zhan!" Shangguan Yu was resentful while his entire face, was filled with anger.

"Shangguan Yu, you still do not have the qualification to talk. It is your village's blessing to have Big Brother Xiong Zhan set his eyes on a girl in your Ancient Spirit Village!"


When Xiong Lie’s words landed, he raised his hands and waved. The One-Horned Sturdy Cow underneath him abruptly raised its head and deeply roared. A large hoof directly headed towards Shangguan Yu and stomped down with power and arrogance, not placing Shangguan Yu in its eyes at all.

"Do you think that I will be afraid of you?!"

Shangguan Yu was furious as all young people were hot-blooded. Yuan Qi stormingly gushed out while the treasure sword in his hand glowed. The radiance of the sword pervaded, charging towards the One-Horned Sturdy Cow and stabbed.


All of a sudden, a sharp arrow with the shrill sound of wind separating, instantly clashed with the treasure sword that Shangguan Yu was holding. Metals collided with sparks of flame.

"Pat pat!"

Under the enormous assault, the treasure sword in Shangguan Yu's hand was shot down while his body staggered and trembled.

"Overestimating your ability!"

A faint cold shout, was heard while someone laughed. It was a youth behind Xiong Lie with a powerful aura holding a bow as he shot out.

"Be careful!"

Shangguan Xi Wei tenderly cried as her figure, akin to lightning, pushed Shangguan Yu away.

"Boom!" The leg of the One-Horned Sturdy Cow landed while gravel flew and dust spread around the big piece of land within the canyon. The place, where the foot landed, was cracked as though an earthquake had occurred.

Luckily, Shangguan Xi Wei had pushed Shangguan Yu away. If not, when such foot had landed, even if he did not die, he would have been left with severe injuries.

"Hand over the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, otherwise, next time, you won't be so lucky!"

Xiong Lie glanced at Shangguan Xi Wei and faintly smiled. Everything was within his control. This time as they had waited in this place, it was as good as secured!

"Not on my watch!"

Shangguan Xi Wei's face became cold as a chill seeped out from her eyes while the curved saber in her hand reverberated.

"Let's fight them!"

Shangguan Yan and Shangguan Ye were also furious, wanting to fight with all their might as the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard absolutely could not land into the hands of the Mighty Bear Tribe.

"Don't you guys forget that the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard is mine......"

At this moment, Su Yi spoke. His gaze was sizing up Xiong Lie and the rest.

Initially, this was a matter between the Ancient Spirit Village and the Mighty Bear Tribe. However, in these two days, Su Yi had a good impression towards Shangguan Yu and the rest. At least from what he could see now, this Mighty Bear Tribe was quite overbearing.

Moreover, what the Mighty Bear Tribe had wanted to steal was Su Yi's Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard. That would naturally make Su Yi unhappy.

After hearing Su Yi's faint words, the tense atmosphere that was about to explode in one move had abruptly become somewhat unusual.

The youths from the Mighty Bear Tribe also suddenly glanced towards Su Yi and curiously sized him up.

The five youths from the Mighty Bear Tribe had already noticed Su Yi from the start, but they did not pay too much attention to him. At this moment, only did they finally looked at him in detail.

"Who are you?" Xiong Lie looked at Su Yi with curiosity. He did not seem to have seen such a young man in the Ancient Spirit Village before that appeared skinny, yet unknowingly gave him a remarkably impactful feeling. He then secretly became vigilant.

"Yi Su, the owner of this Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard!" Su Yi faintly responded.

"Yi Su, you are not from the Ancient Spirit Village?"

After hearing that, Xiong Lie frowned. The people from the Ancient Spirit Village did not have anyone whose first name was Yi. No wonder he had never seen him before as he was not from the Ancient Spirit Village.

"No." Su Yi faintly replied.