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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 314

2022-06-15 06:55:12Publish Time: 697 views
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Chapter 314: The Lamia Queen's Gaze

The last was the Lamia Queen at Yun Xi's right side. Just like the Mermaid Queen and the Caelian Queen, she was also half kneeling on the ground.

However, she was more bold because her long screw tail was wrapping around Yun Xi's arm.

To the Lamia Race, this was the token of their love, the ceremony for mating.

Unlike the Mermaid Queen who was liked by all races, Lamias were born with a curse. Because the Lamias’ were called "the strongest race in the Water God's world",

Even though they believed in the same god, humans were still afraid of the Lamia Race. They would never get in contact with the Lamia Race or other deep sea races unless it was necessary.

In the eyes of humans, even though they had the same faith, these Lamias from the deep sea were still some indescribable nightmare monsters.

In rumours, deep sea races liked to eat humans!

Apparently, it was just a rumour. Anyone with a mind could find what a groundless rumour it was after thinking for a while.

How could any human live in the deep sea, therefore, how could the deep sea races develop a habit of eating humans! After all, the deep sea was death to humans. Even if throwing a piece of iron into the deep sea, it would be pressed flat, not to mention humans.

Most deep sea races could naturally shrink their bodies, endure cold and darkness, therefore, deep sea creatures' natural physique was totally different from the creatures that lived in the shallow sea and the ground.

The Lamia Race was a rare deep sea race that could adapt to the environment of the ground, the shallow sea and the deep sea. They were veritable overlords in the Water God's world.

Amongst the three Water God's High Priestesses, the Lamia Queen was also the strongest.

However, Lamias didn't do so well on the road of love.

They were not just brainless deep sea monsters, they didn't think that other deep sea races were similar to them at all, naturally, they wouldn't mate with them no matter how strong the deep sea creature was.

They were also not human, people were afraid of their screw tails. They even said that Lamias could turn humans into stone with their eyes.

The Medusa is the creature that can petrify humans with its eyes, not Lamia! The girls of the Lamia Race often wanted to yell at the humans who spread this rumour. Do you really have any common sense?

Medusa is a god blood creature that looks like a female human with living venomous snakes in place of hair, and Lamia was a deep sea creature that looks like a female human with a snake tail. Medusas are demigod creatures, and Lamias are the believers of the Water God. They were totally two different kinds of creatures!

Unfortunately, once a misconception formed, it would be too difficult to remove it. Although Lamias had strong power from their bloodline, they still avoided appearing in front of the public, wandering outside of the Caelian City for thousands of years.

The more so, the more mysterious they became in the eyes of humans, and even more terrible stories about Lamias spread around the world. Even when the Lamia Queen appeared in Caelian, although people knew that she was one of the High Priestesses, a lot of ordinary people would still be scared.

Due to this, after the sailing jellyfishes disappeared, the Lamia Race faced the biggest crisis of reproduction in their history.

Fortunately, they met the person who changed their fates.

At the beginning, they knew they didn't have any other choices, they could only accept this answer, marrying the White Emperor who was the only person that could help the Lamia Race keep proliferating.

Most Lamias accepted the White Emperor's proposal because of curiosity and the feeling of freshness.

But soon, they found the world became different due to the marriage contract with the White Emperor.

Because they had become the White Emperor's brides, they suddenly had a lot of partners.

These partners weren't just from other deep sea races, but from all kinds of races, and most of them were humans.

The Lamia Queen left the deep sea for the reproduction of their race, but gradually, they had a lot of friends from other races and didn't keep being mysterious. They started to walk and play on the streets and in the streams of Caelian.

Fear and unease were due to lack of understanding and communication.

Because they didn't have any communication channel with the humans, they couldn't even make the first step and could only see the rumours becoming more and more bizarre.

After they became "the White Emperor's brides", they finally dared to walk in the Caelian City. After talking with the humans, they found that people didn't really hate them so much.

Especially the girls who had also become the White Emperor's brides, they not only were not hostile to Lamias, but also helped them solve their problems of living in human society.

Lamias' recipes were different from humans', they liked to eat living animals straightly. It wasn't an unacceptable problem for humans.

Lamias liked to sleep in dark, wet but also clean places, people helped them build special rooms to ensure their good sleep.

In turn, when humans lacked a labor force to build large buildings, it was the time that Lamias' strong strengths could be of some use.

Lamia's slender screw tail could easily roll up the items that were dozens of times heavier than their weights. Soon after, they became the main force on rebuilding the Water God's sacrificial altar.

In armies, Lamias' strong combat power were more attractive to all human commanders. The Lamia Army's combat power was ten times stronger than any common army and they were even a hundred times stronger when they were in the water.

"Becoming the White Emperor's brides" was a turning point for them all. Taking this opportunity, the people in Caelian finally accepted them. Their slender screw tails became a fantastic scene in this city.

The Lamia Queen looked at this happening and firmly remembered it in her heart.

It was this man bringing all the changes to the Lamia Race. She was willing to wrap around his waist with her screw tail forever.

It must be our destiny. Recalling the meeting of that day, the Lamia Queen's eyes became burning with desire.

When she saw him the first time, her bloodline was yelling "eat him", it was a powerful thirst that she had never experienced before.

The Lamia Race was the closest to Hydra's bloodline. As the descendant of the Water God, she thought that her mood was affected by her bloodline at that time.

However, it doesn't matter. She found pleasure in it.

Trust in your "man" wholeheartedly, isn't that the best example of being a good woman?!