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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 121

2023-01-29 09:24:39Publish Time: 366 views
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Chapter 121: No Mercy!

It was too late. Before the man had even finished his cry, his neck was crushed until it exploded.

“Splat, splat, splat…”

The head along with blood scattered through the air was savagely, while being thrown through the air just like a cannonball, hitting the second Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator who had just taken off into the air and wanted to escape.


At the sound of the explosion, blood splattered.

The second Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator was struck down to the ground by the head, spitting out a mouthful of blood as his body crashed heavily to the ground in a pool of blood, losing his life instantly.

This chain of events happened at the blink of an eye, swift and cruel, actions that seemed to signify domination and destruction.

“How could this happen? Wasn’t that kid only at the Yuan Soul Realm? This is impossible!”

Tao Tiancheng froze , standing there in a daze, his eyes filled with horror and fear.

This youth was like an emperor who could not be challenged, a merciless and cold God of Slaughter, bloody and violent!

The leading Yuan Spirit Realm Sixth Grade cultivator from Black Fiend School was currently in an intense fight with the Golden Python and of course, he saw what had happened to his comrade with his peripheral vision and he was stunned as he started to shake.

The expressions of the other four Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators who were currently in a fight with the Snow Jade Ape and the Flaming Beast Eagle completely petrified , their attacks had also been affected by this incident.

“Who dares to kill the disciples of Black Fiend School?! Does he want to die?!”

Suddenly, there was a shout from the distance.


A figure from the mountains was dashing here.

Just a few blinks and the person had reached, a freezing terrifying aura had descended upon the place.

It was an old man, his body taller than everyone else by a whole head, his bones like matchsticks. A grey robe covered him looking just like a piece of cloth on a skeleton.

The person was Dharma Protector Heijiu of Black Fiend School. He was hovering, walking on air.

This cultivation level was enough to prove that he had exceeded the Yuan Spirit Realm and had at least reached the Yuan True Realm.

“Dharma Protector Heijiu, please hurry and attack! This is the kid! He is way too abnormal and has already killed many of our men!"

The Yuan Spirit Realm Sixth Grade cultivator who was fighting the Golden Python saw the person who had just arrived, and his shocked expression turned into one filled with happiness and hope.

The other disciples of Black Fiend School and Tao Tiancheng were all filled with glee.

Dharma Protector Heiju’s eye swept across the beasts, then he frowned slightly. His eyes then locked onto Su Yi.

His face was devoid of flesh, his cheekbones high and his forehead bulging out. Heijiu’s gaze was deep like a night cuckoo in the depths of a dark forest. He coldly said, "You are the kid that had killed the Young Master of my Black Fiend School?"

Currently, Su Yi’s eyes were crimson red, like that of two tiny suns. He looked at Heijiu and did not reply, but a rampant aura started to surge from his body and the surrounding air started to shake.


Suddenly, Su Yi stomped on the ground and from the point where his foot hit the ground, cracks started to spread out like a spider web.


At the same time, making use of the stomp’s force, Su Yi shot into the sky like a cannonball towards the Dharma Protector.

“Little runt, you are looking to die!”

Though Heijiu was slightly surprised, this kid's cultivation level was different from the rumors and his aura had even made him slightly uneasy.

But, Heijiu was a real Yuan True Realm cultivator, exceeding the Yuan Spirit Realm.

His eyes turned cold, and he made his move. A palm seal quickly formed, and a bloody and cold aura formed in front of him, instantly turning into multiple black arrows of energy.

These arrows of black light were incomparably sharp, their light a deep black. Heijiu waved his sleeve and tens of arrows filled with chilling energy flew towards Su Yi.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

These arrows enveloped Su Yi perfectly. This level of control was amazing.

Su Yi’s body was in mid-air. He was not moving. Then, there was a blazing hot aura like a thin film surrounding him.

“Ka, ka…”

The tens of arrows had not even reached Su Yi before they all disintegrated into pure energy in a single second.

This sudden event made Heijiu’s expression change and he started to frown slightly.

"Black Fiend School should perish!"

Su Yi’s offense was not affected. He continued in mid-air, swung back his arm and slammed out a palm.

The palm seal had a scorching aura in front of it, as it headed towards Heijiu.

Hiejiu’s expression was cold, his fist enveloped by a bloody and freezing aura, he slammed it onto the palm seal.


The first direct retaliation, the explosion was like that of thunder, the force of the impact was like a raging tsunami, its horrifying aura ripped through the surroundings like a hurricane.

“Too strong!”

The faces of the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators down below and Tao Tiancheng were all shocked. They gazed at the hurricane of energy up above due to the collision of attacks and could not snap out of their daze.



On the other hand, at this moment, the few beasts that had arrived last had joined the battle and lunged towards Tao Tiancheng.

The gigantic tiger and the giant black mouse had even forcefully intervened in the fights and replaced the Snow Jade Ape and the Flaming Beast Eagle.

In the sky, Su Yi’s body went backward from the low altitude he was at, and landed on the ground, staggering backward a few steps. But after several steps, he stomped on the floor and stabilized himself.

Whereas in the sky, Heijiu’s body was blown back over 30 meters before he managed to stop himself. He locked onto Su Yi with gloomy eyes.

Heijiu’s expression was really ugly. Was this the kid who was said to only have a cultivation level of Yuan Soul Realm?

He was at the Yuan True Realm, but from the clash of attacks just now, Heijiu knew that he was not at an advantage.

The kid’s terrifying aura still made his hand numb.

“Kid, no matter what, you are not going anywhere today!”

Heijiu’s face fell and did not waste any more time. The surroundings were still a mess with the remaining people surrounded and attacked by the beasts. This kid must be captured, and the beasts must be dealt with.


A cold bloody aura started to circle Heijiu’s body and black colored earth attribute Yuan Qi gradually appeared on his withered hands.

But his earth attribute Yuan Qi seems to have a wave of cold and evil energy and seemed to be connected with the energy of heaven and earth in the surroundings.

When one has reached the level of Yuan True Realm, the Yuan Qi within the body could already resonate with the energies of heaven and earth. That was the sign that one was at the Yuan True Realm.

Discharging Yuan Qi, then making it resonate with the energy of heaven and earth, after that controlling it and each attack would be able to unleash an even more terrifying strength.

Yuan True Realm exceeded the Yuan Spirit Realm.

This was the advantage of a higher realm, one that could not be replaced!

Yuan True Realm, though cultivators at this level were not the strongest in this world, it could definitely be said that the Yuan True Realm was the line that separated martial arts practitioners and the truly strong cultivators.

Despite people calling others strong cultivators once they had reached the Yuan Spirit Realm, but in reality, everyone knew that the Yuan Spirit Realm was just merely stronger than the Yuan Xuan Realm.