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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 113

2023-01-29 09:23:26Publish Time: 420 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 113: Dharma Protector Heijiu

“Okay, could you please go outside for a moment. I need to change my clothes. You are not allowed to come in, or else…” Bi Ling told Su Yi.

“Sure, take your time to recover. I will protect you and don’t worry, I won’t peep on you.”

Su Yi turned, waved his hand and left the cave.

“Then, that’s for the best. Don’t come in.” Seeing Su Yi leave, Bi Ling still worried about him peeping. She took two more glances, then lifted a huge boulder and sealed the mouth of the cave. Only after doing all this did she feel safe.

“He is a bit special.” Finishing all this work, Bi Ling mumbled to herself. Compared to Zhouda, Guoyan, and Qingfeng, this youth was way too different.

Outside the cave, seeing the mouth of the cave tightly sealed, Su Yi could only smile. Then, he fell into deep thought.

“Blood Spiritual Ginseng.” Su Yi was still thinking about that spiritual herb. If he had the chance to obtain it, he would be able to save his Grandfather.


In the dense forest, a huge mess was made. Trees were broken, boulders were shattered, and blood was splashed all over the place. Over ten people stood there, slightly trembling in their hearts at this sight.

“Leader, over ten of our elite brothers have been killed again. We cannot continue on like this!” A man spoke to Tao Tiancheng. There really weren’t many people left in the party anymore.

“There are signs of beasts. This was not even caused by that brat! Damn!” Tao Tiancheng inspected the area and found traces of beasts. There were only battered, mashed-up corpses with torn limbs scattered across the place. This was definitely the work of beasts.

"Unless that kid really has a strong beast by his side!" The man was shocked. He had already felt the remaining auras of the beasts around. This only proves that the kid has tamed beasts following him around. If that was really the case, they had to re-evaluate the kid's identity.

“I do not care whether or not he owns a beast, I will not let him go.” Tao Tiancheng’s face was grim. He had nurtured the adventurer party for such a long time and now that his losses were so severe, his reputation was tarnished even in his own territory. If he did not apprehend this brat alive, what face would he have left to show in the Forest of Demons? The only way to recover from such heavy losses was to hand that kid alive to Black Fiend School.

“What about the Vice-Leader? Why is he not here yet?” Tao Tiancheng was extremely displeased, with the appearance of high-leveled beasts and from what he could tell from the remains of the battlefield, there were more than one beasts present. The matter had also developed further and further away out of his imagination. He had to be ready to face anything now.

“Leader, the Vice-Leader has sent a message that once he finished his work, he would rush over.” His subordinate reported.

“What is this Wang Yuchen trying to do? Do my words mean nothing to him anymore?” Tao Tiancheng’s face fell even further. He had already ordered his men to send messages several times already, yet his Vice-Leader Wang Yuchen still hadn’t arrived. This was a plain and simple way to challenge his authority.

“Careful! Someone is here!” Before finishing his sentence, Tao Tiancheng’s face suddenly changed and he looked straight ahead of him.

“Howl! Howl! Howl! Howl!” Suddenly, roars and howls of beasts rang out in their surroundings. The trees shook and in several seconds, Hell Wolves numbering not less than 200 pounced out from the trees. Their appearance was ferocious, their canines bared, causing people to tremble.

The auras of more than ten adventurers surged through the air, but, in front of a pack of more than 200 Hell Wolves, they could not help but feel chills run down their spine.

“Are we encountering a Beast Tide? Why are there so many Hell Wolves?!” the men shivered in fear at this sight. There were so many Hell Wolves, though their cultivation levels were not high, it was not something their group could deal with.

“It can’t be. Hell Wolves are small in numbers. One pack would at most only have a few wolves. This huge number of Hell Wolves could only mean someone has tamed them all!” Someone responded. With just this number of Hell Wolves it could not possibly be a Beast Tide, they should have been tamed by someone.

Tao Tiancheng’s face changed. He understood clearly that the last time he had paid big money to rent those 20 Hell Wolves could already be considered as an almost impossible feat. Someone who could use so many Hell Wolves at once must have a very large backing.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” Closely following behind the Hell Wolves were tens of figures.

“It’s the Vice-Leader! The Vice-Leader is here!” Seeing a slightly fat and short man at the front of the figures, the adventurers were ecstatic. That man was their Vice-Leader, Wang Yuchen.

Tao Tiancheng was not happy. He was suspicious. He saw that though there were some adventurers belonging to their party besides him, the remaining tens of people were strangers. Among them were several cultivators who had very strong auras. One look at them and he could tell they were from a large organization.

Especially the old man who was taller than everyone else by a whole head, yet he was skinny as a stick. The brown robe that enveloped his body made him look just like a skeleton wearing clothes. His cheeks barely had any flesh. His cheekbones were high, his forehead was bulging out and his eyes were deep, just like a black cuckoo from the darkness inside the forest.

“Black Fiend School!” Seeing the old man, Tao Tiancheng’s heart could not help but shiver. This person was definitely extremely strong, and he was not the average strong cultivator as well. What was more important was that these tens of strangers all had the same insignia on their clothes. Though he may not have any business with Black Fiend School, it did not mean that he will not recognize them. These were men of Black Fiend School.

“Leader let me introduce you to this person. This is Dharma Protector Heijiu of Black Fiend School.” Wang Yuchen walked forward with his short and plump figure, his face held a smile as he walked in front of Tao Tiancheng.

“Wang Yuchen, you…!” Tao Tiancheng’s face changed. These were men from Black Fiend School. Now that his Vice-Leader had arrived with brothers from the party and men from Black Fiend School, how could he not understand that Wang Yuchen had secretly contacted Black Fiend School and joined their side?

“Leader, I think you better explain the situation to Dharma Protector Heijiu. Do you have any news of that kid?” Wang Yuchen continued smiling, not at all affected by Tao Tiancheng’s ugly expression.

“Where is that kid now? Is he the one my Black Fiend School is looking for? I want all the information you have now, or else you know the consequences!” Heijiu looked at Tao Tiancheng. His voice was sharp, piercing the ears of people. It was just like a screech from a cuckoo at night, making people feel uncomfortable.


One day later, the cave opened.

Bi Ling walked out. Her body already dressed in a long and light aquamarine skirt, embroidered with flower-like markings. Her lush black hair was draped over her shoulders while she walked. Her walk seemed to encompass the beauty of the world, brightness radiating from every step she took. Her lips were slightly red, and her face had also regained some of its rosiness.

Outside the cave, Su Yi was squatting in front of a campfire on a pile of rocks. His face slightly stained by the smoke. Seeing Bi Ling who was walking out of the cave, he could not help but fall into a daze.