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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 48

2022-06-14 03:55:36Publish Time: 1,264 views
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Chapter 48: The Five Great Generals

So, the trial didn't only pull the young Childes of the noble families in here, but older people were in its range as well...

Yun Xi remembered that when he was young, a "Battle Deity" was a big deal.

Not only him. There were also other generals who passed by the small village sometimes when they led their troops to go on patrol.

They were called the "Five Tiger Generals" and were seen as great heroes.

When didn't the young boys and girls in the village regard themselves as their heroes?

Well, Yun Xi remembered what happened after Hua Huo dueled them.

In the duel, Hua Huo beat the five people down at the same time.

After that, Hua Huo replaced the position of the five generals, becoming the unquestionable number one in the hearts of all the young boys and girls in village.

He remembered that the invitation of White Lotus Sword Palace was also sent to her at that time.

Since a genuine "Battle Deity" was here, Yun Xi had a hunch that the several big and tall stone soldiers behind him were...

Yun Xi raised his head up, looking at the several familiar faces.

They looked like they were cut from the same mold. They all had strong muscles, big and tall bodies, finely tempered, fine steel lances, and looked like five standard lancers.

Yes, they were the famous Five Tiger Generals in the Mortal army of the White Lotus Sword Domain, the successors of the "Ruinous Star Sect", which was located in the sword blade region of the domain. It was said they were five cousins.

Zhao Ming, Zhao Xiong, Zhao Chu, Zhao Chui, and Zhao Shen. These were the Five Tiger Generals' names, and the true name of the general "Battle Deity" was Zhao Xiong.

However, many people thought the five generals looked like they were cut from the same mold. No matter if it was their powerful muscles or frightening faces, it made everyone refuse to believe that they were not brothers.

The reason people called them the "Five Tiger Generals", was because their faces were too alike.

"General Zhao Xiong." Yun Xi adjusted his breath.

This was the first time he would fight against a general who was so powerful, that he alone could replace a thousand normal enemies. Yun Xi felt a little nervous.

No matter if it were battle skills, attack power, or fighting abilities, the green hippo who had only brute force couldn't be compared to General Zhao Xiong.

Even if he ignored other factors, his simple "sweep away" skill had already forced Yun Xi into a desperate situation.

However, Hua Huo's seed sent him a strange piece of information. It seemed to be trying to tell Yun Xi that general "Battle Deity" Zhao Xiong, wasn't unbeatable.

At that time, when Hua Huo put herself against the Five Tiger Generals and defeated them one by one, she wasn't at the 3rd rank, but at the 2nd rank, the same as Yun Xi.

"Is this... true?" If Yun Xi didn't obtain Hua Huo's seed, he would never have figured out that the five generals, who were also known as the Five Military Strategists, had the same weakness.

"Well... it should be here..." Yun Xi looked around, then skillfully dashed towards General Zhao Xiong.

"Ohhhh!" General Zhao Xiong looked pretty excited. In the dream, he seemed to have returned to the most important battle in his life.

At that day, his opponent was also so tiny and nimble, it seemed as if he could easily beat her down by a sudden strike.

However, in the end, the battle ended with his crushing defeat. Not only him, but his four brothers - Zhao Ming, Zhao Chu, Zhao Chui, and Zhao Shen, were all defeated by the little girl's sword.

That was the first time he realized how wide the gap was among geniuses and ordinary people, and that battle also became the turning point of his life.

After being defeated by the sword skill of the genius girl, he finally realized the limit of his talent. He understood that he probably couldn't step on the road to the Hero rank during his lifetime. Then, he gave up, he followed his family's arrangement: marrying a wife and having a son. Now, his children were already old enough to hold a lance.

Perhaps that was the limit of his life. He had pinned all his hopes on his children.

Now, his son had succeeded his blood. Though his son could only practice with a wooden lance now, but his lance skill already looked like his father's and would definitely surpass him.

However sometimes, when he woke up from a dream, he couldn't stop himself from imagining what would have happened if he had won that duel.

He thought he wasn't the only one who thought so. His brothers, who also had gotten married and had children, would also imagine that battle.

Zhao Ming, Zhao Xiong, Zhao Chu, Zhao Chui, and Zhao Shen, they were called the Five Tiger Generals. They must've cared about that duel too much, so they had this dream together.

The opponent in their dream wasn't a girl. However, his sword skill and battle style looked exactly like the genius girl they remembered.

What a wonderful dream!

After that battle, they had reflected on it countless times. They practiced their lance skills, thinking about the mistakes they made in the battle over and over again. Now, they finally had the opportunity to fight again in the dream!

"He ha!" Zhao Xiong shouted. The lance he held rotated, drawing a circle in the air. He dashed towards Yun Xi.

This was it, this was the feeling! The feeling that, though his strength and attacks held the advantage, his heart still beat heavily.

Kid, try your best!

Let's start a jolly and hearty fight!

One on one!

"One... two... three... four..." Yun Xi took a few nimble steps, shielding the heavy lance arc by using his sword. Then, he showed his back to General Zhao Xiong, exposing his weakness on purpose.

At the moment Yun Xi showed him his back, General Zhao Xiong's eyes suddenly turned red. His steel lance rotated like a drilling bit, starting his fatal-violent lunge toward Yun Xi.

"Here it is... five... six..." Yun Xi rolled over, which almost was at the extreme limit of the human body and then jumped up on the edge of the bridge.

"Boom!" General Zhao Xiong's lance furiously broke through the balustrade of the bridge. Then, he dropped down into the green water under the bridge without hesitation.

"Plop!" With a loud noise, the water splashed ten meters high.

After about dozens of seconds, a ball of green soul of the stone soldier flew to Yun Xi.

"Eh... so it's true..." Yun Xi stood on the position General Zhao Xiong dashed down from on the bridge, looking at the traces caused by the severe friction. For a moment, he was stunned.

The Five Tiger Generals were the successors of military strategists. They were experts in charging and breaking enemy positions by using their skilled lance skills, and they had a strong compulsion to attack when their opponent's exposed their weakness. He could defeat them by using this tactic, making them have an error in judgment.

This was the tactic Yun Xi learned from Hua Huo's seed. It seemed that, though Hua Huo's sword had beat them down, they still couldn't remove this weakness of theirs, their compulsion to attack a perceived weakness.

"I see. So..."

Yun Xi understood how to win against the five generals. They were too impetuous and especially had an unintelligible compulsion to attack weaknesses. He picked up the wooden shield, bravely walking towards the area where the remaining four generals guarded.