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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 260

2022-06-15 06:47:59Publish Time: 705 views
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Chapter 260: Seal Hua Huo

"Ok, she is temporarily sealed. Let's leave." Yun Xi wiped away the sweat on his forehead. He held Yun Que's hand and motioned her to leave the battlefield with him.

"Don't you want to keep fighting? With your ice castle, we still stand a chance," Yun Que said and looked at Yun Xi meaningfully.

"It's not like what you would say. You should know we can't defeat her now..." Yun Xi was surprised at Yun Que.

They had sealed Hua Huo but hadn't defeated her. It was still too difficult to defeat her at this moment. Yun Xi knew his childhood sweetheart better than anyone.

"Ka!" An ear-piercing cracking noise came from the ice mountain, giving Yun Xi a shiver. As expected, even such a strong seal could only seal Hua Huo temporarily.

"Reinforce! Reinforce!" Yun Xi ordered one tenth of the Mist Souls to stay on the battlefield and keep reinforcing the ice mountain. After that, he immediately held Yun Que's hand and left the battlefield.

It was really a lot of pressure to fight against Hua Huo. I’d better go deep into the Sky Sword's camp before she breaks the ice mountain.

"You're gradually becoming mature." Yun Que discharged her Multiple Competences Enhancing, then looked at Yun Xi in a meaningful way. "However, you are still too tender hearted towards females. We had a chance to kill her just now."

"No, we had no opportunity," Yun Xi shook his head and answered decidedly, "You should have found no matter how strong the attack she was facing, she could always become stronger. Even if you shot the three Arrows of Blood Hummingbird at her, you wouldn't defeat her, because she wouldn't be defeated by such an attack."

Yun Que frowned. She carefully remembered the battle and had to admit that "Yun Hai" was right.

There really are geniuses who can make "impossibility" into a "possibility" in this world. Hua Huo and "Yun Hai" are the same types of geniuses. How powerful are his imagination and instinct? Why could he conjure up such an unconventional tactic?

At least, Yun Que knew that she couldn't do it, because she couldn't imagine how to incorporate a nonexistent phenomenon into her tactical formation. Hua Huo's "Sky Flying Sword" and Yun Xi's "Crafting Mode" had all fed her sight. She realized that super geniuses really existed in this world. Vaguely, she also understood why the Water God showed concern and solicitude for Yun Hai instead of her.

Because the Water God wishes the world to be changed!

She could do the best under the known conditions, catching all the subtle possibilities. She could make everything better, however, she didn't have the inspiration to change this world. She was good at collecting information, developing tactics, and concentrating advantages to defeat her enemy, but, she had no control over accidents and variables, because she had never expected a "miracle".

In her view, when a person had to pray for a miracle, it meant that the person had had no choice at that time. Essentially, a "miracle" was an aggregation of countless little probabilities, which also meant that it was unreliable. Before Yun Que met Hua Huo and Yun Xi, she never put "miracle" into her tactical system. Now, she understood that there were really humans who could create "miracles" with their own power and imagination.

The things that were "impossible" to her was "very likely to happen" to them. Hua Huo's offensive power was overwhelming. She could hover in the sky before entering the hero rank. "Yun Hai" was supported by a whole world. He could use his million brides' power to create an ice castle from nothing.

"Miracle" was just an untouchable fantasy to ordinary people, but to them, it was a part of their lives.

How enviable they are!

Yun Que had to admit that "Yun Hai" was a super genius, except for his only shortcoming: lust for women. He was a hero ranked Baker, the Water God's beloved Apostle, the White Emperor, and the husband of one million girls.

If possible, I should accept him... NO! Yun Que shook her head. Her heart still refused to accept him.

She couldn't bear his excessive lechery! Even though she had stained her hands with blood, she still couldn't accept a shameless salacious man from the bottom of her heart! He had only left a very few "good impressions" in Yun Que’s heart after she saw his "Crafting Mode".

Of course, the "good impression" was still negligible. She was just interested in his great battle talent.

Apart from this, she had no favorable impression towards him at all, because she hated men who were disrespectful to women!


"Boom! Boom! Boom!" Bloody lights turned into earth shaking impacting waves.

Hua Huo was bombarding the ice walls like crazy. Every time she brandished her sword, dozens of ice walls would be broken. However, there were over one hundred thousand Mist Souls that were repairing the ice mountain. Their work had completely offset the damage Hua Huo's attacks had made. Hua Huo was completely sealed in the center of the ice mountain and couldn't find any chance to escape from it.

Hua Huo felt as if she was punching a ball of cotton. Her strength was totally useless in front of the ice mountain. The silver masked man seemed very familiar with her combat characteristics. He avoided fighting her face to face, instead, he sealed her in the ice mountain.

"Who is that man? Why does he know me so well?!"

Hua Huo brandished her blood colored sword in anger. She had to admit that she was at a disadvantage this time.