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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 90

2022-06-14 04:04:10Publish Time: 1,109 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 90: Elf's Attack

"Hua Huo..." Yun Xi looked at Hua Huo, whose expression was really bad at this moment. His back was covered with cold sweat.

"Mei, you're my maid!" Hua Huo stared at Hua Yue's full breasts and snow-white skin, then looked back at her own chest, having a very sad feeling in her heart. The White Gold Rose Bloodline had quite the superiority in regards to appearance. Once a girl awakened her White Gold Rose Bloodline, she would become a natural blonde girl.

Her skin was so soft and seduced people to bite it. She gave Yun Xi a feeling that her skin would taste like a sweet juice. After all, she was a blonde beauty! That was a pretty rare sight in the whole Sky Sword God's Domain. Yun Xi couldn't stop himself from indulging in the fantasy.

"Gee? Mei, you're Hua Huo's maid? I see..." Looking at Yun Xi's black maid's uniform, Hua Yue saw the light suddenly. In the whole White Lotus Sword Domain, only Hua Huo's family had the ability to train such a perfect maid.

After all, Hua Huo was...

"Yes. I'm Hua Huo's greatsword maid," Yun Xi said with shyness. Although he wanted to take off the cursed maid's uniform immediately, but the threat of the unknown but definitely terrible Apostle forced him to accept this identity.

"Greatsword maid!" Hua Yue was really shocked after hearing this. After all, the greatsword maid's legacy wasn't something inferior to her White Gold Rose Bloodline! The greatsword maid never served specific people, because they were the god’s maids!

In the Western God's Domain, to be a greatsword maid was every maid's dream. How could it be possible that a greatsword maid suddenly came to the White Lotus Sword Domain?! This was the territory of Eastern God's Domain!

"Humph. Not a bad maid, isn't she? I chose her to be my greatsword maid, inheriting the legacy of the third maid, Killing Princess," Hua Huo proudly stood beside Yun Xi. She felt that it was one of her smartest decisions to let Yun Xi to be a greatsword maid.

"She inherited the legacy of the third maid, Killing Princess!" Hua Yue didn't expect that she would see a living legend standing in front of her today. That explained the strange feeling when she saw the black maid's uniform. This wasn't a common maid's uniform! It could be regarded as a hard armour that was made of soft cloth.

She knew the rarity of a greatsword maid and she knew of the value of the legacy Yun Xi had inherited. Every greatsword maid who had a single-digit number had been recognized by history itself. For thousands of years, none of them were mediocre.

Killing Princess was the one who had the most powerful anti-person power amongst the top ten greatsword maids. She also had an alternate name which was less known but bloodier: "Slaughtering Princess".

However, in Hua Yue's eyes, she didn't see any signs that Mei was similar to the Killing Princess. Mei's eyes were so gentle and warm. She did not look like the bloody ruthless princess at all.


At the same time, on top of a hill which was three kilometres away from the exam area, the archer in red finally took off her disguise. Under her feet, countless flame particles were lifted off the ground. They dispelled the magic she used to disguise herself and revealed her true appearance.

Unlike what Yun Xi had seen in the stars trial, after taking off her disguise, her figure was more petite than her disguise. She wasn't even taller than Hua Huo. Her pale white hair came down to her back, and her pointed ears revealed her true identity. She wasn't human.

At the center of her forehead, there was a black gem that was inlaid. Her red cloak was covered with dust and scratches as if she had just picked it up from a corpse on the battlefield. Her beautiful amber pupils reflected translucent pale gold. Her black leather armour bound her slightly bulging chest but exposed her snow-white belly without any cover.

At first, she wore a pair of leather boots, but now, they had been burned to ashes by the suddenly rising temperature under her feet.

"Duo… La… Ru… En..." She whispered. A series of unintelligible runes flashed across the black gem on her forehead. That was the order. That was the switch. It removed her disguise and restored her true appearance as a dark elf.

"Target acquired. Trace... on! Extract bloodline power!"

Under her feet, the dark red ground started to heat up. After a while, the rocks melted and the ground became a pool of magma. Her naked feet steadily stood in the pool of magma. Her amber pupils coldly locked onto her target, Hua Huo, who was complaining about her childhood sweetheart's disloyalty.

“Name: Hua Huo.”

“Current strength: the 3rd rank.”

“Bloodline: Sky Flying Bloodline!”

As the dark elf whispered, her killing intent became fiercer. The flames under her feet had also become hotter.

"Ten leaves Alliance, Black Obsidian, starts sniping!"

Along her body, one snake flame after another wriggled up to the bowstring of her black long bow. She didn't nock an arrow on the bow, for the flames were her bullets and her weapons. This was her super power, which had transcended the power of flesh and blood. Similar to Hua Huo, the elf girl was controlling the hero ranked power through her bloodline.


The next moment, a scorching spiral arrow shot high into the sky. Soon afterwards, the second arrow rose to the sky, then the third arrow, the fourth arrow... They locked onto Hua Huo from all angles and directions.


"What are those?"

The twin witches were the first two people who recognized the danger. Red Lotus drew out her Red Lotus Holy Sword and White Lotus started to make mudras.


"They're coming!"

Hua Huo and Yun Xi were the third and the fourth people who saw the arrows. Hua Huo immediately drew out her long sword.

"Crane Wings! Flying!" Yun Xi ordered the twin swords. He held Hua Yue in his arms and rolled down the stage.

The next second, over ten flame arrows dropped from the clouds. They punctured the twin witches' arcane barrier and still aimed at Hua Huo from all directions.

"How dare you!" Red Lotus reached out her hand. Her Red Lotus Holy Sword released a great amount of scorching aureoles, blocking half of the flame arrows.

"Seal!" White Lotus also reached out her hands. She blocked three flame arrows.

Yun Xi's Crane Wings Twin Swords shot down one of the last two arrows. The last flame arrow was shattered by Hua Huo, who was in a really bad mood now. However, this wasn't the end. They were about to face even more terrifying attacks.