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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 315

2022-06-15 06:55:20Publish Time: 737 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 315: Do You Want to Be My Disciple?

The Mermaid Queen stood for the shallow sea races, the Lamia Queen stood for the deep sea races, the Caelian Queen stood for the Caelian City and all mankind, the over one million brides from all races and the tutors from the White Lotus Sword Palace were all looking at Yun Xi, looking at the actual dominator of the Water God's world.

Till now, Yun Xi still couldn't believe that he did these things.

Was it really me?

He remembered the nervous feeling he had when he first came to the Water God's world, the uneasy feeling when he first met Hydra, and his confusion after becoming the Water God's Apostle. Everything he had now was just the treasures he obtained in a dream.

Did Yun Xi really dream of being the "White Emperor", or was it just a trick of the stars?

Maybe he was still in the dream trial, maybe after he woke up, he would return to reality.

He and the Starwing Knights girls were still waiting for rescue on the island.

The one million brides would be a memory that only existed in his mind. When he occasionally remembered it in the future, he would also laugh at this ridiculous experience in the dream.

Oh, how good it will be if I'm still dreaming! Yun Xi smiled bitterly and took the crown offered by the three Queens.

It was the gift from the three High Priestesses and all living beings in the Water God's world, it was a gift for their new Emperor.

Nine different gems were installed on the transparent crystal crown, each gem stood for a meaning, and they perfectly fitted the White Emperor Mask as if they were born for that.

The magnificent ruby.

The clear sapphire.

The profound black obsidian.

The sacred moonstone.

The colorful diamond.

The golden crystal.

The silver ice crystal.

And a pair of ambers, which looked like living sailing jellyfish and butterfly of death.

To be a crown it was too gorgeous and delicate, it would be more convincing if it was a bride's ornament.

Oh, right, isn't the my other identity of the White Emperor the Water God's bride?

"It's really... embarrassing..." After putting the crown on his head, Yun Xi walked alone to the top of the Water God's sacrificial altar, looking at the highest ranking visitor walking to him with a smile.

Today was the day in memory of defeating Shaya Longnis, the tenth Sky Sword, and the day the White Emperor was formally recognized as the dominator of the Water God's world.

At the same time, it was also the beginning day the Water God's world opened to the outside world.

Of course, since the Water God, Hydra was still sleeping, the White Emperor needed to take the responsibility to deal with all these things.

However, Yun Xi had a feeling that the beauty that was walking to him was going to have a good laugh at him.

It must be my delusion! After all, she is the venerable sixth Sky Sword, the Battle God, Casina!

Yun Xi tried to hypnotize himself. He was just a common baker in a common small town not long ago, and now he had to sign the Establish Diplomatic Relations contract with a Sky Sword, this wouldn't even happen in his wildest dream!

What kind of look should I have on my face? Is my clothes decorous? Did I do something wrong?

Oh, I really should let others who had a richer experience do this!

Unfortunately, no one could replace Yun Xi on this. He was the only person who was entitled to welcome Casina in this world.

"Are you afraid of me?" Looking at Yun Xi's nervous face, Casina shrugged her shoulders and stretched out her hand.

Subconsciously, Yun Xi took a step back because his instinct was strongly warning him.

Danger! Danger!

While Yun Xi's body was possessed by Casina, he beat Shaya Longnis down easily, and now he experienced what Shaya Longnis was feeling at that time.

I can't escape, I can't defend against her attack, all efforts will be useless.

Casina's hand caught Yun Xi's body like an eagle catching a chicken, he didn't have any chance to resist.

Shaya Longnis once used the Dark Shadow Spider Queen's power, forming a prodigious dark shadow web in the entire Water God's world to hunt prey.

Casina didn't need such a thing, because her hands were already an overwhelming web. The sensation of asphyxia was more terrible than anyone could imagine before they really experienced it.

"Don't panic, boy..." Casina easily caught Yun Xi in her hand and pinched his cheek with one hand.

Hum, it's soft, the hand-feel isn't bad! Casina smiled and patted Yun Xi's shoulder.

"I take a good view of you. Although you are still too weak now, but you have a strong potential. Do you want to be my disciple?"

"Err..." Sweat streamed down Yun Xi's face. He had almost agreed to Casina’s offer.

If it wasn't for his four ex-girlfriends being even stronger than Casina, he could enjoy a lifetime of carefree life under Casina's protection.

Unfortunately, it was impossible. Although Casina was the strongest person Yun Xi had ever seen, she couldn't be a match for his four ex-girlfriends.

Mumu was just a common Apostle sent by one of his ex-girlfriends, and she was already a strong legend ranked dragon. Yun Xi couldn't imagine how strong his four ex-girlfriends actually were.

Therefore, he had no choice but to refuse Casina.

"Sorry, I think your 'Battle God Genre' isn't fit for me." Yun Xi declined Casina.

"Oh, you like to fight in water?" Casina asked and cocked her head. A human who doesn't like to fight on the ground but likes to fight in water? What a rare genre!

What made you have that conclusion?!

Because I don't want to practice the Battle God Genre, the best martial arts on the ground, so I'm a person who likes to fight in water?

Does such a human really exist in the entire universe?

Yun Xi felt both funny and annoyed. Due to that, the awkward atmosphere between them was relieved.

"Yes, this is it. You should smile because you are still young, why do you always look worried? Even if the world will be destroyed tomorrow, we should still have a happy fight today!" Casina raised her lips and pinched Yun Xi's cheek again.

Well, the hand-feel is really not bad! His skin is not bad, everything is not bad, his body has perfect flexibility and agility.

What a good body with a great potential!