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The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 19

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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Marc-GUILLON, anonymous

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Chapter 19: Welcome Back Third Lady to the Hades Hall!

The road is winding.

But for Bai Lian, this is not a big deal.

Is it possible to have a smooth road to success without any obstacles?

Break it!

Someday, I will catch the strong winds and ride the mighty waves, unfurl my sails against the gray skies, and conquer the vast, boundless depths of the sea.

Bai Lian dove into the massive collection of books in the library with great enthusiasm.

In fifteen minutes.

Bai Lian's attention was caught by the exclamation coming from the bookshelf next door.

"What happened?"

She rushed over.

Tong Yao's hand stretched out to point at a light yellow picture album, as she blushed and felt her blood rushing to her face.

"Here, take this…"

What's making you so excited?

Bai Lian curiously walked up to Tong Yao, gazing at the index finger that flipped through the pages of the book.

On the yellow paper, she noticed two white mountains painted.

On the field, a mountain stood with a narrow road running through its center. The base of the mountain consisted of rich black soil, while its peak was adorned with white snow.


Bai Lian, who had played the Battle of the Gods for hundreds of hours, was strongly impressed by it.

This is a famous map in the Snow Sea Map of Northern Luzhou.

The Snow Woman Mountain!

It's not an ordinary mountain. Rather, it was formed by two extinct volcanoes.

The magic of the Snow Woman Mountain lies in the fact that its lavas possess minerals with ice-like properties.

Although the outside is cold, the interior is as hot as a stove, and the hot core gives off a frosty chill.

This is the reason why Snow Woman Mountain has got its name.

"Is there something wrong with the mountain?" Bai Lian inquired.

Tong Yao turned around and grabbed Bai Lian's sleeve out of the blue.

She wasn't tall.

Standing in front of Bai Lian, she barely reached her chest.

She had to look up when she spoke.

Bai Lian could see the "stars" in her eyes from such small actions.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, I remember, I used to live here when I was young!" Tong Yao exclaimed with excitement.

Bai Lian nodded slightly.

Naturally, Bai Lian knew that Tong Yao's memory was correct.

Tong Yao's role card briefly introduces her identity and background information.

Tong Yao hailed from Northern Luzhou and had to flee by boat along with others to survive the snow disaster.

Bai Lian isn't certain whether she was unlucky or fortunate.

As the wooden boat approached Heimu Strait, a sudden storm caused it to capsize, resulting in the death of most passengers on board.

When Tong Yao thought she had no chance of survival, Master Qin, the leader of Qingyu Peak, crossed her path and rescued her. Since then, Tong Yao has become the protégé of Master Qin, and an esteemed member of the Duxian sect.

The mere thought of Master Qin brought relief to Bai Lian.

In the game, Mu Yisheng will usually kill Master Qin most of the time.

Now that the crisis is over, with Mu Yisheng dead and Master Qin alive and well.

This way, Younger Martial Sister Tong will not be trapped in the abyss and become the cruel "Lord of the Hades Hall" or the "Snow Sea Empress".

Bai Lian thinks this is a good thing.

What's the point of having invincible strength if you have lost all your friends and relatives?

Younger Martial Sister Tong may have also thought the same thing.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have undergone such a drastic change after Master Qin's death in the game.

Tong Yao let go of Bai Lian's sleeve and asked, "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, are you going to these places to investigate something?"

Bai Lian responded with a simple, "Yes."

Tong Yao bashfully played with the hem of her coat and asked, "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, would it be possible for me to accompany you to the Snow Sea?"

"Do you want to go back and have a look?" Bai Lian inquired.

Tong Yao blushed and gently nodded. It was the first time she had asked Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian for assistance.

Bai Lian agreed hesitantly but ultimately.


It's just taking a little girl with her; it won't affect her journey.

If they encounter any danger, she can send Tong Yao back first and ask for An Lan's help.


Tong Yao clenched her fist in excitement.

