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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 174

2023-01-29 10:43:36Publish Time: 397 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 174: Your Daddy, I, Am A Peacock!

The featherless meat chicken glanced at the erupting volcano behind while it flapped its wings. A meat wing patted on its chest as its eyes became wide, looking as though there was lingering fear in its heart as it kept muttering non-stop: "Scared me to death, scared me to death. Luckily, luckily......."


Su Yi did not have the time to pay attention to the featherless meat chicken that had come uninvited as within the collapsing mountain peak with lava exploding out and flames sweeping through the clouds, an enormous figure of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon could be seen roaring angrily while the sound quivered both heaven and earth.

"Quickly avoid it!"

Su Yi said towards the Flaming Beast Eagle as he could not let the Blazing Heavenly Dragon know that he had stolen its egg.

The commotion at the moment had frightened the surrounding beasts. Ferocious birds filled the sky, hindering people from noticing Su Yi and Mo Yue who was seated on the back of the Flaming Beast Eagle.

"Humans, you guys are too shameless. I will not be done with you guys!"

A frightening voice had strikingly spread out from within the flashes of lightning and the howling of thunder. Far away, the Blazing Heavenly Dragon seemingly had gone mad without any reason as it charged towards the people from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance.

Cheng Jian was secretly taken aback as he had no idea why the Blazing Heavenly Dragon would suddenly be so frantic. Because nobody else could be the opponent of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, he instantly rushed over to block.


Not far away, the volcano was erupting as it shook the whole surrounding.

"Bang bang!"

The battle between Cheng Jian and the Blazing Heavenly Dragon had once again become intense.


Seeing that so many of their cubs and clanmates, had been buried within the lava, the strong beasts from the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves seemingly had also placed the debt onto the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance as they frantically charged out.

Looking at this from afar, Su Yi did not dare to pause as he trembled with fear while making the Flaming Beast Eagle fly away; the farther, the better.

The noise from afar had already become softer and softer, but Su Yi still did not feel at ease, only allowing the Flaming Beast Eagle to find a hidden place to rest after two hours.

"They will be able to find us." Inside a hidden valley's cave, the Flaming Beast Eagle said to Su Yi, reassuring him that the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python and the rest would be able to find this place.


Su Yi took a deep breath as he appeared to be very miserable with disheveled hair. There was still a lingering fear in his heart that was hard to calm down.

With the threat of a Blazing Heavenly Dragon, stealing treasures from its cave while also successfully getting the egg of the same Blazing Heavenly Dragon was initially enough to make Su Yi anxious.

However, to think that he would meet with such a thing at the end. It had utterly petrified his soul. Fortunately, the Flaming Beast Eagle had come just in time. If not, the consequences would be disastrous.

At the moment, Mo Yue's situation was not that far off from Su Yi's as she had disheveled hair too while that bewitching face looked appalled.

"Where is this place? You guys sure are gutsy, daring to steal the egg of that big snake!"

The featherless turkey appeared to be fatigued as it collapsed onto the floor. But, its gaze kept landing onto the egg that Su Yi was hugging tightly while its misty-eyes kept following.

"Who are you?"

Speaking in unison, Su Yi and Mo Yue had practically questioned at the same time.

At this instant, both of their gazes were closely staring at the body of the featherless meat chicken.

Such a meat chicken that could speak the human language and also had a mysterious origin that kept trailing after them had made both Su Yi and Mo Yue to feel worried and wary.

Presently, the Flaming Beast Eagle kept its wings as it too curiously sized up the featherless meat chicken. There was something strange in its eyes as though it could faintly feel something, not daring to get close rashly.

"Who am I...... I wonder who am I......"

After listening to them, the featherless meat chicken mumbled to itself. Without any reason, its expression began to be lost in thought as its eyes became absent as though it had indeed forgotten who it was.

Glancing at the reaction of the featherless meat chicken, Su Yi, and Mo Yue also secretly found it strange. Could it be that the featherless meat chicken had lost its memories?

"Do you have amnesia?" Su Yi stared at the featherless meat chicken. To be able to speak the human language proved that the meat chicken was unquestionably not simple and should at least be a beast in the Demonic Void Realm.

A strong beast in the Demonic Void Realm. How could it be that easy to have amnesia?

"No, I do not have amnesia. I merely cannot recall. It seems something huge had happened, and when I woke up, I met you guys." The featherless meat chicken glanced at Su Yi, and Mo Yue as its gaze was a little uncertain and hazy.

"Are you in the Demonic Void Realm?" Su Yi arched his eyebrows as he watched the reaction of the featherless meat chicken. It did not seem to be lying.

"I don't know. My cultivation seems to be gone, and I can't remember anything......" The featherless turkey was devoid of any expression as it slightly bowed its head down, seemingly trying to think hard and hoping to recall something.

Su Yi and Mo Yue exchanged a glance, not daring to be careless.

Towards a featherless turkey that had come uninvited, Su Yi must guard against it.

However, seeing the state in which it had escaped from the mountain peak, Su Yi concluded that this featherless meat chicken indeed did not seem like a strong beast in the Demonic Void Realm, or perhaps its cultivation had really slipped back.

"I truly cannot recall anything. Not thinking anymore."

Moments later, the featherless meat chicken shook its head and glanced towards Su Yi and Mo Yue with a smile before staring at the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon that Su Yi was hugging. With a pleasant and clear voice that could be, learned that it was a guy, it said: "But I can feel that if I am able to eat this egg, it will help with my recovery tremendously."

Simultaneously when it was speaking, the featherless turkey looked at the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon in Su Yi's arm. Drool was about to drip out from its pointed mouth.

"This is mine!"

Su Yi stared at the featherless turkey and hugged the egg in his arms tighter. This featherless turkey had unexpectedly dared to think about his egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

"This is that big snake's, right? You have stolen it. Believe in me, the taste of this egg is unmistakably good. We can eat it together. If that big snake finds out that its egg is with you guys, then the consequences will be, hehe......"

The featherless meat chicken glanced at Su Yi while laughing maniacally. Its cunning eyes moved while slobbering. That pointed mouth smiled like a human, yet although it was laughing, the intention of the threat was self-evident.

Su Yi looked at the featherless meat chicken as he couldn't help but think of a word which was cunning.

That was unquestionably a featherless meat chicken, yet it gave Su Yi an idiotic yet cunning feeling.

However, the way that the featherless meat chicken had addressed the Blazing Heavenly Dragon by calling it a big snake had made Su Yi secretly alert.

"Balding chicken, what is your origin?"

Mo Yue spoke as she questioned the featherless meat chicken. Her dark brows, were slightly knitted.

"You are the chicken! Your Daddy, I, am a peacock! Not a chicken!"

The cunning eyes of the featherless meat chicken momentarily darkened as it glared at Mo Yue and exclaimed.

"You are a peacock......"

Mo Yue was stunned while Su Yi was also stunned.

Su Yi had never seen a peacock before, but whether it was his previous life or this life, he had heard about it.

Especially in this world, a peacock had a top existence within the demons in the legends.

Reportedly, now there were no longer any traces of the peacock clan.

There were even rumors that it was impossible, for a peacock to exist now as apparently, they had long vanished during the times of the Ancient.


After a moment of being dazed, Mo Yue abruptly uncontrollably giggled like a trembling flower while pointing at the featherless meat chicken and said: "You? A peacock? With your appearance, even a rooster is unlikely. Haha......"

"Tiny ignorant human. As expected, a woman that looks ugly also has a poisonous mouth." The featherless meat chicken who was formerly in a rage had later calmed down as it faintly rolled its eyes at Mo Yue.