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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 265

2022-06-15 06:48:39Publish Time: 733 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 265: The Flying Butterflies of Death

The Island of Mist was once seized by the slimes, then was occupied by Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army. Now, it returned to its initial state.

Countless twisted mists covered the old island and brought it back to the world of mist and silence.

"Mist Demon..." Yun Xi remembered the information the stars had offered him. He thought that he was going to touch the truth of this world's mist.

One silver butterfly after another flew out of the silent, noiseless world of mist, rose and danced in a happy mood around Yun Xi and Yun Que.

Yun Xi could feel no hostility from these butterflies. Apart from the cold temperature their wings had rolled up, he didn't understand why they were connected with death in people’s eyes.

"I remember in the notes, their wings were red." Yun Que looked at the silver butterflies warily.

In records, they had killed countless people. Once upon a time, even a Caelian Queen was killed by the Butterflies of Death.

Normally, all Caelian Queens were blessed by the Water God, so they shouldn't be killed in the Mist Tide. However, a Caelian Queen still died after seeing the red butterflies, only leaving a note which recorded the existence of these butterflies.

The Caelian Queen wrote, "What did I see? They are red butterflies. So beautiful, so graceful."

"I'm dying... they are the signs of death."

"My consciousness is becoming blurred... this is the answer... of mist...", this was her last entry that she had recorded.

This was one of the few records about the most frightening phenomenon in the Mist Tide. The Water God's High Priestess' death confirmed the existence of the "Butterfly of Death".

And now, the silver butterflies in front of Yun Xi and Yun Que looked even stronger than the red butterflies in the records.

Although they just flew in the air and had no hostility, Yun Que still sensed a suffocating smell of death.

It wasn't like the suffocating smell from Hua Huo. Hua Huo was as strong as an erupting volcano, and these Butterflies of Death were as strong as colorless, tasteless poison, killing people without any omen.

"My blood flow velocity is slowed down..." Through her Water God's Mask, Yun Que observed her own vital sign.

Death was approaching her, even though she had already reached the hero rank! They were indeed the most dangerous fantastic creatures in this world!

"They are... telling me something..." Yun Xi could also feel that the Butterflies of Death were absorbing his life force. It seemed to be the butterflies' special ability: Life Siphon.

However, Yun Xi had his one million brides' blessing. The slowly drain of his life force was negligible to him. If the butterflies wanted to kill him in this method, it would probably take them a thousand years, and the condition was only tenable when Yun Xi didn't resist it. In fact, after Yun Xi noticed the drain of his life force, his body had automatically cut off these butterflies' Life Siphon.

One silver butterfly after another landed on Yun Xi's shoulders. It seemed that they were very interested in this man who was immune to their Life Siphon.

"It looks like they like you. Can these butterflies also be captivated by your physique?" Yun Que felt that she didn't understand Yun Xi's sexual orientation at all. The Lamias were ok, and the Mermaids were also fine, now the butterflies are also captivated by you... How wide your hunting ground is?!

"Perhaps it's due to my Water God's Mask. I think nothing in this world has no relationship with the Water God. It's very likely that the thing hiding in the Island of Mist is more amazing than our imagination."

Yun Xi touched a Butterfly of Death. The small, cute butterfly raised its head and emitted soft silver light from its body, exposing its real appearance.

Under its silver wings, it was a small fairy like girl.

Her delicate face looked as if she was carved by the most excellent sculptor, because her whole body was flawless. Her bright eyes looked like a pair of crystal black gems and the color of her skin looked like the most beautiful sakura petal.

What made Yun Xi blush was that the little fairy girls didn't wear anything. Apart from a layer of silver lights on their bodies, they were literally wearing nothing...

Waving their big butterfly wings around Yun Xi, they flew in the air lightheartedly and didn't mind that Yun Xi had taken in everything at a glance at all...

"They... have intelligence!" Yun Que surprisedly looked at the Butterflies of Death who dispelled their disguises and showed their true appearances in front of her and Yun Xi.

"Ya!" The Butterflies of Death, the most dangerous avatars of death seemed to be scared by Yun Que's voice. They flew to Yun Xi one by one, staying far away from Yun Que.

Yun Xi observed their faces and found that their eyes had different colors. Some of them had deep black eyes, some of them had holy silver eyes, and some of them had emerald green eyes. When he looked carefully, he could even see that their pupils were changing colors as they moved.

Their pointy ears were neither too long nor too short, which were similar to the commander of the Mist Soul Army's, the Dark Elf's ears.

"Can they be the culprits of the Mist Tide?" Yun Que didn't expect that the scariest death bringers looked so cute.

"No. They are just the beings living inside the Mist Tide. They are the Mist Tide's minions." Yun Xi said definitely, as he stroked the butterflies' wings.

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