Her purple double ponytail swayed up and down.

She was not someone who was concerned about her behavior, otherwise, she wouldn't have enjoyed wearing short clothes and carrying a wine gourd while walking around.

There weren't many people in the library, so no one was disturbed by Tong Yao's noise.

Over the next few days, Bai Lian organized the information she had gathered from the library.

As the sect leader Jue Yunzi had successfully survived the Guafeng Disaster and returned, she postponed her plan of leaving for another day.

After celebrating with Jue Yunzi, Bai Lian went to An Lan's cave.

An Lan's breathing has become more stable these days, but she is still drowsy. It's rare for her to be awake for more than half an hour a day.


Bai Lian held the hand of sleeping An Lan.

She had been talking for a while.

As an example, she's going to the Snow Sea tomorrow.

As an example, she has entrusted the younger Martial Sisters with taking turns to care for Shifu.

As an example, Master Yan Yue, who was feeling down, finally lifts her spirits up.

After a long conversation, Bai Lian suddenly spoke,

"This time, it will take me at least two weeks, Shifu. Before I go, let me help you take a bath."


An Lan was on high alert.

She wouldn't let Bai Lian remove her clothes.

Bai Lian simply poked her cheek and squeezed her arm.

No way out.

The longer she gazed at An Lan, who was sound asleep, the more enchanted she became with her loveliness. "It would be nice if the master had a more relaxed personality," she thought to herself.

Then, she performed the Cleaning Spell to tidy up An Lan's body.

"Well, if that's all, I will forgive your transgression," thought An Lan.

The following day,

As the morning light eclipsed the stars and the sun began to rise,

Bai Lian and Tong Yao journeyed north on the Cloud Chasing Flying Boat.

She made a careful calculation.

The Snow Sea is thousands of miles away.

Depending solely on the Cloud Chasing Flying Boat would require too many Spirit Stones.

After walking through two Teleportation Magic Arrays, the thrifty Bai Lian boarded the flying boat of the Guangtong sect.

Crossing the North Sea, the flying boat of the Guangtong sect docked on the other side of the Heimu Strait.

The majority of the passengers on the flying boat were bored, but Bai Lian kept herself entertained by listening to their tales about the "amazing war in the Duxian sect" throughout the journey.

"Although that evil cultivator was extremely fierce and controlled a million ghosts, he pales in comparison to Fairy Bai Lian."

"The evil cultivator engaged in a grueling three-hundred-round battle with Fairy Bai Lian. After the cultivator started to tire, Bai Lian effortlessly ended the fight by simply waving her hand, moving the hearts of one million ghosts who promptly freed themselves from his control and attacked him."

"What is a Saint, you ask? Look no further than this - the Natural Saint's power in action!"

Darn it!

Why does it have to be so exaggerated?

Bai Lian was on the verge of tears.

The most frustrating part was that Tong Yao felt angry after hearing their conversation.

"What's that about? Three hundred rounds of fighting with an evil cultivator?" Tong Yao had heard that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian had almost beaten the evil cultivator to death after only a few rounds.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is much stronger than people give her credit for!"

Bai Lian quickly grabbed Tong Yao, who was about to argue with those people.


She also tried to "bribe" Tong Yao by saying, "We'll arrive at the Snow Sea soon. I'll buy you something to eat when we get there."

Tong Yao swallowed.

Good wine from the Snow Sea!

Bai Lian gave an answer.

Sure thing!

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, you're being too modest," Tong Yao said.

She started talking about her past accomplishments that she was proud of.


Bai Lian listened to Tong Yao's self-praise with a little confusion.

She had always thought that Tong Yao only spread rumors within the Duxian sect. To her surprise, she had also contributed to spreading rumors in the outside world!

She felt like gagging Tong Yao's mouth with a stick.

In the afternoon,

The flying boat docked on an endless snowfield, marking the first official stop to step into the Snow Sea.

