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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 501

2022-06-15 09:11:18Publish Time: 647 views
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Chapter 501: Presents the Gem and My Love to You

It's over! My life is all over!

While Yun Xi watched the pictures of the first day, he still held great hope.

Until Star Thunder went the wrong way to the secret garden of the Starwing Knights, and met Lulu there...

Lulu became the first victim.

Then Ling Ling and Mei Lan were also added to the victim list.

The next day, Star Fire took over his body and was soon caught by Hua Yue.

Apparently, as the leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue noticed that Mei (Star Fire) was in a strange mood. Looking at this scene, an emotion called hope emerged again in Yun Xi's heart.

Hua Yue was a perfect knight, and her strength was enough for her to protect herself. Under her protection, there should be nothing happening.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi still guessed wrong.

It was true that Hua Yue had the strength to stop Mei, but she did nothing. Instead, she became the fourth person on the victim list.

The symptoms of "Mei Poisoning" was still spreading!

On the third day, when Yun Xi fought against Norn the God of Wisdom and Orfina the Ruby Dragon on the chessboard, Star Snow possessed his body.

Unlike Star Thunder and Star Fire, Star Snow avoided contact with any people from the beginning and chose to bask in the sun in the Witch Palace. In theory, she would never meet any of the members of the Starwing Knights there.

Well, that was right. She didn't meet any of the members of the Starwing Knights, but the twin witches lived there!

Next, Yun Xi could only watch the pictures that Star Snow was brought into the underground of the Witch Palace and performed the mysterious sacrificial ceremony with the twin witches.

After everything was done, Star Snow had a chance to escape from here, but unfortunately, she lost her way.

Yun Xi didn't want to remember what happened next. Anyway, when he opened his eyes, he was already on the big bed of the twin witches, being watched by White Lotus.

What a big crisis! There's no way back. There's no chance to argue! But, but it wasn't my fault!

How could I know what happened in the real world when I was playing Star Go on the Starry Sky Chessboard?

"Sorry... I... I really am not..." Yun Xi looked at White Lotus with tears in his eyes.

From the twin witches' point of view, he was undoubtedly an intruder, a pervert!

"My prince, is the 'Closed Mouth Zen' over?" White Lotus squinted her eyes and smiled at Yun Xi, enjoying his dumbstruck look.

"You know I'm..." Yun Xi shivered all over. Apart from Hua Huo, there should be no one knowing his real identity in the White Lotus Sword Palace!

If anyone knew that he was a man who lurked in the girls' dorm, he would be wanted by the whole of the White Lotus Sword Palace!

"Yes, because of this thing, I knew it from the beginning." White Lotus glanced at the Star and Moon Ring on her hand with a gentle look.

Why did she give up inheriting any of the god weapons of the Witch Palace and choose the Star and Moon Ring to be her weapon?

The reason was simple: fetters. She wanted it to be a fetter that could connect her with her prince forever. No matter what the prince became, she could find him at a glance.

Even if there were 100,000,000,000 people, he was the only one she could see in her eyes.

She wanted nobody but the prince.

"This ring is..." Yun Xi looked at the ring in confusion. He didn't understand what it was. Did it have any relationship with me?

Is it a god weapon that can trace back time? So she can see through my real body at a glance?

Are the twin witches of fate so powerful? Can they actually use such a strong god weapon?

"This is the gift from you, my prince! Don't you remember the first gift you gave me?" White Lotus gently touched the Star and Moon Ring, which was connected with her blood. She had signed a blood contract with it. Once the Star and Moon Ring was broken, she would die with it.

This was the way princesses expressed their trust in their lovers in ancient times.

Ignoring the limitation of materials, turning "impossibility" into "possibility". Only a talented god witch like her could master this power. After pouring her life and soul into the ring, it was finally forged.

"Ha??" Yun Xi was surprised. It was a gift from me? Why don't I remember it?

Even if it didn't contain any special abilities, judging from its gorgeous appearance, it was undoubtedly a priceless treasure.

Speaking of the gift I gave White Lotus, wasn't it just a micalex I found from the hot spring?

How could the Star and Moon Ring on White Lotus' hand be the same thing as the micalex?!

"My prince, don't doubt it. This is your gift, the most beautiful treasure in the world." White Lotus's voice was sweet and warm, like delicious honey.

"Initially, it was just a micalex."

"I presented my blood and soul, and made it what it is."

"What it means is that the sun, the moon, and the stars will never be separated."

"Therefore, I named it the Star and Moon Ring."

Yun Xi looked at White Lotus in surprise, and finally remembered what she had said when he gave her the micalex as a gift.

"Today, this micalex is just a common stone in the eyes of other people.

"But from now on, it's the first gift my lover gave me.

"In the future, it will be the gift my husband first presented to me, and gradually will become a priceless and irreplaceable treasure in my life.

"I don't mind other people's ideas, but for me, it's the most beautiful and glitzy gem from my prince.

"I witness it here, your present is the most valuable gift to me, to complete our eternal contract.

"Maybe I indeed don't know what true love is, but I swear to this gem.”

"I will love you forever."

So, it wasn't just a girl's fantasy, but her vow.

She really turned that micalex into her irreplaceable treasure, the most beautiful and dazzling gemstone in the world!