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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 228

2022-06-15 06:39:09Publish Time: 698 views
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Chapter 228: The Mermaid Queen Likes Immorality

As if the sky and earth were spinning round, the Mermaid Queen was drunk in her own sweet dream. She had forgotten her identity as the Water God's High Priestess and her glory as a queen. At this moment, she only remembered the happiness she had found, only when she was in Yun Xi's arms.

Ah, is this what the Lamias experienced? I can feel the happiness emerging from the bottom of my heart. Is this what they call "love"?

Her body became hot and her eyes became watery. She ground her teeth and groaned.

Yun Xi's hands roamed all over her body as his mouth kissed her forehead, eyes, chin and breasts.

"Ah!" Through her clothes, the Queen could still feel Yun Xi's hot breath. She blushed, but she didn't resist him. Her body had become more sensitive after drinking the Mermaid's Secret Potion, as Yun Xi kissed her, a thrill went through her spine and directly into her brain.

Her snow white face was covered with a layer of pink. She groaned, unintentionally rubbed against Yun Xi's hard body.

"Is this what you have done with the Lamias?" The Queen looked at Yun Xi with her watery eyes and enthusiastically cooperated with his moves as her body trembled.

"En...although, your reactions are much more intense..." Naturally, Yun Xi remembered the Lamia Queen's soft body. Compared to Lamias' special body structure, the Mermaid Queen's body wasn't that soft, but her skin was more tender.

"More intense..." The Queen emitted a seductive groan. She knew that Yun Xi and the Lamia Queen had not only done these things. They should have had a more intimate relationship.

"Then make it become much more intense..." The Queen entreated.

Yun Xi hesitated for a while, then responded to her desires. He gently and slowly held her head in his arms, then softly took off her priest robe, which was already in a fearful mess.

After the last of her upper clothes were dropped to the ground from the Queen's own delicate fingers, the Queen of the Sea finally exposed her snow white, naked upper body in front of Yun Xi.

Yun Xi didn't hesitate. Instead, he stretched out his right hand and put it on the Queen's pure white leg. Yun Xi's fingers stroked her smooth, silk like skin, and the wonderful feeling made it hard for him to take his hand off.

Yun Xi's hand shook with over excitement. He slowly moved his hand to her ankle and softly rubbed it. Her smooth ankle was so pleasing to the touch, making him like it so much, that he could hardly bear to put it down.

The Queen shyly put her white jade like feet in front of Yun Xi. With a sudden compulsion, Yun Xi's warm palms held her left foot carefully, as if it would fly away at any time!

No matter how long he looked at or stroked her toes, he couldn’t get tired of it!

"Do you like my feet?" The Queen asked Yun Xi with a very seductive voice.

Yes, this is my weapon, I’ve drunk the Mermaid's Secret Potion. It's my trump card that I can use to defeat the Lamia Queen!

After all, the Lamia Race doesn't have this kind of fantastic potion. At this level, I have a special treasure that the Lamias would never have!

"Yes." Yun Xi fascinatedly looked at the Queen's crystal white legs and her graceful body.

"After we have married, I will let you do whatever you want to me. It will be a much better experience than what you have experienced from the Lamias." The Mermaid Queen put her feet on Yun Xi's legs and enticed him, "Now, do what you have done with the Lamias to me."

At this moment, Yun Xi only wanted to cry, but failed to shed a tear.

Really? It was embarrassing to remember what I have done with the Lamia Queen. Do I really need to do them again?

In the crystal clear sea palace, they held and kissed each other as their souls went to a spiritual paradise together.

The Queen emitted cute sounds from her mouth, enjoying the happy time with Yun Xi.

Oh, he must be the best lover!

The Queen was drunk with her unethical game. Everytime she remembered that she was playing with the Lamia Queen's lover, she couldn't stop the thrill of stealing another person’s lover from going through her spine.

Lamia Queen, I'm not inferior to you. Since you can obtain the best lover in this world, I can obtain him too.

Do you remember? When we were still young and talked about what we would do when we fell in love.

"I will devote myself to my lover with all my heart and soul," the young Lamia Queen had said at that time.

"I will do whatever for my lover, no matter how shameful it will be," the Queen remembered her answer.

It must be a crime to steal my best friend's lover.

However, why am I so excited?