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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 264

2022-06-15 06:48:31Publish Time: 678 views
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Chapter 264: See the Mist Tide Again

After Yun Xi burned all the Sword Palace disciples, the Mist Soul Army pushed forward again.

After finding out the right method to use his Mist Soul Army's power, Yun Xi's full attack was like the liberating breeze, conquering the second island chain within half a day!

Over ten million slimes and dozens of slime nests became the Mist Soul Army's combat gains.

The green slime bracelet was fed to appetite and almost became an armband, but its hand feel was still soft and rubbery.

"It's strange. Something is wrong." Although everything was going smoothly, Yun Que still instinctively sensed something.

"Why didn't we see any golden slime kings? They are the cores of the slime network, how wouldn't we see any of them here?"

Yun Xi also wondered about it. If Yun Que's intelligence was right, golden slime kings were the most important sign of the Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's coming. At any rate, they weren’t possible to miss these special slimes.

However, they indeed didn't see any of them, as if these golden slime kings didn't exist from the beginning.

"Moreover, the spider woman didn't appear either. She should play a very important role in the Sky Sword's camp." Combined with the information she had obtain, Yun Que sensed an ominous atmosphere.

It looked like this time, Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's coming was different to any record in the past.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Yun Xi remembered their purpose of coming to the Island of Mist.

Find the Mist Demon to solve the biggest mystery in the Water God's world!

As for encountered with the Slime Armies and figured out that Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword would descend to this world from here... it was just a coincidence.

"It must be this place, otherwise, it can't explain why there are so many special slimes. It's the most obvious omen of the Sky Sword's coming. Yun Hai, perhaps we don't have too much time." Yun Que looked seriously at Yun Xi.

Although she had admitted that "Yun Hai" was a man who could create "miracles", however, Shaya Longnis was a Sky Sword. She wasn't an enemy who could be defeated by one or two "miracles".

Actually, Yun Que didn't think that they could defeat Shaya Longnis. The only way to stop her was to eliminate all golden slime kings before she came to this world.

However, almost all Shaya Longnis' enemies knew this tactic, but none of them had ever succeeded.

The golden slime kings themselves were already powerful hero ranked creatures. Their bodies were immune to almost all magical attacks and physical attacks. To defeat a golden slime king was even more difficult than to defeat ten hero ranked humans at the same time.

Yun Que had estimated her strongest attack damage, and the conclusion wasn't very optimistic. If she was alone, she could only kill one golden slime king, then she would have been exhausted.

However, "Yun Hai" was different. Unlike her, "Yun Hai" had almost infinite energy from his million brides. Plus he had understood the "Crafting Mode" and the whole world was supporting him, his offensive power was nearly infinity!

He was the only person who could eliminate all golden slime kings. He was the only hope of saving this world!

"Hum? The smell... no, it's not the slimes' smell. It is..." Through the mental bond with his Mist Soul Army, Yun Xi sensed a very strange aura in the air.

"What's that?!" Through her Eagle's Eye, Yun Que also saw the approaching "phenomenon" from a distance.


In the deep cave, the Spider Queen observed the slime network, which was showing that a lot of slime nodes were disappearing.

"Tsk tsk, as expected, the game is just beginning. I should move now." The Spider Queen showed a strange smile on her face. She stood up and quickly sneaked into the darkness.


If one looked down from the sky, one would see an extraordinarily large Mist Tide gushing out from a core area on the Island of Mist.

The Mist Tide rolled up a thousand heaps of mist waves, rising to the sky. It wasn't exaggerated to say that it had blotted out the sky and covered up the earth.

"Why does it come at this time?!" Yun Que ground her teeth. They were just a step away from success! Once they went deep into the core area and killed the golden slime kings, they would be able to stop the third stage of Shaya Longnis’, the Sky Sword's coming.

Why does the Mist Tide appear at this time with such an unprecedentedly large scale?!

According to the record she had read, such a large Mist Tide would bring unimaginable disaster to the whole world.

Because the Island of Mist was the source of the Mist Tide, no one, including the three High Priestesses, was allowed to enter this forbidden zone.

"Calm down, Yun Que. That's not like you. The Mist Tide is a natural phenomenon that is far beyond our control."

Yun Xi found that the ice castle, including the one hundred thousand Mist Souls around it, had all disappeared in the Mist Tide, which meant that some unknown power in the Mist Tide was nibbling his power. Just after a few seconds, he had lost the connection with the Mist Souls in the Mist Tide.

"Shuffle!" A small silver creature flew past Yun Xi and Yun Que with cold mist spreading to the air from its wings.

The mist on its wings weren't some natural phenomenon due to the fall of temperature but was something much more dangerous.

"The Butterfly of Death!" Yun Que opened her eyes wide.

It was the most dangerous creature in the Mist Tide, because no one could survive after seeing it, including the people who had the Water God's blessing!

Only a few people who had the Water God's Bloodline could hold out a little longer. After recording the Butterfly of Death in their notes, they also died in the Mist Tide.

The beautiful butterfly was the veritable avatar of death in the Water God's world!