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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 89

2022-06-14 04:04:02Publish Time: 1,057 views
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Chapter 89: The Hidden Sword

That's strange. Is she deliberately trying not to harm me?

Yun Xi's Crane Wings Twin Swords and Hua Yue's White Gold Crossed Sword continuously crisscrossed in the air. They had seen through each other's sword skills and moves. Although their battle seemed to be very violent, but actually, it posed very little danger.

Compared to the battle between Childe Yun He and himself, Yun Xi felt that he was actually playing a game now. If he had to describe the difference, that would be the strange atmosphere between them as they attacked each other.

She will perform continuous attacks from the front!

She is going to launch a charge attack!

Oh, this is Xiao Cao's continuous thrusting! Has she learned that?

Yun Xi discovered that he had been wrong. Hua Yue's talent wasn't inferior to Xiao Cao’s. As her White Gold Rose Bloodline awakened, her crossed sword skill was becoming perfect. Compared to Flying Swallow Sword which was nimble and unpredictable, the Crossed Sword unified both attack and defense.

Hua Yue's sword skill was biased towards defense. She preferred to counterattack after making sure of her own safety. In some way, her battle style restrained the Flying Swallow Sword.

Xiao Cao's sword was a mortal's sword that had reached the limit. Hua Yue's sword was a gorgeous and useable Holy Crossed Sword.

"Ding!" Crane Wings Twin Swords and Holy Crossed Sword collided with each other in the air and made euphonious tremulous sounds. They were both hero ranked weapons such that mortals couldn't release their true powers. No matter whether it was Yun Xi or Hua Yue, they both could only use a small part of their sword's powers.

As the old proverb said, "Diamond cuts diamond". This was the best picture to describe their current situation. Yun Xi planned to learn from Hua Yue and practice during the exam, so he didn't use the twin swords’ flying ability, but only used his Flying Swallow Sword to fight with Hua Yue.

In order to repay Hua Yue for her seed, he deliberately became the whetstone for Hua Yue's awakened bloodline, to help her sharpen her Holy Crossed Sword. At the same time, this would also help him improve his own sword skill. After obtaining Xiao Cao's incredible talent, mortal's sword, his last weakness had been offset. This was the best time for him to practice his sword skill.

He met the right person at the right time. This was the meaning of this battle. They had already forgotten that they were having the Sword Palace's entrance test. They had only one goal: to temper their sword skills in this battle.

"Arrghhh! I can't stand it! This is not a battle!" Hua Huo was on tenterhooks. Her jealousy radar was warning her that her big breasted elder female cousin was becoming more and more threatening.

"It's rare to see such a high-level competition. Why should we stop them?" Red Lotus was satisfied with the current situation. She didn't think that she would ever see such a high-level sword skill competition again. Moreover, both sides were beautiful girls.

Look! Even White Lotus was watching their competition with relish. White Lotus's smile was already worth it for her to come to this remote small town to hold the test.

"Prince, you're still so handsome. Star and Moon's Ring, tell me, who is the most handsome and gorgeous prince in the world? There is only one answer: Yun Xi!" White Lotus whispered to her Star and Moon's Ring, then decided the answer with satisfaction.

After Hua Yue brandished her sword for a hundred and thirty times, her full breasts suddenly shook. Her beautiful white gold long hair fluttered with the wind as her holy crossed sword emitted pure white lights in her hand.

The seed in Hua Yue's body had updated itself just now. Yun Xi immediately realized the seed's growth. At first, the property introduction of Hua Yue's Holy Crossed Sword was "proficient", now, the description had become "perfect". Her sword skill had reached the limit of mortals just like Yun Xi's Flying Swallow Sword.

They were both at the 2nd rank and had mastered perfect sword skills. Now, Hua Yue finally had equal power to be Yun Xi's opponent.

"Mei, the following attack will be my strongest attack," Hua Yue tightly held her crossed sword in her hand. She raised her sword in front of her chest and gazed at Yun Xi with a serious look.

"Defeat me with all your strength! I only accept to be defeated by you! Don't say no! I know you're the strongest person amongst all the candidates!"

"I will!" Yun Xi agreed. He knew that Hua Yue was serious. Her sword was straight and proud. There was no room for intrigue in her heart.

"Crossed Sword!"

Hua Yue held her sword with her both hands. The sword blade formed a perfect parallel line with her body, taking the center of her chest as the separatrix. She announced the start of her strongest attack.

"Quicksilver Motion!"

Yun Xi ran on the stage. His feet made ear-piercing screech with the ground.

"Holy Seal!" That was a cross-like light that was beyond the imagination of mortals.

A white halo suddenly appeared in the air and covered Hua Yue's body. Yun Xi had only seen this scene once on another mortal rank swordsman before: his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo.

Was it a hero rank bloodline ability just like Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword? In that case… The Swallow Returns!

Yun Xi's sword cut on the cross-shaped holy seal but did no harm. Hua Yue seized this opportunity, brandishing a gust of white sword wind towards Yun Xi. That wasn't a sword wind that any mortals could make! That was the white gold crossed sword's special ability!

Crane Wings! Flying! Yun Xi let the twin swords fly to the sky. At the same time, he drew out the third sword from his waist.

"Ah!" Hua Yue suddenly realized that Yun Xi had a hidden sword.

In fact, Yun Xi didn't hide the third sword on purpose. However, the Crane Wings Twin Sword had drawn everyone's attention. They had almost forgotten that Yun Xi was still holding his original sword.

Yun Xi performed his Flying Swallow Sixfold Attack, breaking Hua Yue's seemingly indestructible Holy Seal and put his sword on her neck.

"I was too careless. I forgot that you had the third sword." Hua Yue said with a smile. Although she was defeated, she didn't look very upset. Well, her Holy Seal seemed to be weaker than Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword. It seemed to be a strong defence skill that would drain all the user's strength.

Yun Xi calculated the defence of Hua Yue's Holy Seal in his heart and had quite forgotten that he was still putting his sword on Hua Yue's neck. He subconsciously lost control of his sword and unconsciously saw the sword sliding down and pointing to Hua Yue's chest.

"Ah!" Hua Yue blushed. She didn't know why Yun Xi suddenly took liberties with her.

Wh-What is she doing?

Is this some special ritual of this area?

"Bang!" Before Yun Xi returned to earth and realized what a mistake he had made, from the location of the twin witches, a person rushed to him in a burst of anger.

"Let go of my elder female cousin!"

"Hua Huo?!" Yun Xi asked with an innocent look. He still hadn't realized why his childhood sweetheart was so angry.


On the hill three kilometers away, the archer in red’s eyes suddenly brightened up as he drew his black bow to its limit.

"Target in sight."