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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 173

2023-01-29 10:43:30Publish Time: 383 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 173: Dreadful Volcano!

"Bang bang!"


The fierce battle outside was continuing as deep blasts resounded and beasts roared like thunder.

The brilliant light of the Yuan Qi intertwined blazingly, booming in the void sky.

It was hard to determine who would win the battle between Cheng Jian and the Blazing Heavenly Dragon as they had equivalent strength.

Cheng Jian already had disheveled hair while there were more genuine cracks in the scales of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.


All of a sudden, a rumbling sound came from the mountain peak that had risen over the clouds as an unknown presence quivered this land!

When the strong beasts among the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves and the Blazing Heavenly Dragon that were intensively fighting felt the commotion, they became stunned.

This sort of commotion that had affected both the land and the sky without any cause had also made the strong cultivators from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance like Cheng Jian, promptly raise their heads and glance afar.



At this moment within the surroundings of the canyon, the commotion had shocked all the beasts.

A series of roars from the beasts had traveled over. Beasts were galloping and leaping across within the canyon’s chain of mountains!

There were also ferocious birds, spreading their wings while crossing the void sky!

All of the beasts were frightened as they were scurrying and swarming with vast and mighty momentum!

"Howl howl......"

Endless wolves howls were heard as a big group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolf cubs rushed out from the rumbling mountain peak's cave.

"Bang bang bang!"

Many cubs of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves were scared and at a loss. With a mad dash, some cubs rolled and climbed as they wheeled off the icy road.


The strong beasts among the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves raised their heads and howled as, within moments, many of them rushed forward trying to protect the cubs.

The Blazing Heavenly Dragon's massive body had also violently retreated as it no longer attacked Cheng Jian and glanced towards the cave. Its fearsome eyes drastically changed as it immediately frantically stormed towards the mountain peak.

"Quickly conceal your presence and hide within these Ice-Cold Wild Wolf cubs."

Su Yi hugged the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon and instantly concealed his presence the moment he charged out of the cave. His figure tightly followed the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf cubs and directly slid down the icy road.

Mo Yue's eyes moved as she was secretly surprised. Following Su Yi's movement, she tightly followed behind him.

There were swarms of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf cubs. Although they were only cubs, many of them were much enormous than Su Yi and Mo Yue.

Adding on to the chaos and the sudden case of such unforeseen events, it was enough for Su Yi and Mo Yue to hide within this big group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolf cubs.


The Blazing Heavenly Dragon howled as its expression was anxious, and its eyes were grave. It flew over the heads of Su Yi and Mo Yue as it frantically stormed into the cave.

After sliding down the icy road and past the frost-covered ground, Su Yi did not dare to continue because right in front of them, a few of the mighty Ice-Cold Wild Wolves had pounced over.

"Come over here!" Su Yi said towards Mo Yue and instantly rolled as he seized the chance to land between the large rugged rocks.

Mo Yue followed after him, but her actions were not as skillful as Su Yi and appeared very miserable as she almost hit her head onto the large rock.


The enormous and majestic mountain peak was already shaking as small stones started to roll off from the top.


From within the cave, boiling magma spilled out, and flames swept through. As it poured down from the void sky, all of the rocks that it had passed by got instantly burned into ashes.

"The volcano has erupted. Not good. We have to leave quickly!"

Su Yi frightening cried out. If they were submerged, within the magma of the volcano, even if he had ten lives, it would not be enough to save him. Promptly, he traversed between the cracks of the weird ragged rocks, fleeing towards the opposite direction of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves and the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance.

At this moment, under such an anxious atmosphere, Mo Yue wholly followed behind Su Yi without saying any words.


The ground moved, and the mountain shook. Tremendous amounts of magma sprinkled down like a rainstorm from the sky.

The land had abruptly become frantic as boiling magma had turned into lava and flooded down from the sky!

Volcanic smoke billowed through the sky, attracting lightning and thunder!

"Rumble rumble......"

Massive cross-shaped lightning had converged into a thunderbolt accompanying with the flames and lava, submerging everything.

Such a horrifying scene had terrified the people. The scorching temperature had made the air emanate flames without reason.

From the start of the entrance of the cave on the mountain peak, only a sea of fire could be seen flowing over the entire sky.


Raging fiery waves suddenly surged everywhere as it bared fangs and brandished claws while it swooped down and charged, splashing in every place as though the end of the world had come!

"Not good. We are in deep trouble!"

All of this had happened too fast. Su Yi rapidly retreated, but there was not enough time to escape far.


Right at this moment, a chirp resounded as the Flaming Beast Eagle swiftly came and dived down while spreading its wings. Words in the beast language landed into Su Yi's ears: "My lord, quickly come up. It is dangerous."

"Flaming Beast Eagle!"

Su Yi’s expression revealed a pleasant surprise as he had never thought that the Flaming Beast Eagle would suddenly appear.


Taking the chance that the Flaming Beast Eagle was diving down, Xuan Qi surged under his feet as Su Yi instantly leaped.

In one hand, he hugged the egg while using another to grab the feathers on the back of the Flaming Beast Eagle as he leaped onto its back.


Mo Yue had also leapt onto the back of the Flaming Beast Eagle. Her movements were much more graceful than Su Yi.

"You guys wait for me! Bring me along!"

A featherless turkey leaped out of nowhere as though it had been following after the both of them. Presently, it was flapping its short fluffy meat wings and had unexpectedly directly landed onto the back of the Flaming Beast Eagle too. Its five claws tightly grabbed onto the feathers of the Flaming Beast Eagle.

Although the Flaming Beast Eagle found it weird that there was another addition of a featherless meat chicken, it thought that it was together with Su Yi. Since time was running out, it quickly spread its wings and rapidly left.

Su Yi and Mo Yue glanced at each other with shock as they had never thought that the featherless meat chicken would actually come uninvited and even directly come up here.

A meat chicken that could speak the human language had made both Su Yi and Mo Yu wary of it and secretly be on guard.

Su Yi further subconsciously hugged the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon tighter.


"Bang bang bang!"

The majestic mountain peak had entirely exploded. Within the lightning and thunder, boiling lava along with gruesome flames spewed out.

The immensely loud 'rumbling' sounds pressed onto the surrounding layers of the void sky. The rocks of the mountain peak were punched out from the erupting lava as they launched into the sky and then galloped down, leaving thousands of fiery red traces in the smoke covered sky, landing far away.

The entire massive mountain peak had also subsequently collapsed.

A tremendous amount of huge rocks galloped down with a 'rumbling' sound.

This kind of terror was hard to put into words!


That was a destructive disaster. Those Ice-Cold Wild Wolves that couldn't escape in time were mostly engulfed by the lava, instantly turning into ashes.

Some Ice-Cold Wild Wolves could not even cry out before they were submerged within.

The strong cultivators from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance were also continuously retreating from the explosion of the volcano. All of their eyes had mixed of shock in them!

"What a horrifying eruption of the volcano. It is beyond ordinary!"

That terrifying commotion had made Mo Yue who was standing on the back of Flaming Beast Eagle to tremble endlessly in her heart.

"It seems unusual!"

Su Yi's heart also secretly trembled. The eruption of the volcano was too horrifying and it did not seem like the typical eruption of a volcano.