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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 235

2022-06-15 06:40:05Publish Time: 673 views
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Chapter 235: Canary

For the first time, Elizabeth the Queen kissed someone. Naturally, her kiss was unpractised.

To her, this was a kiss, and also a promise which must be followed.

She wasn't as perfect as people thought. Even after becoming the Water God's High Priestess, the obsession in her heart never faded away.

I want to be the person who is closest to the god simply because I want to satisfy my self desire. As expected, such a woman won't be beloved by the god.

After realizing this, she gave up and put her hope on Yun Xi.

Since I can't do it, maybe he, the most beloved Apostle of the god, can accomplish it.

He had become her last hope.

"Sorry, I'm too cunning, but a human is such a strange creature. I can't be carefree like the Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen. I have too many responsibilities on my back. Even so, you still want to marry me? Can you accept such a woman like me?"

The Caelian Queen's confession was totally different than the Lamia Queen’s and the Mermaid Queen's. Yun Xi was like a mirror that had clearly reflected her weaknesses.

"No one is perfect in this universe. Even the supreme god also makes mistakes." Yun Xi stretched out his hand and held the Queen's frail hand tightly.

"Compared to you, I'm like a scumbag. I have had so many brides and I will still marry many more girls. As a human, I'm much worse than you."

The Caelian Queen looked at Yun Xi with a flabbergasted expression.

"What are you saying? You’re at the hero rank and beloved by the god, it's your responsibility to marry as many brides as you can. In order to fight against the Mist Tide, excellent men, especially hero ranked men, should do their best to leave their bloodlines in this world. It's a basic rule of our society. Don't you remember?"

Yun Xi was dumbfounded. Oh, I forgot this world's special environment!

"But, I will marry a million brides. A million women! Isn't that ridiculous?"

"If it's you, you have the right to do that. You are beloved by god, so you are doomed to change this world." The Queen held Yun Xi's hands and put them on the front of her chest, "Listen, these are my heartbeats."

Looking at the Queen with his scorching eyes now, Yun Xi's fingers moved across her soft peaks.

On the tall tower of the Water God temple, in front of the old big bell, the Caelian Queen's body was covered in the warm sunlight. Her soft breasts were half covered by the white priest robe but looked much more seductive.

The Queen looked at Yun Xi with her shy eyes and asked, "Is this what lovers should do?" She stretched out her fingers and pointed at Yun Xi's chin. Imitating Yun Xi's action, her fingers slowly moved down.

At the same time, Yun Xi's fingers had moved to the Queen's waist. The Queen stood on her toes and looked straight at Yun Xi's eyes. Finally, their fingers crossed together, feeling the hot temperature of each other's hands. Their faces were so close that they could even feel each other's breath. The Queen's eyes became slightly panicked, because she was obviously much more inexperienced than the Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen.

After all, the Lamia Race had a Demon Bloodline, and the Mermaid Race was a romantic race, but she, an aristocratic miss who was well educated, never learned any knowledge about love after 9 years old.

Since she wanted to be a Water God's High Priestess, then love was totally unnecessary for her.

Since she never even imagined such a thing, naturally, she wouldn't learn its knowledge.

Who would know that the High Priestess would marry the only man who was beloved by god?!

"No… what am I doing... I shouldn’t... be doing this!" Yun Xi suddenly breathed quickly. It seemed that the experience before had a very negative impact on him. He felt guilty in his heart.

I shouldn't treat her like the Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen. She is different. In some sense, her understanding about love is no different to a 9 year old girl's.

She is pure, innocent, cute and clumsy, but has a wonderful figure. Plus her saintly aura... they are all the elements that can make men become beasts!

From this angle, Yun Xi could clearly see her cute, shy face and her perfect body shape under her white priest robe.

He just touched the arcs of her breasts with his fingers, then he almost lost control of his desire.

"Don't repress yourself. I know, I should satisfy you at this time." The Queen remembered the knowledge she learned not long ago, then lowered her bright red face.

"Please keep going. We have not married yet, but I can do whatever the Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen had done. If I can't do that, it will be a dereliction of duty as the Water God's High Priestess."

Yun Xi swallowed as he looked at the Queen's delicate collarbone.

"En... ha..."

On the tall tower, which was in front of the public but also out of any person's sight, the saintly Queen emitted a seductive groan, as if a beautiful canary was singing.