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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 498

2022-06-15 09:10:54Publish Time: 625 views
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Chapter 498: Sacrifices

Under the ground of the Witch Palace, there was an altar, which had the highest secrecy level of the whole White Lotus Sword Palace.

The Altar of Deity.

Amongst all the Witch Palaces all over the endless god's domains, there must be such a forbidden place, where it was used for witches to pray and communicate with gods.

In different worlds, the Altar of Deity built by the witches would take on different features.

This altar in the White Lotus Sword Domain was an ancient altar full of the style of the Eastern God's Domain.

The most central part of the altar was a pattern of Yin Yang Twin Fish, showing the principle of both rigidity and softness.

Around the pattern of Yin Yang Twin Fish, there was a circle of blooming lotus petals, which looked pure and flawless.

Above the Altar of Deity, there was a pattern of the sun, moon, mountains and rivers, which symbolized the belief of the Eastern God's Domain. At the same time, there was an ancient sword piercing through the sky. It was a mark left by Yun Hai the Sword Master, which represented that the Altar of Deity was blessed by him, a Sky Sword.

Witches didn't believe in a certain god, but would choose the most suitable god according to the rules of their own world, and build the Altar of Deity that was suitable for the style of their world.

If a witch was strong enough, the witch herself could also be summoned by other witches.

God witches weren't the puppets of gods, but a special force formed by women who had the ability to communicate with gods.

They respected gods, but they weren't puppets.

They were good at communicating with gods and generally, they would guard the world they were born in, if it wasn't necessary, they wouldn't leave their own world.

The Witch Palaces existed in many worlds in the endless god's domains. The witches were a special scene of many god's domains.

They believe that there were eight million gods in the world, and even a stalk of grass, a piece of wood or a road contained the possibility to become a god.

Witches were the earliest channels of communication between humans and gods.

Before the first Star Bridge was built, they had already taken root in a lot of god's domains, taking on the task of communication between humans and gods.

Many witches, because of their friendly relationship with the gods, would even be chosen as Apostles of the gods, becoming the spokespersons of the gods in the mortal world.

Red lotus and White Lotus were the witches blessed by gods. Their talents were so great that a special existence chose them to be its alternate Apostles.

Even the imperial family of the Great Xia Sword Domain would treat them with great honour.

"Sister, are you ready?" White Lotus sat in the center of the Altar of Deity, the Star and Moon Ring on her hand radiated a soft glow.

In an instant, she entered an incredible realm of emptiness. With her eyes narrowed, she realized that she had left the real world and entered a gap between dream and reality.

"Will we really use the Kryolite as the sacrifice?" Red Lotus still felt that it was too wasteful to use the precious Kryolite in this sacrificial ceremony.

After all, even if the sacrificial ceremony failed, they would still pay a price. If they used the Kryolite but summoned nothing, it would really be a great loss!

Moreover, it was easy to summon a god but was difficult to send the god away. Every year, there would be witches who unluckily died in the sacrificial ceremony.

In any case, before starting the sacrificial ceremony, witches would adjust their mind to the best state and prepare the best sacrifices at the same time.

Once a month was the minimum time for a talented witch to recover her energy and strength. In fact, most witches could only hold the sacrificial ceremony one or two times in a year.

Even if they had done everything they could do, there would still be a small chance that they summoned monsters that should never appear in the real world.

"Yes, I want to challenge myself this time. I think that this time, we can summon a very special god." White Lotus looked at Mei with a confident look, although Mei was yawning with a bored look.

"Well, be careful. If something goes wrong, stop the sacrificial ceremony as quick as you can." Red Lotus found that her sister was strangely persistent today.

It's too strange! She wasn't such a stubborn person before!

Do we really need to compensate for that maid? Even so, it would be sufficient just to use the fire-type ruby as the sacrifice!

"Then, get ready to sacrifice." White Lotus would not tell her sister that the Kryolite was prepared for the prince from the very beginning.

"Ok." Red Lotus had to raise her hands helplessly.

"All things, all gods in the endless god's domains, listen to my voice!" Along with White Lotus's whisper, the most mysterious ceremony of the witches began.

What was going on now was the first stage of the ceremony, "sacrifice", displaying the sacrifice in front of those old, powerful existences.

It was equal to telling them "Hey, there is a gift for you! Come here!"

"In the infinite time and worlds, all things that are immortal, I present my gift to you, praying that you can pay attention to this corner."

The pattern of the Yin Yang Twin Fish started rotating, spreading the auras of the twin witches.

"I present this treasure to you, and if you are satisfied with it, please respond to my voice and come to this altar."

The Kryolite became transparent bit by bit, it was the sign that it was being wrapped around by the power of contract, turning into an equivalent exchange.

"Language and cognition."

"Behavior and phenomenon."

"Heart and body."

"Bleeding my blood as a witness, I'm looking forward to your coming."

White Lotus stretched out her arm. Her finger tip cut her skin, letting a drop of blood fall to the altar.

Red Lotus also stretched out her arm and pricked her skin, presenting her blood for the ceremony.

This was the second reason why witches needed to rest for a month after holding a sacrificial ceremony.

"..." Mei (Star Snow) blinked her eyes and looked at the twin witches in confusion.

"It's your turn. If you want to get the benefits, you must pay with your blood first." Red Lotus quickly pricked Mei's finger tip using her Red Lotus Holy Sword.

A drop of crimson blood dripped to the ground.