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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 234

2022-06-15 06:39:57Publish Time: 712 views
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Chapter 234: Her Wish

"You are the only person who is beloved by the Water God. Can you help me solve the biggest mystery in this world? If you can, I will marry you. I can agree to your proposal right now."

After telling the silver masked Apostle her past, the Caelian Queen sat beside the Apostle and looked at his mask.

"Mist Demon..." Yun Xi touched his mask with a complex look.

If I'm not wrong, the power in my White Emperor Mask is called "Infinite Mist Power", and it should be the biggest disaster in this world!

"Yes, I can sense the fear I had once tasted from your mask. As I remember it now, this world is blessed by the Water God, but also needs to undertake a corresponding curse. No one could obtain a god's love without any reason. As a price, we must fight against the monsters in the mist. Maybe we can't defeat the most dangerous Mist Demon, but I want to know what it is. At the very least, we should try and find a way to stop it." The Queen shook the Water God's Scepter with a sad look. The silver holy rings on the scepter reverberated with clear and melodious sounds.

From that year forward, this wish was always hovering in her heart. It was her biggest motivation to be the High Priestess and the deepest nightmare in her dreams.

In her dream, she was still the nine year old Elizabeth and had to watch her friends disappear one by one.

They were once so many vivid lives in this world, and now, they were just some cold words on the list of the Mist Tide's victims.

Why? This is a world that is blessed by the Water God. Why is there such a dreadful disaster?

What is in the sea area that is covered with endless mist? What is the thing that is causing the periodic disaster?

She thought that perhaps the Water God knew it, so she tried to be the High Priestess, because she wanted to get the answer from the god.

She wanted to be the person that was closest to the god, and she thought that she could achieve this goal eventually.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the chosen one of this world. Even though she had become the Caelian Queen and the High Priestess, she couldn't go a step further.

She wasn't the god's most favorite one, neither the Lamia Queen nor the Mermaid Queen.

It is the silver masked Apostle. He is the one who is blessed and beloved by the god!

She finally realized that she couldn't achieve her wish by herself. Before that, she had wasted several days thinking about it. She was very confused and sad, and even started to doubt her faith in her god.

Finally, she found an answer for herself.

She wouldn't be the person who would solve the biggest disaster in this world, neither any other Water God's High Priestesses.

Only the silver masked Apostle could solve the mystery and change this world.

And now, this man was standing in front of her, close enough to touch.

"Is this okay? Is that all?" Yun Xi asked the Queen in an uneasy accent.

What a coincidence!

The Water God conferred me the unique White Emperor Mask, which could control the endless mist, and the Love System of the Stars also published a quest about the mist all over this world.

That is to say, even if the Queen didn't make this request, I will still go to find the Mist Demon and expose the secret in the mist!

"Yes, that's all I want. As long as you agree to my request, I will marry you, even if you failed to find the final answer eventually. I know I'm not as beautiful as the Lamia Queen, and I'm not as gentle as the Mermaid Queen, but I will do my best... to be your wife. As for the things you have done to the Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen... I will try to get accustomed to doing them." Speaking of this, the Caelian Queen's face turned bright red.

There was a very special interaction amongst the Sea Demon's Mirror, the Mermaid Queen's Relic and her Water God's Scepter. Therefore, more or less, she had vaguely known what had happened before.

"If this is what you want," Yun Xi took a deep breath and looked at the Queen seriously.

When he listened to the Queen's past experiences, he felt the strong emotions in her heart.

In other people's eyes, she was the unassailable Caelian Queen, but in her own heart, her life had ended "that day". Her life had been frozen at the age of 9, when her friends were swallowed by the mist.

In order to redeem the mistake, which actually wasn't her responsibility from the beginning, she did her best and finally became the Caelian Queen.

No one knew it was simply because she wanted to know the origin of the Mist Tide and what took away her friends' lives.

Her time had stopped since that day.

At this moment, in Yun Xi's eyes, she wasn't the Queen but just a nine year old little girl, unaided and restless.

I will change this. I will let the clock of her time turn again.

Since I have been conferred the White Emperor Mask, it won't be a problem to walk into the mist. Isn't it a nice sounding idea to help the Caelian Queen achieve her wish in the middle of my exploration?

"I promise. I will do it. I will find an answer for you," Yun Xi said with determination.

The Queen looked at Yun Xi and smiled.

Yes, this is it, the only solution to my befuddlement, wait and self-doubt!

The only way to accomplish my wish from the age of nine!

"Thank you. Then I agree. I will be your bride."

Putting down the Water God's Scepter, the Caelian Queen, the 13th Elizabeth gently kissed Yun Xi's lips.

Remember, the promise must be followed.