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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 49

2022-06-14 03:55:44Publish Time: 1,237 views
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Chapter 49: Mighty Dragon

"How can it be so simple?" By using the same method, Yun Xi trapped Zhao Ming, Zhao Xiong, Zhao Chu, Zhao Chui, and Zhao Shen beside the bridge. He felt the number of the souls he absorbed and felt pretty confused.

Weren't they five real 3rd-ranked warriors? Compared to the stone army he met at the first stage, why were the famous Five Tiger Generals so easy to deal with?

Weren’t they too weak?

No. Their attacking power and explosive force were both at the 3rd rank. If they fought recklessly with Yun Xi one on one, they could even suppress Yun Xi from all directions.

If it wasn't because they had the same fatal weakness, Yun Xi would have had to pay a great price to win against any of them. Maybe he would even have had to perish together with them.

"Hua Huo... what a genius you are!" Everytime Yun Xi thought that he had overestimated Hua Huo's talent...

... Hua Huo's seed would tell him that he was at a way lower level than Hua Huo.

When Hua Huo was still at the 2nd rank, the Five Tiger Generals' actions were full of weak points. Though they were at the 3rd rank, they were still merely five stronger boorish fellows in Hua Huo's mind.

However, in the eyes of the townspeople, even in the eyes of the people of White Lotus Sword Domain, they all were invincible generals.

99% perspiration was more important than 1% inspiration? That was just a story adults used to cheat children.

1% inspiration was way more important than 99% perspiration. People who had no inspiration would finally reach their limit.

In this world, only a genius who also practiced hard could reach the zenith, just like Hua Huo.

"Does Hua Huo really need my help?" Feeling the increased strength in his body, Yun Xi figured out the degree in which he had improved.

The souls of the Five Tiger Generals were about two times more than the soul of the green hippo. What a great example the green hippo was! He decided that if he saw these kind of green hippos again, he would kill them as much as possible.

"Boom!" A volcano erupted in front of Yun Xi.

Countless amounts of magma soared to the sky.

For a moment, the dust and smoke rose from the volcanic vent and flew ten thousands of meters in the sky. Observing it from the ground, a small half of the sky was almost covered.

"Hua Huo, what are you fighting with?" Looking at the exploding volcano, Yun Xi was stunned for a long while.

By using Quicksilver Motion, Yun Xi turned into the wind, dashing to the central part of the burning volcano area.

Along the way, Yun Xi saw many bodies in separated parts. Every corpse was a strange beast - the beasts the people who just reached the small village owned.

There were about six dead green hippos.

About six dead White Flying Horses.

A dead Griffin.

A dead King Kong.

They all were giants or strange beasts. They were treasures belonging to the people in the village, some of them handed down by their owners' ancestors.

Many strange beasts could live very long, way longer than humans. Training a baby beast from birth, by the time of its death, it could have even protected a family for dozen generations.

In that case, how many strange beasts a big family had and how powerful their strange beasts were, directly showed how strong that family was.

Ordinary people didn't have enough money and time to feed these fierce and strong beasts.

However, those powerful strange beasts were all lying down in a pool of their own blood. Especially the several green hippos, Yun Xi gazed at them with greed.

Because they weren't killed by Yun Xi, he obtained no souls from their corpses. He had to look at these carcasses messed up on the ground.

Not one of them were alive. It seemed that, when Yun Xi was struggling hard to fight with the stone soldier army, Hua Huo had cleared her way by killing, entering the last battle.

Yun Xi even doubted himself... when he reached that place, would the side quest have already been completed by Hua Huo?

"Arrrrgh!" A heaven-shaking roar told Yun Xi that the last battle hadn't finished yet.

"Side Quest: The heroine challenging the evil dragon. Go find her and become her partner, defeat the evil dragon." After remembering the hint of the side quest, Yun Xi knew what the strongest monster in the volcano area was.

A dragon!

No matter where you were, the Western God's Domain or Dragon's Domain, a dragon meant absolute power, the master of dominant power.

Dragon - Even a Wurm, which had only a few drops of dragon blood, was the top hunter who stood at the peak of the food chain.

As the side quest specially pointed out that it was an "evil dragon", Yun Xi couldn't imagine what kind of a vicious monster it was.

Was Hua Huo fighting with such a monster?

After dodging balls of flame continuously and stepping on fire and dust, Yun Xi finally reached the central location of the volcano area and saw two presences who were fighting.


It wasn't an Earth Dragon, Wyvern, nor Aitvaras. It was a real male Fiery Dragon who had red-hot scales and was roaring!

How was it possible that such a monster appeared near the small village? Wasn't it a nightmare which only inhabited volcanic areas?

Male Fiery Dragon. It had terrible blood that could make it become a true Giant Dragon. It was a True Dragon!

It was about eighteen meters in length and its scales looked rough and crimson. You could vaguely see dark-red striations on its wings. Even as he was still a few hundred meters away from it, he could feel its horrible atmosphere, which was known as "Dragon's Dignity".

A male Fiery Dragon. It was a real male Fiery Dragon!

If male Fiery Dragons were immersed long enough in magma, it could evolve into a Giant Dragon who could control flames!

Its wide wings, hard scales, and strong four limbs all proved that it could tear any Mortal into two pieces.

No matter if it were the Green Hippo, the King Kong, or the White Flying Horse, they could not be compared to the fiery dragon who owned the blood of a fire-type Giant Dragon.

The Fiery Dragon was a real hero-ranked being. It was a super creature who could control flames and had the "Dragon's Dignity".

However, what was it that Yun Xi saw just now?

The atrocious Fiery Dragon who was so strong that it could swim in magma, had one of its wings cut off and only half of its tail remained. Its body was covered with scars.

Hua Huo, who was just at the 3rd rank, had driven the giant monster into the last ditch.

This wasn't something like a 2nd rank fighting against a 3rd rank, but a Mortal doing serious damage to a hero-ranked monster!