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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 371

2022-06-15 07:04:43Publish Time: 659 views
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Chapter 371: The Girls' Great Goal

No wonder Lu Lu said that only half of the Dragon Plants could grow up.

By the way, where did she find the seeds? This herb wasn't a native plant and was a treasure even in the remote Dragon God's Domains. You weren't likely to buy those seeds via normal channels.

"Well... this..." Lu Lu blushed like a little girl who had her secret found.

"Cough... cough! Yes, we cultivate it for money, for raising our quality of life!" Apparently, Mei Lan was lying. Maybe some of the girls were poor before they joined the Starwing Knights, but it wouldn't be a problem anymore now.

The weakest member of the Starwing Knights was at the second rank, and dozens of girls had reached the third rank. In the mortal world, such a force could even conquer a small country.

"For breasts! They want their breasts to grow bigger!" Suddenly, Xiao Cao said unashamedly, exposing the secret Lu Lu and Mei Lan tried to hide. "Because we are not satisfied with the current size of our breasts!"

This was the critical defect of the civilian girls' camp.

Hua Yue and Ling Ling were all members of the noble girls' camp. Compared to them, the entire civilian girls' camp lacked in confidence.

"Numbers" could do nothing when facing this problem.

In a word, the civilian girls' camp was totally defeated at this point.

As the cores of the civilian girls' camp, the sizes of Xiao Cao, Lu Lu and Mei Lan's breasts could be described as "poor". None of the girls of the civilian camp was "full".

As for the noble girls' camp, even if ruling out Hua Yue and Ling Ling, the sizes of other girls' breasts were far above the average.

In Yun Xi's view, it was because of their diet structure and family environment.

The noble girls could eat all kinds of nutrient-rich food from their childhoods.

And just several months ago, the civilian girls could only barely fill their bellies when they needed a large amount of nutrients in cultivating.

Maybe there were exceptions existing in the world, but none included in the civilian girls of the Starwing Knights. They grew up in common families.

The result was apparent: it was natural that the civilian girls didn't have full breasts!

However, what's the relationship between "breast" and "Dragon Plant"?

Apart from Mumu, the White Holy Dragon, Yun Xi didn't know that there was any dragon in the White Lotus Sword Domain.

As a creature who had high wisdom and strong power, dragons were under populated and most dragons lived in Dragon God's Domain. However, wyverns were often witnessed in the wild of the White Lotus Sword Domain. Were they planning to hunt wyverns?

"Dragon Plant... is the quest of the Dragon Blood Alliance." Finally, Xiao Cao's words exposed the wild ambition of the civilian girls.

"Dragon Blood Alliance? Oh gosh, are you trying to hunt the multi headed demon dragon?" Yun Xi was shocked by their "bright idea".

The multi headed demon dragon had been wanted for thousands of years. It was said that several god's domains even started wars for obtaining it, but it was still on the run.

Dragon Blood Alliance was a special alliance by the females who were eager for its blood. It was one of the most famous forces in all of the god's domains, and even in the White Lotus Sword Domain, there was a small branch of the alliance.

"No matter where the demon dragon is, even if it hid in the deepest area of hell, we will find it!"

"Demon dragon, demon dragon! Give up resistance and offer us your blood!"

"Long live the Dragon Blood Alliance!"

It was said that the alliance had innumerable strong members, even including gods. However, the multi headed demon dragon was still alive and kicking now, it couldn't be weak.

Yun Xi wasn't a girl, so he didn't understand why almost all females were eager for its blood. He didn't hear of any misdeed by the dragon, but every time people found it, it would cause carnage.

Its blood could only enlarge breasts, is it really worthy of their fever?

"I must successfully cultivate the Dragon Plants!" Lu Lu's eyes sparkled with hope.

"Yes, don't give up till the last moment!" Mei Lan stretched out her hands and her mind already fell into an unrealistic imagination. "We must have dreams!"

"We are all very small, so, come together with us, Mei!" Patting on Yun Xi's shoulders, Xiao Cao ground her teeth.

Hum? What?!

Why do I have to worry about the size of breasts with you?

I'm not a girl!

Yun Xi was speechless.

"If we can catch the demon dragon, I want a cup of blood. Just a cup..."

"Oh, a cup of blood is sufficient to you, but to me, I'm afraid that I need three cups..."

"I heard that there are only very few cups of blood in the entire Dragon Blood Alliance. For obtaining the remaining blood, the leaders of the alliance had attacked each other dozens of times!"

"That damn demon dragon, where are you? Don't hide yourself away!"

Ok, although countless girls had it daily and nightly in their thoughts, it wasn't a pleasing thing to the demon dragon at all.