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The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 7 Part 2

2023-07-19 11:15:00Publish Time: 5,070 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 7: "Bai Lian, You're Dead!" (2)

Bai Lian, who was observing, felt a great sense of joy.

She was aware of the slight conflict between her Martial Sisters and the jade rabbit.

But that is completely fine!


The current situation seems acceptable when compared to what happened in the game.

In the majority of "Battle of the Gods" game storylines, four Martial Sisters held animosity towards each other.

As their hatred intensified, "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" may have discovered that one of her Martial Sisters had turned into a "Martial Sister barbecue sauce" when she woke up.

This is horrible.

Thankfully, there were no CGs depicting those scenes, otherwise, it would have driven the players insane.

However, when "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" was dismembered in the game, several players applauded and laughed.


"Well done!"

"My wife is powerful!"

After a while…

"I have something to take care of."

After bidding farewell to the junior Martial Sisters, Bai Lian headed towards the Zhuyan Peak.

Though Bai Lian felt better, her steps were still heavy.

As she climbed halfway up the Zhuyan Peak, Bai Lian suddenly heard a shrill scream.


Quickly, Bai Lian looked up.

With solemn eyes, she felt a sharp killing intent break through the mountain protection magic array, its fury directed towards the Duxian sect.

Instantly dispelling the fog in the mountains, a vague blood color could be seen in the sky.

She felt a hint of bad foreboding passing through her mind.

Although the location of the sect leader facing his Guafeng Disaster differs from that in the game, it doesn't necessarily mean that the [Avengers] will follow him this time.

Those people may think that the sect leader is behind the door.

She has misunderstood the situation!

"I must contact Shifu immediately!" Bai Lian thought.

She quickly retrieved her jade slip and started writing the message.

She reacted quickly, but the other side was well-trained and prepared.

Unknown magic blocked the message from the jade slip, resulting in its failure to send.

"That's terrible."

Compared to the in-game situation, the current Duxian sect appears rather deserted.

If left untreated, the Duxian sect may end up becoming ruins upon the return of An Lan and other elders.

Bai Lian was in a rush when a piercing scream echoed from afar.

"You Duxian sect bastards, take down the mountain protection magic array now, and I may show you mercy."

In response, Elder Gaoyi let out a loud shout.

"How dare you! Where do you hail from?"

At that moment, the mountain protection magic array was bombarded by dozens of impressive attacks, causing the light blue translucent shield to shake violently.

Based on the scene, the magic array can only hold up for a quarter or two at most before it collapses.

Go search for the Blood Tree Patriarch.

Bai Lian raced up the mountain.

On the way, the disciples of Zhuyan peak were frightened and ran.

"Don't panic. Let's go to the forbidden area behind Yunluo Peak first!"

As she ran, Bai Lian shouted.

Her presence was calming, and the panicked disciples immediately began to calm down.

"Don't be afraid. Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is here to help!"

"Please be quiet and listen to Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian."


Bai Lian felt relieved.

As their Elder Martial Sister, Bai Lian carries more weight than she should bear, but it also enables her to gain the trust of others.

"Won't you join us, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian?" Wen Ren Ya Le asked.

After a year of cultivation, she too broke through to the Golden Core Stage.

"I have other things to attend to. You should hide first," Bai Lian shook her head.

Wen Ren Ya Le bit her lip and ran away.

At this moment, running away would be the best way to help Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Bai Lian planned to seek out the Blood Tree Patriarch.

But after taking only a few steps, rough vines fell from the sky.

"Leave it to me. Take your younger Martial Sisters and hide!"

Suddenly, the voice of the Blood Tree Patriarch rang out.

It was thick and comforting.

Bai Lian found a new task lying ahead of her.

[Task 1: Say loudly, "It is our duty to safeguard the honor of the Duxian sect. Patriarch, allow me to accompany you!" (Reward: a top-quality Spirit Tool - Qinghou Rope)

[Task 2: Follow the instructions of the Blood Tree Patriarch (Reward: Focus+10)]

Both of them pose a threat.

After considering for a moment, Bai Lian opted for Task 2.

She was aware that her strength wasn't sufficient to combat the intruders.

Moreover, she was compelled to assist the younger Martial Sisters who were concealing themselves.


With gentle force, the vines of the Blood Tree Patriarch swiftly transported Bai Lian to the base of the Qiongming Peak.

Upon reaching the summit, Bai Lian witnessed a myriad of vines emerging from the peak of Zhuyan.

Technically speaking, the Blood Tree Patriarch isn't actually a part of the Duxian sect.

This is because he didn't take on any responsibilities nor did he practice the cultivation method of the Duxian sect.

However, he has been residing in the Duxian sect for numerous years.

Despite not fighting for Yan Yue whom he stayed with day and night, he must fight for An Lan who rescued him from the wilderness.

Even if I die, I will defend the Duxian sect.

As Bai Lian and her fellow young Martial Sisters fled to An Lan's cave for refuge, the Blood Tree Patriarch demonstrated his full power.

It towered above the sky.

Counting: one, two, three…

There were a total of fourteen enemies.

Even if Gao Yi and others were present, he should be able to fight at least seven of them at the same time.

"It is possible!"

The Blood Tree Patriarch's eyes hardened with determination.

He didn't have to defeat these people; success would come as long as Yan Yue and An Lan discovered the anomaly and returned.

Moreover, …

Drinking the nutrient liquid at the Taixuan Taoist Sect was not in vain!

"Blade Trees and Sword Mountain!"

The Blood Tree Patriarch opened his own [Field], causing its vines, roots, and branches to expand rapidly and cover the entire Duxian sect within an instant.

The sky grew dim.

At that moment, Bai Lian guided her younger Martial Sisters and the jade rabbit into the cave.

"Remain inside and don't come out."

The level of protection here is on par with that of the forbidden area of Yunluo Peak.

"Elder Martial Sister! (Cough)"

As Bai Lian was about to leave, the cry from the cave caught their attention and stopped them.

Bai Lian smiled reassuringly and said, "Don't worry, I'll return as soon as I direct the others to take cover."

She will cherish the joyful moment she witnessed on the peak and guard it in her memories.

Everything she has done so far has led up to this moment.

Bai Lian turned around and exited the restricted zone.

Suddenly, a dark light broke through the magical barrier of the mountain, the protective [Field] of the Blood Tree Patriarch, and the magic array of Qiongming Peak, and landed outside the restricted zone.

A peculiar young man, with bloodshot eyes, laughed and pointed at Bai Lian.

"Bai Lian, you're a dead woman!"

That's Mu Yisheng.

To prevent any unforeseen circumstances, he entered the Duxian sect alone, relying on the power of his Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror.

That's fantastic!

Bai Lian is all alone on Qiongming Peak. There's ample time to make her a puppet before others respond.

If it's successful, it's worth getting beaten up by others afterwards.

Bai Lian's face turned serious as her eyes landed on the black mirror.

The Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror.

Here it comes! The mirror that enjoys hitting women!

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