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The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 12 Part 2

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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 12: My Sword Is Your Sword! (2)

In the name of Tao.


The flower of blood bloomed.

He used his blood to draw a magic array in the air and then printed it on his soul.

"I didn't do this, and I didn't know about it. If I lied, let the heavenly thunder destroy my body, and let the five ghosts subdue my soul forever!"

Taoist Lingye's voice was very loud and clear. All the people present could hear it clearly.

Bai Lian nodded with satisfaction. It seems that Taoist Lingye didn't play tricks on her.

"What about you?"

She stared sharply at the people of Chuncao Pavilion.

Those people faltered.




A sword flew over and the leader's hair fell down like weeds.

If it was a little lower, the scalp would be cut off.

The leader swallowed.

It was too fast for him to react.

He hurriedly shouted, "I, I swear, I didn't do this thing, and I didn't know of it. If I lied, I would be hit by the heavenly thunder!"

He raised his hands as if he were making a surrender.

Bai Lian nodded again, "OK, next…"

Her words were not finished yet.

Suddenly, a blue and white heavenly thunder fell from the sky and hit the arms of the leader straight on, piercing the attic.

The man's body twitched violently several times, then fell to the ground with a puff.

"Ah, this…"

Taoist Lingye was gape-mouthed.

Bai Lian was no better than him.

She opened her mouth.

Wow. This man's body was roasted directly and his Golden Core was blasted to pieces. The power of the thunder was no less than that of a heavenly thunder!

She felt her body was numb.

But, it's pretty cool?

Bai Lian hurriedly dispelled the power of thunder on her body.

She waved the sword array to surround the rest of the Chuncao Pavilion people.

"Swear, come one by one!"

Although she didn't know why an ordinary oath would have such an exaggerated effect, this method seemed to be very easy to use.

"Don't come here!"

Someone tried to escape from the Tianshu Sword Array in panic.

But how could he, a mere cultivator at the Golden Core Stage, escape from Bai Lian's hands?

A sword flew across his thigh and nailed him firmly to the ground, unable to move.

"I swear!"

Immediately someone gave in.

But when his oath was finished, the orange flame quickly popped out of his mouth and nose. He screamed and fell to the ground. He was burned all over his body!

"And you?"

Bai Lian's eyes fell on the last person.

The man was pale and had nowhere to put his hands and feet.

The oppression of the Tianshu Sword Array made him unable to use any spiritual power. He had no chance to escape from Bai Lian.

His lips trembled and he said, "No, it's none of my business. It's the Lord, the Elder, and the people of the Sword Washing Pavilion!"

Sword Washing Pavilion?

Hearing this name, Bai Lian could not maintain her calmness immediately.

The lofty Sword Washing Pavilion once almost destroyed the whole life of the second Martial Sister.

In the game, the Sword Washing Pavilion is the reason the Second Martial Sister had to endure the "bullying" of "Bai Lian".

Because she wanted to prove herself, that she was not a waste!

It was precisely because of this unwillingness that Xiao Jinse finally grew into the famous "Holy Spirit Goddess" under the double oppression.

She swept across Yunshan Mountain to avenge herself, but she didn't kill too many people, only some villains who wanted to kill her.

She didn't torture "Bai Lian" for long. She just killed her with one sword after her cultivation base became higher.

Compared with the Third Younger Martial Sister, the Second Younger Martial Sister was less calculating and more straightforward in the game.

In short, she is very cute!

Sword Washing Pavilion, right?

Bai Lian said coldly, "Tell me everything you know."

"Yes, yes."

The man who was paralyzed by fear told the truth immediately.

Chuncao Pavilion held this contest to make its reputation known.

For this reason, they specially found Taoist Lingye, and they provided Taoist Lingye with a Medical Pill found together with the incomplete ancient elixir's prescription, so that he could stage a play with them.

Taoist Lingye confirmed the man's words, "According to the plan, tomorrow I will declare that I have restored the incomplete ancient elixir's prescription, and then take the Green Grain Cauldron from the hands of the Elder of Chuncao Pavilion in public."

In this way, Chuncao Pavilion can make itself famous by paying Taoist Lingye a sum of money.

They don't have to worry that Taoist Lingye will reveal the inside story. After all, Taoist Lingye has many secrets that are firmly held by them.

However, Chuncao Pavilion didn't expect that this "Marketing" activity would attract the attention of the Sword Washing Pavilion.

Not long after Bai Lian left Taoist Lingye's residence, the Sword Bearer of the Sword Washing Pavilion came with his "scabbard".

He wanted to get the complete ancient elixir's prescription and the Green Grain Cauldron at the same time.

Chuncao Pavilion naturally dared not disobey him. At the same time, they also think this is a great opportunity to behave themselves in front of the Sword Washing Pavilion.

They quickly reached cooperation with the arrogant Sword Bearer.

However, they have the Green Grain Cauldron, but they don't have a complete ancient elixir's prescription.

The Sword Bearer asked which alchemists had the ability to restore the elixir and then asked his attendant to "Invite" all these alchemists back, including Shan Huan.

"What I said just now is true. If I lied, let me perish at once!"


Bai Lian didn't speak.

She understood something in a trance.

It turns out that it was the Sword Bearer of the Sword Washing Pavilion.

In the game, the Green Grain Cauldron was the first Pill Furnace that the Second Younger Martial Sister captured from a disciple of the Sword Washing Pavilion.

She was still wondering how the Green Grain Cauldron got from Chuncao Pavilion to the Sword Washing Pavilion. So it was this way.

Although it was several years ahead of schedule, the Second Younger Martial Sister still met the disciple of the Sword Washing Pavilion and the Green Grain Cauldron.

Is this fate?

The second Martial Sister didn't suffer as much as she did in the game, but her obsession was still there. Her childhood was full of ridicule and fear. It isn't easy to forget this pain.

The misfortune of childhood often needs a lifetime to be remedied.

She should always pay attention to the psychological problems of her Younger Martial Sisters.

Bai Lian stood up without any expression on her face.

At this time, the cultivator who was struck by lightning twitched a little. He was not dead yet, and he thought that he could be rescued!

His body was still smoking, "Youngster, that's the Sword Washing Pavilion. I advise you to take care of yourself. Now help me up quickly, and I can say something nice for you to…"

"You worry too much!"

Bai Lian snorted.

A wave of light flashed in the Tianshu Sword Array, the man was immediately cut into hundreds of pieces and finally stopped thinking.

Taoist Lingye stared at what was happening in front of him.

This is a decent youngster, who has a bright future and shouldn't die here!

He summoned up his courage and went up, "Youngster, it's the Sword Washing Pavilion after all. I think you'd better leave here quickly. If you are attacked by their people…"

"How many of them are there?" Bai Lian asked.

Taoist Lingye was stunned for a moment, "There should be only two powerful ones."


The reward of standing out for the second Martial Sister is the Mysterious Water Pearl that can help her cultivate.

She may get hurt, but it's not impossible to complete this task.


A light smile appeared on Bai Lian's face.

She raised the Dirt Free Sword as if she had raised a baton.

Dozens of flying swords included in the Tianshu Sword Array circled around the city, swinging a dazzling white light into the sky.

"Today, I will help you overcome your fear!"


The snowflakes dissipated and were replaced by the torrential rain that tried to flood Hening city.

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