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The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 2

2023-07-01 10:55:00Publish Time: 3,995 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Junaavicii, asterism2, anonymous, BerdiB, Vedran-Jordanov

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Chapter 2: Master, Witness My Progress!

The news about the "Nanwang City Incident" spread quickly.

Apart from the Duxian sect, the forces most affected are Heluo and the Flying Fog.

It was nearly midnight.

The eldest princess leaned against the window, propping up her face with her hands and looking sad while a mournful tune echoed in her ears.

"Due to the 'Houting Flower' song, thousands of households were overtaken by weeds" reflects an ancient Chinese poem about an empire's downfall as its emperor chose the pleasure of songs over military affairs.

Oh no!

The eldest princess let out a sigh before gazing up at the splendid starry sky.

Doing her homework every night is part of her routine.

Suddenly, the jade slip in front of her started flashing.

There is fresh news coming from Xingluo Fortress!

The eldest princess promptly delved her Divine Sense deeply into the jade slip.

She froze at the sight.

"Bai Lian…the Star Lord's Reincarnation…"


She truly is the reincarnation of a Star Lord!

"Wow, I got it! I guessed it!"

"Ha ha ha!"

The oldest princess chuckled.

She tossed the music box onto the bed.

While in combat with Bai Lian, she had a hunch that she might be the personification of the Great Tao of Stars or just maybe the rebirth of a Star Lord.

See, her suspicions were right. Bai Lian is indeed the rebirth of a Star Lord!

"I know Bai Lian better than anyone else!"

The eldest princess stood upright.

It's logical to assume that she would lose to Bai Lian.

Since Bai Lian has mastered "Field" and she was just a "nobody" at the Soul Changing Stage, it's no surprise that she lost.

"The reason for my defeat wasn't my weakness, but Bai Lian's abnormal abilities," murmured the eldest princess.

(。◕ ˇ ∀ ˇ ◕)

She let out a snicker.

Bai Lian used "Field" during their match, which demonstrated that she considered her a serious competitor worth defeating.

"I'm quite proficient!"

The eldest princess was especially delighted as Bai Lian's impressive strength would make Yu Ying's rivals anxious, thus becoming her foes as well.

"I wonder how furious Marquis Wu'an will be today. It's a shame that I won't be able to witness it firsthand."

The eldest princess extended her hand to touch the sizable vase in the corner and her countenance was overcome with emotion.

Later on, she intended to seize the chance to visit the Duxian sect and build upon her friendship with Bai Lian.

As Marquis Wu'an silently perused the report from the Shadow Guards, Bai Lian retreated to the Duxian sect, bathed in the moonlight.

Long time no see.

Her good mood was evident as she gazed upon the mountains.

It was like rain after a long drought.

While Bai Lian was on the flying boat, she received the news that Master An Lan and Master Yan Yue had returned to the Duxian sect two days prior.

Everyone emerged unscathed.

The only person who underwent a transformation was the Blood Tree Patriarch.

This was primarily due to the delectable cuisine served at Taixuan Taoist Sect.

Under Yan Yue's guidance, the Blood Tree Patriarch indulged in copious amounts of food for two weeks, which would typically suffice him for three years.

Following his indulgence, the Blood Tree Patriarch had put on a significant amount of weight, growing an entire circle wider than what he had been upon his arrival at Taixuan Taoist Sect. Consequently, he had become even more powerful!

"The Taixuan Taoist Sect is exceptionally good!"

As stated by the fourth Martial Sister, Master Yan had bouts with the Blood Tree Patriarch several times recently, all concerning the same statement mentioned.

"Jealousy can be a dreadful emotion."

Bai Lian couldn't resist letting out a sigh.


Su Youwei turned her head and asked softly, "Is that so?"

However, Bai Lian had no intention of persuading them, as she knew that the Blood Tree Patriarch was likely deliberately irritating Master Yan Yue.

They enjoy this.

If they go a day without fighting, something major might happen.

It would be better to have more fights.

"Sister Bai Lian has returned!"

"Sister Bai Lian, I am a fan of yours!"

"Is Sister Bai Lian standing/sitting next to me?"

Despite the late hour, young disciples of the Duxian sect cheered as they walked.

A few greetings of "Martial Sister Su" were mixed in with their words.

Hum hum.

Su Youwei clenched her fist, determined to become a respected figure like Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian in the future.

Upon returning to Qiongming Peak, she decided to repair the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl without delay.

Through the abundant spirit Qi overflowing from the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, she would be able to break through to the Golden Core Stage in one fell swoop.

The Golden Core Stage!

With the help of her alter ego, she can easily dismiss Xiao Jinse as she no longer requires her assistance.

An alliance?

Weak people rely on alliances.

Truly strong individuals would confront Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian head-on, without any need for alliances. Sometimes, images of indulging in intimate activities with Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian would cross her mind.

Bai Lian and Su Youwei found themselves back at the Qiongming Peak without realizing it.

However, before Bai Lian could reach the peak, she received a message from An Lan.

"Please come to my cave."

Bai Lian complied.

She grew tired of the sight of sand and began to miss the cold and dampness of Shifu's cave.

At least it smells like home, right?

Go, go, go!

Bai Lian soon passed through the forbidden area and reached An Lan.

Surprisingly, the jade rabbit had been waiting here for a long time.

What happened?

"Haw haw."

With happiness, the jade rabbit raised her front paw to greet Bai Lian.

Upon hearing the sound, the small "girl" in water blue gauze sat up on the bed.

As she sat up, her long black hair swayed, and her eyes twinkled like stars.


Bai Lian respectfully called out.

