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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 291

2022-06-15 06:52:08Publish Time: 656 views
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Chapter 291: The Battle God and the Guardian

When the last two girls of the Starwing Knights accepted Yun Xi's proposal, two different roads appeared in front of Yun Xi.

"This is..." Looking at the infinite sea of blood under his feet, and the nine snake tails in the sea, Yun Xi had a feeling that he just touched something very incredible.

The road on his left was from the north pole. Hua Yue was standing there with a sacred but familiar figure behind her.

In front of Hua Yue, there was a sword inserted into the ground, turning the area around her into a paradise of ice and snow.

A huge gate stood tall and upright behind her, emitting an inviolable “Aura of Holiness”.

On the handle of the sword, the sealed compass was slowly opening a crack. A trace of an old and cold aura came from the compass, giving Yun Xi a feeling of divinity and dignity.

The road on his right was from the south pole of the world.

Xiao Cao was standing there with an unknown, mysterious woman behind her. The woman was wearing strange, exotic clothes with fetters on her naked feet.

Behind them, there was an endless desert spreading to the end of the world.

Countless sand gravels dropped from the sword that was floating in front of Xiao Cao and returned to the sandglass following some unknown rules, like the legendary “Sands of Time”, which stood for the passing of everything in the universe.

It was hot and mysterious, perfect and strong. This was Yun Xi's feeling about this road.

However, both of them had already exceeded the limit of Yun Xi's imagination, and this only meant a single truth: they were two living legends standing at the top of all god's domains, just like Hydra and Shaya Longnis!

Through the seeds between in Hua Yue's body and Xiao Cao's body, Yun Xi found that they had become the "threads" of the two legend ranked beings, so that they could cast their sights into this world. When Yun Xi signed the marriage contract with Hua Yue and Xiao Cao, he also obtained a few of their properties they projected onto Hua Yue and Xiao Cao's bodies.

Although their powers they lent to Yun Xi wasn't complete, but to Yun Xi, they perfectly made up for his weaknesses: legend ranked mental strength that could be stuffed into the endless sea of blood and let him control Hydra's power easier!

Nah, whatever.

Since I have done this, let me carry it through to the end!

In the face of Shaya Longnis' powerful pressure, Yun Xi didn't have time to consider the consequences.

Even if a cat was willing to lend him power, he wouldn't refuse it now. Not to mention the powers from two legend ranked beings. Even if accepting their powers would bring some unknown result, he wouldn't hesitate to use them!

I won't let you destroy it! This is their homeland, the world they love!

Since they chose me and believe in me, I must do something for this world.

This wasn't for the stars' quests. After all, Yun Xi had accomplished all the quests. He just wanted to do something for this world.

Probably it's because this world was too real. Yun Xi couldn't turn a blind eye toward this world like what he did in the previous two worlds.

No matter whether they were the people in the first village, or the girls he met later, regardless of the Starwing Knights girls, this world still brought him too many things.

His first experience to propose to unknown girls, his first experience to stand on the stage of the public, his first experience to talk and play with the unknown races in the sea... the more he knew about this world, the stronger the love he had towards it, till he was unable to extricate himself from it.

Perhaps "the Expansion Plan of One Million Girls" was just Yun Que's method, but during the process, he really felt the blessing and expectation of this world.

When one million girls chose him and put the transparent rings on their fingers, Yun Xi understood that they had become his responsibility.

Perhaps this was what the stars wanted to teach him.

You can marry one million girls, correspondingly, you will also need to undertake the responsibility for your choice.

Thinking and imagining what you can do and what you will do.

After becoming the Water God's Apostle and putting on the White Emperor Mask, Yun Xi finally became this world's hope.

Now, it's time to repay the world and honour his commitment!

"I said I will marry you all after this battle is finished. Even if everyone thinks that this world's misfortune can't be changed, I will change it with my hands!"

Yun Xi stretched out his hands and grasped the threads from Hua Yue and Xiao Cao.

The next moment, two distinct rules were linked to Yun Xi's body through the threads on Hua Yue and Xiao Cao's bodies.

One of the rules was cold, like a Referee Blade that was lifting in the air.

The other rule was as hot and furious as a sandstorm in the endless desert.

They must be legend ranked, otherwise, it wouldn't be possible to watch this battle in this manner.

They silently looked at Shaya Longnis and Hydra through Hua Yue and Xiao Cao's eyes, and did nothing when Yun Xi obtained their powers. Yun Xi's body trembled violently due to the powers from the three legend ranked beings. If the stars didn't secretly help him, both his body and soul would’ve been destroyed.

"He he, ha ha ha ha!" Shaya Longnis laughed. She laughed at her food and the world that was doomed to be destroyed by her.

Suddenly, change appeared. Even she didn't expect this.

At present, there were three Sky Swords on this battlefield. Even throughout the entire history of Sky Sword God's Domain, it was a rare scene.

The guardian of the door was the oldest and most mysterious Sky Sword. No one had witnessed her true power alive.

Casina, the Battle God was the sixth Sky Sword. Although she was a Sky Sword, she rarely used her sword.

"Are you looking for trouble here? If so, let me defeat you all!" Shaya Longnis yelled!

"Guardian of the Door, I didn't see you before. Don't you always stay in the crack amongst the worlds? Why do you come here now?!"

"Boom!" Nine crimson snake tails went crazy behind Yun Xi.

For the first time, Yun Xi released the real power of the legend rank!