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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 112

2023-01-29 09:23:14Publish Time: 394 views
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Chapter 112: Taihang Sect

“So, you’re finally admitting that those adventurers have a grudge with you and the person they want to kill is you, yet you used us to deal with them, how despicable are you?!”

Bi Ling was furious. It was as she had guessed. This kid did use her and her friends to fight with the adventurers while he sat by the side and reaped the rewards. If not for this kid, she and the rest of her group would not have been separated.


Su Yi laughed awkwardly. But then his expression changed, he looked at Bi Ling seriously and said, “Actually, how could you blame me? I did not tell you to fight them and it is your friends who were so arrogant and offended me first, later on, they even wanted to kill me, so everything that happened has nothing to do with me."

“That’s just a fallacious argument!”

Bi Ling stared furiously at Su Yi, but she could not find any words to retort with. It was true, it was due to the arrogance of her friends that they were used by him. But this was all a plot set up by that kid.

Su Yi found out from Bi Ling, that after he had taken the interspatial bags from Zhouda and the rest, they soon encountered the adventurers and fought a bloody path to escape.

Then, not long after, they met some strong cultivators from the adventurer party and she was separated from the rest and coincidentally met Su Yi.

“Why did you guys come to the Forest of Demons anyway? There should be strong cultivators from your sect, right? So why did you guys need to fear those adventurers?” Su Yi asked Bi Ling.

“Our purpose for coming to the Forest of Demons this time was due to news of a Blood Spiritual Ginseng, so the High Elders from our sect brought us here to try our luck as well as train…”

Suddenly, Bi Ling reacted. The guy in front of her was trying to trick her into giving information. The High Elder has specifically reminded them not to say anything about this matter to anyone.

“Blood Spiritual Ginseng…”

Hearing Bi Ling’s words, Su Yi dug up all the information he had about this plant from his mind. That spiritual herb was the main ingredient for many Yellow Grade elixirs.

It is said that directly consuming a Blood Spiritual Ginseng can also raise one’s cultivation level and even had the effect of bringing one back from the verge of death.

Su Yi was really astonished by the information he just gained. If the news was true and if he was able to get that Blood Spiritual Ginseng, he could help his Grandfather recover completely and even raise his cultivation level by a bit.

“Are you alright?”

Seeing Su Yi in a daze, Bi Ling asked confused. Everything about this youth in front of her seemed strange.

“No, it’s nothing. I was wondering whether those adventurers will come looking for us.” Su Yi snapped out of his thoughts and acted as if there was nothing wrong.

“Wait for me to recover and meet up with the other people from the sect, then there would be no need to worry about those adventurers.”

Bi Ling looked at Su Yi and asked, “Which sect did you come from? Why did you also come to the Forest of Demons? Are you also here to train yourself?”

“I belong to no organization. I am but a rogue cultivator.” Su Yi replied. These words were the truth.

Bi Ling continued staring at Su Yi. It was obvious that she did not believe Su Yi’s words.

She had witnessed Su Yi’s martial prowess and techniques. How could a youth like this not belong to any organization? It was so obvious that he did not want to tell her the truth.

“Oh yes, umm….”

Bi Ling looked at Su Yi, trying to say something but hesitated.

“What is it?” Su Yi smiled widely and was very enthusiastic.

“Can you return the interspatial bag you took from me? My clothes are still inside.” Bi Ling said, biting down on her lips slightly. Her current clothes were stained with blood and she had no means to wash up, but at the very least she had to change her clothes. She could not stand herself being in these clothes.

And noticing the clothes that Su Yi was currently wearing, Bi Ling recognized those belonged to Zhouda and was from within his interspatial bag.

Each interspatial bag was protected by the owner’s own techniques and this guy could actually open Zhouda’s interspatial bag. Most likely, he would be able to open her interspatial bag as well.

Within her interspatial bag, other than some elixirs, there were still some clothes and stuff that women used. This guy probably has already searched through her bag.

Thinking about this fact, a blush appeared on Bi Ling’s face.

“The interspatial bag? No problem! Everything back then was only a misunderstanding, just a misunderstanding.” Su Yi smiled embarrassedly. He took out an interspatial bag and handed it over to Bi Ling. It was the interspatial bag that he had taken from Bi Ling back then.

Receiving the interspatial bag, Bi Ling saw Su Yi’s wide smile and felt that something was not right.

Then, Bi Ling checked the bag. As she had expected, it had been opened. But only the elixirs were taken and most of the other stuff remained.

“Hehe, excuse me. I have already eaten all those elixirs. If there is an opportunity next time, I will definitely return them to you.” Su Yi admitted.

Right now, all the elixirs were within his mysterious space, of course, he had no way of taking them out to return them.

“Are you an alchemist or tool refiner?” Bi Ling looked at Su Yi. Since this guy could open her interspatial bag, was he an alchemist or maybe a tool refiner?

"No, I'm neither. This bag was opened with a method that I had come up with." Su Yi shook his head. He knew that Bi Ling was referring to the mysterious space he had and his identity of being a Soul Tamer, but naturally, he would not reveal those to her. He looked back at Bi Ling and asked, "I still do not know which sect you are from."

“Taihang Sect!”

Bi Ling hesitated for a moment and then said two words.

Su Yi was surprised. The weight of those two words was quite heavy.

Just as he had thought, Bi Ling had come from a large organization and not just any normal organization.

One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects, and Four Schools. Sacred Mountain was one of these ten major powers.

The remaining two religious sects were the Gemini Religious Sect and the Endless Religious Sect.

The three sects referred to the Heavenly Dragon Sect, Taihang Sect, and the Immortal Sword Sect.

The four schools were Godly Tiger School, Infinity School, School of the Grand Pure One, and the Demon Subjugating School.

Taihang Sect was one of the top ten major powers on the continent and its name was on the same stage as the Sacred Mountain.

“So, you are from the Taihang Sect, pardon me for my disrespect.” Su Yi’s face did not express anything he was thinking. There was only a smile. From his encounter and bad impression of Sacred Mountain, he had no interest regarding any of these major sects. Though he could not judge all of them just by seeing only one person, at least, he no longer admired them.

“You said that you were a rogue cultivator, with your talent, I feel that you have the qualifications to enter my sect. I can help you put in some good words, and there shouldn’t be any problem with you entering the sect. How’s that?” Bi Ling looked at Su Yi closely. She wanted to know where this guy came from. When he heard about Taihang Sect, he did not seem to have any reaction. How could this response possibly come from a rogue cultivator?

Bi Ling was clear about this guy’s talent. Being able to easily kill a Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade cultivator at Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade was already proof of his talent. If he really wanted to join Taihang Sect, the High Elders in the sect would be delighted to take him in.

“Never mind, I am already used to being free.” Su Yi shook his head.

Thoughts went through Bi Ling’s head. So many people wanted to get into Taihang Sect but they could not.

That was Taihang Sect, one of the paradises and sacred land of all martial artists and cultivators.

Yet, this youth in front of her was not at all tempted by the invitation.

Unless the organization he had come from was just as good as the Taihang Sect.

The more she thought along this direction, the more Bi Ling felt it was possible. Or else, who else could be so indifferent about Taihang Sect.

“Okay, please leave for a while. I need to change my clothes. Do not come in or I will not be polite.” Bi Ling told Su Yi.