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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 396

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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 396: Maha Mystery

"What a gorgeous chessboard!"

Yun Xi looked at the huge chessboard and immediately fell in love with it.

It was the most complicated, most mysterious and most beautiful thing he had ever seen. In the continuously rotating nebula, there were endless star maps.

Just looking at the chessboard, Yun Xi felt as if he was looking at the history of stars.

"This thing..." Mei'er supported her arms, observing the mysterious chessboard.

As a star spirit, she instinctively felt something from the chessboard.

It was familiar and strange.

It was close and distant.

It looked as if a web that mixed up all the star maps in the past, at present and in the future together.

The ranking of the Starry Sky Chessboard... isn't inferior to the Sky Tower itself!

As the stars on the chessboard started to twinkle and shine, they dropped onto the huge star map one by one.

Each star stood for a chess player.

Amongst all of the stars, the stars of Norn and Orfina were the brightest.

Unknowingly, only Yun Xi hadn't entered the chessboard.

"All right, let's go!" Yun Xi and Mei'er flew to the infinite lights of stars.

The battle had just begun!

In the Sky Tower, Dragon Tower and God Tower, one legend ranked being after another cast their eyes onto the light ball stood for the Starry Sky Chessboard. They couldn't join this competition, but they could see the record of the chess players the Starry Sky Chessboard published.

As the highest crystallization of wisdom in the endless god domain world, the winner of this game would become the focus of attention by everyone.

In the recent 1000 years, the God Tower was dominant, Norn the God of Wisdom made a great contribution to it.

Because he won repeatedly on the Starry Sky Chessboard, a lot of sophists were born in the Western God's Domain, which contributed a great amount of achieving points for the God Tower.

Therefore, almost all god's domains started to learn Star Go in the recent 1000 years, and they had explored many new strategies of Star Go.

It would be doomed to be an era that all stars were shining.

Yun Xi looked at the monk who had three eyes, six arms and bright lights all over his body. He was shocked.

"Maha Mystery", he was Yun Xi's first opponent. They both were newbies.

But in Yun Xi's eyes, he was really an eminent monk!

"Oh, benefactor, you are predestined with Buddha!" The monk's six arms held a vase, a pearl, a vajra, a wand, a sword and a Buddhist sutra. He saluted to Yun Xi.

"Namo Amita Buddha!"

He was the strongest secret weapon of buddhism, Sacred Monk Maha!

Yun Xi gawked. He never saw such a monk whose body was covered with golden lights! Is he a living Buddha?

Because of the rule of the Starry Sky Chessboard, the monk's face was covered by starlights, however, his golden, gorgeous kasaya and talismans still made Yun Xi feel ashamed of his own unseemliness.

He must be an enlightenment monk!

Even if he said "In fact, I'm the nirmanakaya of Bodhisattva, I come here to convert you to Buddhism." Yun Xi would believe his words.

Of course, Yun Xi never planned to believe in Buddha and convert to Buddhism.

He still dreamed of a better future after he got rid of his ex-girlfriends' hunting and married the girl he liked!

At least, he still thought that this dream would come true someday now.

Yun Xi's strength was no match for the enlightenment monk's dharma body, fortunately, they were on the Starry Sky Chessboard, they only needed to break a lance using the chess pieces.

There were two golden hourglasses between both of them, which looked similar to Casina's Sand of Time.

When the game started, first, they needed to determine who was on the offensive (by guessing if the number of chess pieces were odd or even), after that, they could think before the sands in the hourglass ran out in their turn. Apart from that, their true faces would be covered by starlights, but they could use avatars to show their identities.

"Odd." Yun Xi said.

"Even." Maha Mystery said.

The number of the chess pieces was odd. Yun Xi was on the offensive. He could put his chess piece first.

He took a deep breath.

Take it easy, it doesn't matter! This is just a simple game, otherwise, Teacher Casina wouldn't be so sure that I could obtain 100 successive victories! Even though he looks like an enlightenment monk, it doesn't mean that his Star Go strength is strong!

Yes, it must be the truth!

When the sequence of moving the chess pieces was determined, a vast star map appeared in front of them. The star map was far more complicated than the star map of the Nine Chess Pieces Go!

"Amitabha!" When the star map appeared, the Sacred Monk Maha closed his eyes. His body turned into three incarnations, looking at the mysterious star map together!

His first incarnation picked a flower, put it in his hand and smiled.

His second incarnation sat on a lotus with a sad look.

His third incarnation laughed heartily with a big belly and red face.

His first incarnation was Manjusri Bodhisattva.

His second incarnation was Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.

His third incarnation was Buddha Maitreya.

His Buddha dharma "Maha Mystery" could let him borrow the powers of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

At this time, the Sacred Monk Maha borrowed the powers of the Bodhisattvas and Buddha, trying to figure out the secret of the star map using their theurgy.

"Pa!" Yun Xi didn't know what the Sacred Monk Maha was doing at all. He just picked up a chess piece and put it into the slot in the center of the chessboard, where was called "tengen"!

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