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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 259

2022-06-15 06:47:51Publish Time: 658 views
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Chapter 259: Crafting Mode

Imagine! Imagine myself as the most powerful, with the one million brides' hope and power behind me. Imagine what my existence as the "White Emperor" should be!

With the endless power of mist, Black Moon, the Lamia Queen, the Mermaid Queen, the Caelian Queen's help, to what extent can I reach?

I won't be bound by my common sense, I can do everything, turning the impossible dream into reality! In this world, I'm unique and the most powerful person! I’m the White Emperor!

Hua Huo was the strongest swordsman Yun Xi had ever known. Therefore, if he wanted to win against Hua Huo, he had to become the perfect "White Emperor".

"I have the blessings from my million brides." Yun Xi slowly raised his head and opened his eyes.

Under the silver mask, there were countless swirls of mist inside his eyes.

"My girls believe in me, so I believe in them too. If this is my fate, then I won't escape from it. For my million brides, are forging the strongest shield for me!"

Hundreds of millions of silver ice crystals flew out of the mist door behind Yun Xi. It was the miracle formed by the million brides' will, a power that could turn anything into reality. Without warning, a crystal diamond wall suddenly appeared in front of Hua Huo and blocked her way. The center of the diamond wall was incredibly thick and the ice around it was still proliferating.

Diamond wall was the strongest fortress that could absorb the strongest brunt. Responding to Yun Xi's hope, the will of his million brides naturally formed this ice fortress for him. Moreover, it wasn't a single ice wall. More and more ice walls appeared and interconnected together at an incredible speed.

They were forming a castle!

Hua Huo used her Sky Flying Bloodline to reforge her broken sword, an artifact. Yun Xi summoned his million brides' power, forming an Eternal Ice Castle. Arguably, due to Hua Huo's enormous pressure, Yun Xi was forced to forget his common sense and really understand how to control his million brides' power.

The Mist Soul Army wasn't just an army. Amongst the million brides, there were incomparable singers, excellent artisans, talented weapons makers, and proficient floriculturists. A million brides meant millions of possibilities, they comprised almost all of the careers in the Water God's world.

At this moment, Yun Xi was using the "Crafting Mode", which was a miracle that even Hua Huo couldn't obtain. The ice blades were what Yun Xi's brides had formed for him. After realizing that the ice blades couldn't stop Hua Huo, Yun Xi changed his tactic. The ice fortress wasn't like the endless ice blades, it couldn’t attack, but it was the strongest shield Yun Xi and his million brides could imagine.

"What?" Yun Que was shocked.

"Yun Hai" had learned how to use his million brides' power? Undoubtedly, the ice fortress is a strategic weapon! As expected, he is this world's hope!

"Boom!" Hua Huo bumped into the first ice wall. Instantly, countless cracks appeared on the ten metres tall wall and just after a few seconds, the ice wall had collapsed. However, there were still dozens of ice walls in front of Hua Huo, and they were still becoming thicker and firmer.

After entering the "Crafting Mode", Yun Xi could create anything that existed in his mind. At the same time, the experiences from his million brides also helped him modify his imagination so that his desires could come true without breaking the rules of this world.

Just like Hua Huo's unmatched impacting force, Yun Xi's creative power was also infinite! This wasn't a one on one fight. It was a fight of a million against one!




After being covered by the blood colored shield, Hua Huo was still moving forward, but her impacting force wasn't invincible in front of Yun Xi's ice fortress.

"What a fantastic power! I had never imagined such a tactic." Yun Que held the Black Moon Bow and waited for a suitable opportunity.

Hua Huo looked annoyed by being blocked by the endless ice walls.

What the hell is this? The enemy summoned an ice castle to stop me? He’s too cunning. He must be cheating!

"Because I'm not fighting alone." Yun Xi reinforced the ice castle and calculated Hua Huo's speed.

For the first time, Yun Xi suppressed his childhood sweetheart with his wisdom and imagination. As a swordsman, Hua Huo was perfect, but it didn't mean that she could conquer a city! No matter how many ice walls she had shattered, Yun Xi could always build more and more walls around her before she moved. Finally, he successfully trapped Hua Huo in the huge ice castle.

If one looked down from the sky, one could see over a million Mist Souls moving between the mist door and the ice castle, working together to build the ice castle larger and larger. At first, the ice castle was just a prototype formed by dozens of ice walls. Under his million brides' efforts, it was finally shaped into a giant white ice lotus.

Compared to the ice lotus, Hua Huo's figure was negligible

"Right now!" A cold light flashed through Yun Xi's eyes.

He waved his hand in the air. The next moment, the gaps amongst the ice lotus' petals were filled with endless silver particles. It turned into a giant ice mountain and sealed Hua Huo inside it.