An Lan gave a gentle nod and said, "Your strength has improved significantly."

At a glance, she could tell that Bai Lian's cultivation base was only at the Nascent Soul Stage.

Despite Bai Lian's efforts to conceal her strength, it was still apparent to her, as if Bai Lian was standing naked in front of her.


"As a Heavenly Lord, how could I not see through Bai Lian's attempts to hide anything from me!"

An Lan could not help but laugh every time she heard rumors about Bai Lian's strength.

These people may lack other abilities, but they certainly possess an incredible imagination.

It would be a pity not to capture them and have them use their skills to write novels.

An Lan got straight to the point, pointing at the jade rabbit, and said, "Not long ago, Queen Qiong Zhi sent a message to the Duxian sect."

Wang Qiong Zhi?

Bai Lian quickly understood that An Lan referred to the mother of the jade rabbit.

She inquired, "Is there any issue with the Flying Fog?"

An Lan and the jade rabbit nodded their heads simultaneously.

"It concerns you."


An Lan said to Bai Lian, "It's easy to spot."

Bai Lian comprehended.

Qiong Zhi had a suspicion of being the reincarnation of Yaoguang Star Lord!

Previously, while on the Flying Fog, Qiong Zhi had asked a similar question and her response was that she had not reincarnated as Yang Star Lord but, instead, had just received the deity's blessing.

Qiong Zhi was convinced.

However, in the last six months, news suddenly surfaced that Bai Lian may be the reincarnation of a Star Lord.

Qiong Zhi couldn't help but suspect that Bai Lian had deceived her.


It wouldn't be entirely accurate to call it a lie.

Perhaps Bai Lian had lost her memory of her past life, causing her to forget that she was the Yaoguang Star Lord.

Bai Lian was looked at by the jade rabbit.

No, no!

If Bai Lian is truly the ancestor, Yaoguang Star Lord, wouldn't it be considered incest if they are involved with each other?

The jade rabbit was confused.

In fact, it is not entirely accurate to say that. While Yaoguang Star Lord is her ancestor, upon closer examination, they are not actually related by blood.

As Yaoguang Star Lord never had any children, she was always alone.

The other Yaoguang Rabbits were once ordinary rabbits, but through cultivation of the method taught by Yaoguang Star Lord, they gradually became known as Yaoguang Rabbits.

An Lan was also awaiting Bai Lian's response.

She wanted to remove the countless "Death" words on Bai Lian, but couldn't find an effective method.

She has been contemplating it for some time.

As finding a solution from the outside seems impossible, we must delve inside.

Bai Lian gets along well with her younger Martial Sisters.

An Lan believed that gaining a complete understanding of Bai Lian's past might help her find an effective solution.

This is not absurd.

At least this theory is logical.

What was Bai Lian like before?

An Lan is very interested in this.

Especially after her heart was captivated by a pitiable "little Bai Lian".


All of this is a result of the master's concern for their disciple!

An Lan believed so.

Bai Lian remained silent.

She witnessed new words appearing from the line.

It is a task for the system.

[Task 1: You let out a sigh and said, "It appears that I cannot conceal my identity. Yes, I am the rebirth of Yaoguang Star Lord." (Reward: Light Skill+2)]

[Task 2: You rejected outright, saying, "I am not the reincarnation of Yaoguang Star Lord." (Reward: Medical Skill+1)]

Bai Lian is willing to take the risk of choosing Task 1.

A Light Skill score of 2 points.

The risk is negligible.

Nevertheless, Bai Lian opted for the latter.

She sensed the unease in the jade rabbit's eyes.

She didn't want to cause worry to the jade rabbit.

She didn't want to deceive Shifu, especially on important matters. Unless it was absolutely necessary, she wouldn't lie to her.

"I'm not the reincarnation of Yaoguang Star Lord" Bai Lian said as she shook her head.

"Haw haw?"

The ears of the jade rabbit stood up.

An Lan nodded.

In fact, she thought the same.

After all, Bai Lian has Tao Halo with her.

She had been in the Immortal World for so many years, but she had never heard that Yaoguang Star Lord had mastered any Tao Halo.

"Go out first. I can guarantee that Bai Lian cannot be the reincarnation of Yaoguang Star Lord."

An Lan spoke to the jade rabbit.


The jade rabbit finally felt relieved and joyfully gazed at Bai Lian before happily walking out of the cave.

Bai Lian and An Lan were the only ones left in the cave for a while.

Suddenly, An Lan said, "Hit me."

"Ah, this?"

Bai Lian was stunned. This isn't good, is it?

How can a disciple beat their master?

"Don't dawdle," An Lan said impatiently. "Do you think you can actually make me hurt and bleed?"

It's impossible.

"Of course not," Bai Lian quickly denied.

Since Shifu allowed her to hit, she will!

She tightened her fist, but before she could attack, An Lan grabbed her wrist.

"This isn't good. Use your full strength."


Bai Lian took a deep breath.

Although she was ready for the run-up this time, An Lan still wasn't satisfied.

"Go faster!"

"Use more strength!"


Bai Lian also became serious upon An Lan's urging. She didn't want her Master to perceive her as a weak rookie.

She took a small step back.

Her gaze was piercing.

Her fists tightened as she retracted them.

Master, let me show you my growth!


Bai Lian took a step forward and as she did, her clothes billowed in the air, fist lifted.


A tumbling tide of water-type Special Effects appeared, centered around Bai Lian.


Suddenly, a bright starry sky unfolded behind Bai Lian.

Even An Lan was stunned in this moment.

The starry sky…penetrated her body.

When she regained her senses, she realized that Bai Lian's fist was dangerously close to her.

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