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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 372

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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 372: Mumu's Change

Under the morning sun, the disciples of the sword palace walked to the gate of the sword palace in small groups.

They all looked confident and pleasant because of the White Lotus Secret Treasure. Even cats and dogs obtained benefits from it, not to mention them.

From the beginning, these disciples were super geniuses in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain. After obtaining the powers from the secret treasure, they would definitely go a step further on the road of their lives.

Last night, the sword palace announced that all the trainee disciples would become formal disciples without any extra requirement, which made them feel so excited that they didn't sleep the whole night, and formed one small group after another according to their identities and families.

At this time, they were probably at the peak of their lives.

As long as people existed, different social circles would naturally form. Disciples of noble families and rich families had their circles, and disciples of civilian families also had their circles.

"Oh, I only heard four sounds at that time. Brother Lee, you are better than me!"

"No, don't say that. I only heard five sounds. There are a lot of people who are stronger than me." Although he said modestly, his face looked confident.

No matter whether it was four sounds or five sounds, it meant that their talents were far better than ordinary people.

Before yesterday, they still lacked confidence in themselves, but now, all the people who heard more than four sounds were confident.

Reaching the hero rank was not just a dream to them all. It was like a tall tower, they already built the base and obtained the blueprint of the tower, now they just needed to practice themselves and wait for the day that the tower is built.

The White Lotus Secret Treasure really roiled up a storm in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

The girls also walked out of the girls' dorm, but they were focusing on another thing.

Just like the male disciples, female disciples also had their circles.

New disciples formed a circle, old disciples formed a circle, girls of noble families formed a circle, girls of civilian families formed a circle, servants formed a circle.

However, their minds were all focusing on the same thing.

"Hey... is it true?"

"You didn't guess wrong. I also become more white."

"Yes, when I woke up, I looked at the mirror for an hour and still didn't believe it! I never dared to imagine that my skin could be so good!"

Yes, from the hero ranked female tutors to the maids who just came to the sword palace, they all noticed the change in their skins.

The blessing of the White Lotus Secret Treasure didn't discriminate by the race, sex, or age.

It conferred males stronger strength, faster speed and aroused the power of their bloodlines. As for females, it conferred them more smooth skins, more nimble bodies, and more luscious hair.

The higher the talent the females had, the more obvious the changes that would happen to their bodies.

Looking around in front of the old gate of the sword palace, male disciples looked more energetic and female disciples looked more beautiful.

"We found a lot of good disciples this time." In front of the main temple of the sword palace, Red Lotus nodded with satisfaction. As the future master of the White Lotus Sword Domain, she knew that these disciples were the hopes of the entire sword domain.

Red Lotus didn't expect that the secret treasure would come out at that time, neither knew why her body moved uncontrollably and announced the awakening of the secret treasure together with her sister, White Lotus.

"Perhaps we will really become the master of the secret treasure we are protecting." White Lotus smiled and looked at a corner of the girls' camp.

"Oh, she is probably the chosen one." Looking in the same direction, Red Lotus murmured.

The girl who defeated the top ten disciples and heard ten sounds.

Almost all people thought that it was her who aroused the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Apart from her, no one else heard ten sounds.

"Oh, my princes of destiny... he is there... what a lucky day." Squinting her eyes, White Lotus looked at the same direction but for a different person.

"Oh, sisters!" Beside them, a girl happily waved her hands towards the girls of the Starwing Knights.

She wore a big silver headdress, a broken necklace on her neck and there were three silver blue gems slowly rotating around her body, which exposed that she wasn’t an ordinary girl.

Yes, she was the girl Yun Xi saved on the desert island: Mumu.

Today, she wore white underclothes and her naked feet were floating in the air about one centimeter away from the ground.

"Mumu, your state is still unstable, you need to seal your power before you come to see them." White Lotus touched Mumu's ears. It was Casina who confided this mysterious girl to them, and there was a very terrible power lurking in her body.

The power was sealed by special equipment called the "Locked Dragon Ring". However, a part of the ring was broken, which made the seal become unstable. Casina had to let White Lotus look after her.

"Ooo... I see... it was all that bad guy's fault, she broke my necklace!" Mumu bit her fingers with a hurt expression, but soon, she beamed with joy.

Because she saw the black-haired maid who was waving her hand at her.

"Oh, it seems that the twin witches take care of Mumu very well, but what happened to her body? Her rank... how can it be true..."

Yun Xi looked at Mumu in confusion. From the information of her seed, he thought that Mumu must have had a very special adventure after leaving the Water God's world with the twin witches.

She was just a little girl who even lacked the strength to truss up a chicken not long ago, but now when she appeared in front of him again, her power had reached the hero rank.

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