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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 395

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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 395: 47 Chess Players

"Ding!" As the last grain of sand dropped to the bottom of the sandglass, the entire entrance test was over.

There were hundreds of people who could set foot onto the stairs in the Sky Tower, God Tower and Dragon Tower, arguably, they were the real elites and wise men in the endless god's domains.

Some of them were knights, who never conceded on the battlefield.

Some of them were monks, who penanced, trying to understand the rules of the world.

Some of them were sages who built tall magic towers.

There were even real gods, dragons, and mysterious living beings.

Undoubtedly, it was a celebration of the highest wisdom in the endless god domain world, it was a stage that only appeared once in a thousand years.

Finally, when the entrance test finished, there were only 47 people who were formally allowed to enter the Starry Sky Chessboard.

"The entrance test has finished, you have passed the test. Please choose your code name." A huge chessboard appeared in front of Yun Xi.

One star after another started to appear on the chessboard.

Every star meant a chess player who would join the game.

It was the battlefield of wisdom, even gods would be excited on this stage of glory.

Almost all the 47 people were legend ranked living beings.

Only a few of them were hero ranked living beings. They could pass the entrance test of the "Nine Chess Pieces Go", which meant that they had very special abilities or bloodlines that could let them obtain legend ranked computing power.

"47 people? Oh, this means that several new 'star points' will be born!"

Norn, the God of Wisdom habitually calculated the standard of the chess players.

Every time, the Starry Sky Chessboard would appear in the seven towers randomly, so the number of the chess players would change every time. This time, there were 47 chess players. In Norn's memory, the chess players this time were the most.

Because of Norn, the God of Wisdom, the entire Western God's Domain was fanatical to Star Go, he himself was the recognized strongest chess player, the only "6 star points" in the seven towers.

"As expected, the Ruby Dragon of the Dragon Tower also comes this time." He looked at the bright star in the north.

In the Starry Sky Chessboard, the higher "star points" one had obtained, the brighter one's star would become.

As the only "6 star points" chess player, the god who once obtained 60 successive victories, his star was the brightest.

However, even so, he didn't know if he could obtain more than 60 successive victories this time.

Because playing Star Go would drain his spiritual strength. When entering the last phase, he would have to play with the chess players who weren't inferior to him, thus the consuming of his spiritual strength, he would be unable to replenish it at that time.

It was a real harsh battlefield of wisdom. Even to him, it was almost impossible to obtain 100 successive victories.

In fact, he knew that his 60 successive victories last time was because of luck. The Ruby Dragon Orfina's Go Strength was just half-and-half with him. He defeated Orfina after she obtained 50 successive victories, and she defeated him after he obtained 60 successive victories.

The gap between "5 star points" and "6 star points" wasn't wide. If he wasted too much energy when playing with Orfina, it would even be possible to be defeated by "4 star points" chess players.

Everything was possible on the Starry Sky Chessboard, even Norn couldn't avoid failure if he didn't give his whole attention to any of his opponents.

He was the strongest chess player, because his record was stable. He had more than 50% chance to defeat any of the "5 star points" chess players. Although Orfina wasn't inferior to him, she liked to take risks when playing, so her record was unstable.

When Norn was observing other people, other people were also observing the opponents around themselves.

Theoretically, if you didn't quit, you could play as many turns as you wanted here. Therefore, everyone on the Starry Sky Chessboard would meet each other more than once.

Most of them already became acquaintances, only several new faces appeared this time.

"The God of Wisdom" was Norn's code name, "Ruby Princess" was Orfina's code name. She was called the smartest dragon in the Dragon God's Domain, and her true body was a star.

Apart from them two, there were several "4 star points" chess players, such as "Black Mage", "Maple Teeth", and "Duck Rome". They also defeated "The God of Wisdom" and "Ruby Princess" several times.

Compared to them, the new chess players had zero star points now, so most of them didn't pay too much attention to these newbies.

This time, there were four new chess players.

"Maha Mystery" - apparently, it was an eastern style code name, this was a new chess player from the Sky Tower.

"Hero of Might" - this was a mysterious chess player from the Dragon Tower.

"Cyber Elf Alpha" - nobody heard this code name before. Maybe it was a legend ranked elf.

"A Cloud in the Sky" - it really was a strange code name. Nobody knew who this new chess player was.

At this time, nobody would know what a storm these newbies would roll up.

Everyone looked at the two strongest chess players, Norn and Orfina, and expected an earth shattering competition between them.

"Ok, I will use this code name." Yun Xi was satisfied with the code name he just chose.

"A Cloud in the Sky" meant that he wanted to be as free as the cloud in the sky.

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