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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 292

2022-06-15 06:52:16Publish Time: 681 views
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Chapter 292: Fierce Fighting

Cold, it's cold!

Yun Xi felt as if his soul had been frozen and all the things in this world had paused. Like he was in an absolute zero environment, even the molecular trajectories were frozen.

The "absolute zero" was one of the godlike properties of the cold silver longsword. The people who were hit by this sword, could never move again.

Hot, it's hot!

Yun Xi felt as if the blood all over his body had been dried up. He could feel no moisture from the ground, but only the hot wind from far away and the gravel that went rolling by in the air beside his ears. Time itself seemed to be slowed down like the sands in an hourglass.

"Arrrghhh!" Endless blood was flowing and roaring. The Water God, Hydra's power was boiling!

This time, Yun Xi finally obtained the "mental strength" to control Hydra's power. Although the power wasn’t his own, the superposition of two Sky Sword's mental strengths finally let him realize the real strength of Hydra's power of blood. The blood in Hydra's body was sufficient to stain an entire world in blood, it was a formidable giant that was thousands of times bigger than the three headed golden dragon Shaya Longnis had eaten.

Even a Sky Sword didn't have the ability to stain a world, therefore, Shaya Longnis didn't go on the same road as Hydra, moreover, she didn't have the patience to spend thousands of years to become a god.

However, Hydra had accomplished it. Originally, she was just a fantasy creature. After swallowing this dying world, she finally became a real god.

Her power was absolutely not inferior to Shaya's power, however, in order to absorb this world, she was exhausted at this point.

Everything was for this moment.

If Hydra was at the peak of her power, she wouldn't fear Shaya Longnis. The reason why Yun Xi was suppressed by Shaya was because he hadn't really gained the key to control Hydra's power. Now, two keys had appeared in his hands.

The first key granted him the absolute control of his own body, so that he could control Hydra's power of blood. This key was from the Sky Sword who was known as the "Battle God". Amongst all Sky Swords, even Shaya Longnis was more like a Sky Sword than her. Her sword "The Sands of Time" was a strong weapon that could even twist time, but she never used this sword in battles. She was called the "Battle God", because she created a martial arts called "Battle God Genre" and defeated countless strong beings using this martial arts. She obtained this title after becoming the champion of "Tournament of Fighters from All God's Domains".

Throughout the history of the "Tournament of Fighters from All God's Domains", no one could win ten consecutive championships like her. She was hailed as "the Invincible Glory of Battle God Genre"!

Her sword "The Sands of Time" was a heritage of the desert tribe she was born in, and she herself was a strong swordswoman, but she never battled with her sword.

A long time ago, she had become a legend in a lot of god's domains: Casina the Battle God, the sixth Sky Sword who had left Sky Sword God's Domain.

To Yun Xi, nothing could be better than the Battle God's mental strength since he needed its help to control the boiling power of blood in his body. After all, "Battle God Genre" was one of the best martial arts in the way of controlling the human body. Even dragons would be untenable in front of the Battle God!

"Hu! Ha!" Yun Xi's let out a solid breath, instantly locking on Shaya Longnis' location.

In his eyes, the web that was made of countless green braids wasn't as unexceptionable as what he thought before. He slowly raised his right hand and hit the ground, like a fish tail that was slapping the water.

In the blink of an eye, the web of green braids was forcibly opened a crack. Looking at the green braids scattered in the air, Shaya Longnis showed a strange smile under her mask.

"Ha ha ha, come on, come on! No matter how you attack my web, it won't work!"

Indeed, Yun Xi's attack just opened a small crack on Shaya Longnis' web. Instantly, a lot of green threads proliferated and covered the crack.

Shaya Longnis wouldn't be defeated in this way. No matter how strong an attack she was suffering, she could always adjust her body to neutralize the attack.

Once her body remembered the attack, the attack wouldn't be able to cause any damage to her again. This was her property as the strongest slime.

No one knew how many forms and abilities she had obtained.

Her Sky Sword was a veritable "unknown object", because its name was "Unknown". It could change itself to a variety of different forms, and this was still far from reaching the end of its growing.

"It's impolite not to reciprocate. Take this!" Holding the half formed Sky Sword in her hand, Shaya Longnis showed a cruel smile on her face.

A projection of a three headed golden dragon appeared above the sword as the sword blade turned into three dragon heads.

"Fire, my Golden Dragon Roaring Cannon!" After Shaya Longnis turned her sword "Unknown" into its "Dragon Sword Form", it immediately fired a Dragonrend Shock Wave toward Yun Xi!

"Ta!" Yun Xi leisurely drew back a step and clenched his right fist. When his breath and footstep synchronized, he let out a scorching breath into the air. A crimson whale leaping out of the blood sea behind him!

The secret skill of Battle God Genre, Demon Whale Bombards!

Of course, it wasn't a skill of Yun Xi himself. It was a secret skill created by Casina, imitating the biological behavior of a super monster called "Sand Sea Demon Whale". When she was still in her homeland, she often observed the "Sand Sea Demon Whale" who inhabited the desert and liked to hide in the sand and leap out of the sand when its prey passed by.

Because the power Yun Xi used was Hydra's power of blood, the demon whale he imitated had a blood colored skin.