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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 502

2022-06-15 09:11:26Publish Time: 637 views
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Chapter 502: Confession Again

"Hmm..." Red Lotus frowned in her dream as her skin flushed red. It seemed that she was about to wake up.

Too bad! Yun Xi looked at Red Lotus' naked body, sweating heavily.

If Red Lotus woke up at this moment, he wouldn't be able to purge himself of suspicion.

Fortunately, Yun Xi's most powerful ally in the Witch Palace was beside him.

"Sister, one sheep, two sheep, three sheep..." White Lotus approached her sister's ear and began counting sheep in a gentle voice.

If it was anyone else, this trick was undoubtedly ineffective, but for Red Lotus, only when White Lotus played this trick, Red Lotus would fall asleep again.

"White Lotus... Baa... " Hearing her cute sister's voice, Red Lotus contentedly turned over on the bed, putting her left hand on White Lotus' right hand and slept more soundly.

"..." Looking at Red Lotus, who fell into sleep again, Yun Xi didn't even dare to breathe.

But, because Red Lotus turned her back to Yun Xi, he could clearly see her naked, snow-white back, which was even more attractive than when she was facing Yun Xi.

"Ninety-nine sheep..." White Lotus showed an expression of reassurance on her face while smoothly covering her sister with a sheet, and then smiled at Yun Xi, whose face had totally turned red.

"My prince, is my sister's body pretty?"

"This... Well..." Yun Xi's forehead was covered with sweat.

Answer "pretty" meant that he has seen their bodies all over when they were sleeping, apparently, this was a death penalty if he dared to say it.

Answer "not pretty" was like plugging one's ears while stealing a bell, which it was impossible to deceive White Lotus.

Whichever answer was wrong.

Accurately speaking, since the moment he entered the twin witches' bedroom, he was already a sinner.

At this time, as a person who had committed a crime of offending the twin witches, what kind of expression should he put on his face?

Probably when the condemned criminals were sent under guard to the gallows, they held the same mood in their hearts.

"Sister hates men very, very, very much. Therefore, my prince, you have to be careful. Never expose your true identity in front of my sister!" To Yun Xi, White Lotus' voice was like a light of redemption in the darkness.

Does it mean that she will not reveal my true identity to others?

"Of course, I will keep it a secret for you, my prince."

"A good woman should be devoted to supporting her lover. Isn't it a natural thing?" White Lotus squinted at Yun Xi and betrayed her sister without hesitation.

Her happiness was her sister's happiness.

The twin witches were inseparable, they were two souls of one fate.

Their relationship was closer than any twins in the world. They were destined to live together forever.

Therefore, her prince would also become her sister's prince.

Red Lotus and White Lotus would not be separated. She had found her happiness, therefore, she hoped that her sister could get happiness too.

"Ah..." Yun Xi breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that at least, White Lotus was on his side.

The real problem was her sister, Red Lotus. He didn't even dare to imagine how angry Red Lotus would be if she knew the truth.

"Why ... why do you like me?" After feeling relaxed, more doubts emerged in Yun Xi's heart.

He had had very few contacts with Red Lotus and White Lotus. The closest contact was the moment when White Lotus played the role of sleeping beauty in the dark forest.

Looking back on that kiss, Yun Xi couldn't say for sure that whether it was Red Lotus or White Lotus he kissed in the trial world.

However, the taste of the soft and fragrant lips still lingered in his mind.

And because of that kiss, his fate was totally changed and he had to step on a road that had no return.

"The Prince is the prince."

"I've been waiting for you to show up for a long time."

"Like the Sleeping Princess in the dark forest, waiting for the prince's kiss to lift the curse."

"My sister and I have been waiting for our prince for too long a time."

White Lotus' eyes gradually become sad.

"My prince, my prince, don't you like us?"

"Now that you have woken us up from the dark forest, please expose your love to us."

"Just as flowers need sunshine, we also need your love to grow well and become the only flower in the world to blossom for you."

Yun Xi looked at White Lotus' eyes and had a feeling of guilt in his heart.

It's different from what you said, the great stars!

Why didn't she forget the experience in the trial world? Why is she so persistent and even fanatical?

Wasn't it just a dream?

"Prince, do you think dreams are just dreams?" White Lotus saw through the confusion in Yun Xi's heart at a glance and shook her head.

Her prince, indeed, did not understand.

“Dream” is the manifestation of a human's deepest consciousness, it's the most essential part of the human mind.

Why did they become cursed princesses, sleeping in the dark forest in the dream?

Because that was what they really looked like.

The twin witches of fate were also the cursed twin witches.

They could never enjoy the same simple life like any ordinary people in the universe. If they hadn't been recognized as the god witches, they would be monsters in the eyes of the public.

They had the great talent that could make countless people envy, also, they were carrying the equivalent curse on their back. Amongst other witches, there were also people who said that they were "monsters" that should never exist.

My sister didn't say anything, but she kept on practicing desperately, trying to get beyond everything. Just like Casina the Battle God, who is strong enough to ignore all gossips.

Like a red lotus blooming in hell, my sister has already embarked on a road of no return.

And I have also made the same choice, practicing the forbidden skill, the Great Circulation.

From this point of view, they deserved to be the twin witches. They had the same stubbornness in their hearts, and they both wanted to fight against their cursed fate.

"Prince, no matter how many times, I will repeat the same oath."

"I love you, and this is definitely not a joke."

"To us, you are the sun and hope."

"You're my prince. I won't look at any other man except you."

"Maybe I don't know anything about love, but I swear that I will do everything I can to love you and never stop until I die."