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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 497

2022-06-15 09:10:46Publish Time: 656 views
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Chapter 497: Kryolite

"No, I think we can summon a stronger god this time." White Lotus said confidently and stroked the prince's soft hands.

"Well, but, isn't the sacrifice just a fire-type ruby?" Red Lotus looked at her sister with a confused look.

Although she was not very proficient in the sacrificial ceremony, at least, she knew the basic principles of the ceremony.

The quality of the sacrifices determined the level of the gods that could be summoned in the sacrificial ceremony.

Which meant, to summon a stronger god, they must prepare a more precious sacrifice.

Rumours said that in the similar rituals of black magic, in order to summon a powerful evil spirit, dark wizards would even kill millions of people as blood sacrifices.

Naturally, witches wouldn't use such a bloody method, they preferred to use valuable sacrifices.

After trying endless summons, god witches had found some relationships between the sacrifices and the gods they summoned.

If the sacrifice was a fire-type ruby, it would probably be a fire-type spirit who responded to their summon, and there was a small probability that a giant dragon would respond to them.

Obsidian was not recommended as a sacrifice, because only dark-type evil spirits liked this kind of sacrifices, if it wasn't necessary, none of the witches would use an obsidian as a sacrifice.

The principle of "equivalence exchange" was also working in the sacrificial ceremony, therefore, the witches must pay attention to their endurance when they performed the sacrificial ceremony.

In their long history, a witch once mistook a rare star-type obsidian as an ordinary obsidian. As a result, she summoned an indescribable, horrible existence and was devoured by it.

Of course, it was a very rare exception. Most witches who performed the sacrificial invitation would prepare sacrifices that match their own strength. They wouldn't let the situation get out of their control.

This time, according to previous experience, the sacrifice prepared by Red Lotus was a ruby containing a lot of flame spirits, therefore, the existence who would respond to their call would naturally be a fire-type god or fantastic creature.

"No, we won't use the ruby, I have a better sacrifice this time." White Lotus looked at Mei confidently.

The Prince is the incarnation of a miracle and the glory of hope.

She could do anything as long as she was with the prince.

"Do we have that kind of thing?" Red Lotus was confused. White Lotus Sword Domain was just a small, remote sword domain, that ruby was almost the highest quality sacrifice they could find.

"Yes, it was a gift from the Water God, Hydra." White Lotus took out a milky white gem with a hazy mist inside.

At first glance, it was just an ordinary gem, however, if you kept looking at it, you would find that the interior of the gem was constantly changing.

The hazy fog in the gem changed from huge mountains to vast oceans, presenting an all-embracing scene.

"Kryolite?" Red lotus was shocked after realizing what the precious gem in White Lotus's hand was.

Compared with the fire-type Ruby she prepared, the level of Kryolite was far higher!

The fire-type ruby in her hand could be the material used to forge the highest level of fire-type god weapon, however, the Kryolite in White Lotus's hand could be embedded in a real god weapon without any extra steps!

It was a treasure that could only be obtained from real fantastic creatures or gods. Before humans understood the concept of a "god weapon", gods were using this kind of materials to forge original god weapons!

Compared with this, the fire-type ruby she prepared before was just nothing.

What was more precious was that the Kryolite was one of the most suitable sacrifices for the sacrificial ceremony. It could almost guarantee a 100% chance to communicate with a random high-level extraordinary existence, and all the beings of the three camps, good, neutral and evil all liked it.

Even amongst gods, it could be used as money. From this point, its rarity was self-evident.

"Isn't that too wasteful? It's Kryolite!" Even in Red Lotus' eyes, the Kryolite was too precious to be a sacrifice.

Its price couldn't be counted by money, after all, only gods or fantastic creatures could make Kryolite, and money was meaningless to gods and fantastic creatures.

Gods and fantastic creatures both had the ability to change the material constitution from the molecular level, which was the so-called "touch a stone and turn it into gold". Therefore, none of the mortal wealth such as gold and silver were valuable to them.

Only these gems contained the free energy of the universe, for example, the fire-type ruby, would let some gods feel interested in it.

This kind of fire-type ruby was generally accumulated in the ley lines after tens of millions of years. Even in a large gem vein, there would be only a few fire-type gems.

Even gods couldn't control time, therefore, the fire spirit contained in the ruby was the core of the sacrificial ceremony. Ordinary rubies had no such effect at all.

The last time, White Lotus used a fire-type ruby as the sacrifice, and successfully summoned a fire-type fantastic creature. By absorbing the fire power of the fantastic creature, the power of Red Lotus Holy Sword was greatly improved.

"Yes, since it's an apology, we should show our sincerity." White Lotus narrowed her eyes habitually and smiled at her sister, which was gazing at her with a confused look.

She knew that her sister would agree in the end.

"Ah... You're really being self-willed, but since it's a Kryolite, there should be no problem." As White Lotus had expected, although Red Lotus frowned, she finally agreed to her sister's request.

Apart from any things related to the "prince", Red Lotus's love for her sister was unconditional, she would be willing to meet any of White Lotus' demands.

Yes, anything apart from the "prince". The prince must die!

"Thank you, sister! I'm also looking forward to what we can summon in the sacrificial ceremony!" White Lotus smiled with her eyes squinted.

The Kryolite was her gift for the prince from the beginning. In order to obtain it, she had also made a deal with the Water God, Hydra.

She just didn't expect that she would be able to use it this soon.

With the power of miracle from the prince, what kinds of existences could see the bright light of the Kryolite?

She was also curious about this in her heart.

"..." Mei (Star Snow) looked at White Lotus in confusion. She didn't understand why White Lotus was holding her hand so tightly.

I want to bask in the sun!