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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 122

2023-01-29 09:24:44Publish Time: 382 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 122: Do you want to commit suicide

Yuan True Realm, was when the Yuan Qi is able to resonate with the energies of Heaven and Earth, truly being able to soar through the skies, drawing admiration and respect from martial artists everywhere.

Yuan Soul Realm, Yuan Xuan Realm, and the Yuan Spirit Realm, cultivators at these few realms, still depended on their own Yuan Qi and used them for attacks, making it easy for them to exhaust themselves completely.

For example, Su Yi. He could only use the “Overlord’s Fist” and the “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” one time each before he exhausted himself.

But for those who had reached the Yuan True Realm, things were different. Using Yuan Qi to draw in energies of Heaven and Earth and using them was far stronger than using a person’s own innate Yuan Qi.

Rumors had it, if one was to reach the legendary Yuan Emperor Realm, with a flick of a wrist, he would be able to use enough energy from the Heaven and Earth to move mountains, break oceans and cause a scene as if the earth and sky were shattering. In an instant, he would be able to kill thousands, reverse rivers and destroy lands.

“Black Hell Claw!”

With a cold shout, Heijiu had lunged at Su Yi. That sharp claw with an air of bloodlust swirling around it caused the surrounding space to seem as if it was bending as it crashed down on Su Yi.


Su Yi looked at the claw coming at him and he did not retreat, rather he stepped forth. His crimson eyes were like two blazing embers as the light flashed from them and instantly, there was a scorching aura enveloping the surroundings. He moved his arm and punched forward.

His fist was covered with crimson red energy and with the roars of thunder and wind, it collided with the incoming claw.


The sound of a loud explosion came from the point of collision, the air around it roared as the aftershock of energy ripped through the place.

“Pat! Pat!”

Su Yi staggered backward, forced back over ten steps. With every step he took, the ground beneath his feet cracked.


At the final step, for some reason, Su Yi suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. His body went weak, his legs shaking as if he could not withstand something as he knelt on the ground with one knee.

Dharma Protector Heijiu was also staggering backward, but after several steps, he had regained his footing.

“I understand everything now. The power you have now is not even yours! No wonder…”

Seeing Su Yi’s condition, the shocked Heijiu finally understood what happened to Su Yi and smiled coldly.

No wonder the kid was unlike the information he had received; the kid was currently using a power which wasn’t even his.

But it also meant that there were many strange things about this kid.

"Though I do not know what exactly the strange thing about your body is, you are only at the Yuan Soul Realm, you are too weak to be able to handle this kind of power!"

Heijiu has understood the entire situation. A Yuan Soul Realm brat trying to withstand such enormous power, it was simply an action to court death. He was looking to die.

Finishing his words, Heijiu made another attack. His body dashed out like a dart and at the same time, he waved his palm, sending a fist seal towards Su Yi as his sleeves fluttered in the wind.

Sensing the cold aura filled with bloodlust, the crimson light in Su Yi’s eyes did not fade. After a short moment of silence, he suddenly struggled and got up and once more, punched at the incoming attack with a blazing aura.

From what Heijiu had noticed, the power Su Yi was using now not his. It had originated from the mysterious space within his mind.

Currently, within the mysterious space, there was a wave of energy surging outwards, rushing into Su Yi’s body.

The energy was too strong, as tough as Su Yi’s body was, he was still unable to withstand such power and could not bear it for long.

Fortunately, Su Yi’s physical body was tough. If it was another average cultivator at the same cultivation level, the person would most likely be dead.


Everything happened in a flash. The two fists collided.

Amidst the loud rumbling noise, there was an outburst of savage power.

The resulting wind from the impact blew Su Yi back once again. The immense force traveled through his feet and into the ground, shattering wherever his foot landed.


Spitting out another mouthful of blood, Su Yi’s body wavered and went soft once again. Then, he knelt down on a knee, blood already filled his mouth.

Heijiu was also blown back, but he quickly regained his balance.

Heijiu sneered coldly. He was slightly afraid that Su Yi would die due to his body being blown apart.

The kid was really strange. Catching this kid may mean getting a good fortune. He could not miss it.

A weird aura suddenly started to emanate from Heijiu, it seemed to be filled with vitality, but also with bloodlust and cold evil. Then beside him, the aura condensed and formed multiple black vines.

They were formed by Wood attribute Yuan Qi. Heijiu was also a cultivator who bore the Wood attribute Yuan Qi.

“All those who stand in my way shall die!”

Su Yi stood up once again. He gritted his teeth and observed Heijiu’s movements. He stood still for a moment and then, without any hesitation, the scorching aura on his body surged out and grew denser and denser.

Right now, within Su Yi, there was a crimson red light which started to become an actual blazing flame. His eyes were also completely painted crimson.

The scorching aura made the surroundings start to bend and become faint.

“This isn’t right. He is still growing stronger! What kind of external power is he receiving?! Why is it so strong?!”

Sensing the aura released from Su Yi, Heijiu’s pupils narrowed and a deep shock flashed across the depths of his eyes.



As his body was bursting with the scorching aura, Su Yi once again spat out blood, even his body started to show signs of cracking as a hot aura spewed out. Black smoke started to emit from his body and his skin was completely red. He seemed as if he could melt at any moment. Some places of his body had just been blown apart, a mess of flesh and blood.

Right now, Su Yi was like a man of blood. Blood ran down his skin and veins bulged out on his face, making him look hideous.

“He is still using the external power, does this kid really want to commit suicide?!”

Heijiu shivered. Looking at the savage appearance of Su Yi, a cold chill ran down his spine.

Su Yi knew that he was running on fumes.

The power which was surging out of the mysterious space in his mind was huge, but the amount that he could actually use for himself was not much.

Su Yi was affected by the immense power which had surged out of the mysterious space, but he still retained his senses.

He was clear that if he could not deal with this strong cultivator from Black Fiend School, that would be when the real trouble begins. He did not want to die, and he could not afford to die!


Seeing the opponent preparing to take him out in one hit, Su Yi had also made his decision. He had to release all the power he had, or he would not be able to take out the strongest cultivator which had come from the Black Fiend School.

Fully releasing all the energy from the mysterious space, blood burst out of the cracks in his body and his blood vessels were on the verge of exploding. The pain he was experiencing both internally and externally was excruciating.

Su Yi’s body may be tough, but his body was also at the point where it was about to burst.