Unlike the East Divine Land, North Luzhou has a smaller area that is comparable to the Sand Region as a whole.

The Heimu Strait separates the two continents.

North Luzhou is opposite the dark sea water and is covered with ice and snow all year round. The area with the most severe snow disaster is known as the Snow Sea.

Despite having a small area and few people, the strength of the cultivation sects in North Luzhou is not inferior to those in the East Divine Land.

Legend has it that the top combat power of North Luzhou, the Qinghan Palace, surpasses any of the four major sects in the East Divine Land.

The strength of the Hades Hall alone can be compared to that of the Wushan Holy Palace.

Naturally, the Taixuan Taoist Sect and the Taiqing Taoist Sect share the blame as their combined strength is stronger than that of the Qinghan Palace.

After disembarking from the flying boat, it took Bai Lian only half a day to reach near the Snow Woman Mountain.

She didn't rush to take Tong Yao to her hometown.

There is no urgency.

"First try the specialties of the Snow Sea!"

Outside the restaurant, Tong Yao excitedly touched the wine gourd hanging from her waist.

The Snow Sea may be cold, but it can't chill her heart.

"Then come with me."

Bai Lian took Tong Yao inside the restaurant.

Since she has made a promise, she will not end up breaking it.

Ask Tong Yao to wait at the table while Bai Lian goes to buy some wine from the shopkeeper.

As she took out the money, a man, wrapped in black, walked in like a ghost amidst the wind and snow.

Bai Lian turned her head.

She was the only one who noticed the man in black.

The rest of the diners ate and laughed as if they hadn't seen anything.

They really couldn't see that man.

Bai Lian quickly became aware.

This man in black clearly used a field technique!

What the heck? I just walked around and bumped into a cultivator at the Transcendency Stage?

Then came the thing that gave Bai Lian a bigger headache.

The man in black approached her.


Does my face look distinctive?

Stop joking around.

I am not like my younger Martial Sisters who naturally grab people's attention!


The man dressed in black halted a few feet away from Bai Lian.

He was engulfed in black flames.

The flame had a cold sensation, akin to ice.



As soon as Bai Lian grasped the situation, the man in black abruptly lowered himself onto one knee and cried out towards her.

"Welcome back to the Hades Hall, Third Lady!"

It's very windy today.

Amidst the man's shouting, a cold wind carrying snow suddenly swept in.



Bai Lian glanced around.

Whom is this man speaking with?


The third lady? That doesn't imply her, right?

"Are you trying to call me?"

The man dressed in black spoke in a deep tone, "Correct. I followed you here from Duxian sect, chasing the third lady."

Bai Lian was perplexed.

The third lady? Me?!

A new task presented itself to her.

[Task 1: Confess that you are the illegitimate daughter of the Lord of the Hades Hall (Reward: Hard Skill+9)]

[Task 2: Express confusion and deny, "Me, the third lady of the Hades Hall? That's impossible!" (Reward: an inferior Spirit Tool - Yaojiang Feather Cup)]

[Task 3: Truthfully inform him that Tong Yao is the Lord of the Hades Hall's illegitimate daughter (Reward: Medical Skill+1)]

Do I need to use my brain?

Bai Lian made a firm decision to choose Task 2.

She furrowed her brows and asked, "The third lady? How is that possible…"

The man in black appeared to anticipate Bai Lian's response.


He watched for a while before focusing on Bai Lian.

On one hand, Bai Lian possesses the special ability of controlling millions of ghosts, which is characteristic of the Lord of the Hades Hall's bloodline. On the other hand, he detected a familiar scent emanating from Bai Lian.

In short, there is no mistake - Bai Lian is the third lady!

"If you have something to say, third lady, please wait until you see the Lord. My duty is only to escort you back to the Hades Hall. I don't wish to offend you, but it is what I must do. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

The black-clad man stood up.

His once peaceful [Field] suddenly became tense.

Oh no!

Bai Lian felt trapped in a quagmire, as if time had frozen around her.

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