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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 227

2022-06-15 06:39:01Publish Time: 646 views
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Chapter 227: The Mermaid Queen's Requirement

In the beautiful, sparkling Shell Palace, the Mermaid Queen gazed at Yun Xi with an unpleasant look. Her beautiful big eyes looked aggrieved as if she was a bad tempered child.

"Why did you choose the Lamias first?"

Yun Xi embarrassedly looked at the Queen and didn't not know what to say.

The Queen's charm was apparently different than the Lamia Queen. Her skin was more white and her temperament was more pure. Apart from her fishtail, she looked no different from a human.

She was a pretty woman, shining and sparkling. When she smiled with her mouth closed and looked at Yun Xi with her innocent eyes, Yun Xi even felt slightly guilty, as if he had just done something wrong.

"I know, I know. I can't do 'that' and last for seven days and seven nights like the Lamias, but, I can do my best!" The Queen complained in a sad tone.

Why? How did she know that? Yun Xi was dumbfounded. I’ve never told her anything about what happened between the Lamia Queen and himself!

In front of the Sea Demon's Mirror, he was captivated by the Lamia Queen's charm. They didn't have time to "take their last step", but they had tried everything up to “that”.

Once the Lamia Queen let down her guard, she behaved like a young girl first awakening to love. She left a wonderful memory for Yun Xi.

"Humph. I will let you see what a Mermaid's Secret Potion can do! I can do everything the Lamias can do!" The Queen ground her teeth with a determined look.

It was jealousy. Her cute face looked as if she was a girl whose favorite toy was just taken away by her best friend.

After making up her mind, she took out a bottle of blue potion, then drunk it in one big gulp.

The next moment, something fantastic happened. The Queen's fishtail gradually become smaller and smaller, until finally, her fishtail turned into a pair of human feet,

"This is..." Yun Xi was shocked into silence. After becoming a human, the Queen looked even more enchanting, even her light blue priest robe couldn't hide her beauty.

Her ice white skin emanated a flower like fragrance. Her big eyes looked as clear as a pair of blue sapphires.

Under the soft light in the temple, the Queen's face was extremely beguiling.

"I can agree to your proposal, but, I have a requirement." The Queen gently blowed in Yun Xi's ear, "Do whatever you have done to the Lamia Queen twice to me. I won't concede to her!"

From her childhood, she always lost to her best friend, the queen of deep sea demons, the Lamia Queen.

The Lamia Queen entered the hero rank faster than her and became her race's leader sooner than her. Even the size of the Lamia Queen’s breasts was bigger than hers.

Due to her racial superiority, humans trusted her more. Apart from this, she had never defeated the Lamia Queen once.

Although she was the Queen of the Mermaid Race, the Mermaids liked romance, and she wasn't an exception. She looked forward to having a perfect lover. As a queen who liked to read human romance novels, she had imagined the appearance of her lover countless times.

The man must be very strong. At the same time, the man would be very mature and reliable. The man must accept all her weaknesses and love her without reservation.

The last and the most important thing is: her lover can't be inferior to the Lamia Queen's lover!

Yun Xi perfectly met her requirements. There was only one deviation: he had become the Lamia Queen's lover first!

Why didn’t I realize it earlier? The Lamia Queen and I are the best friends from our childhoods. Naturally, she also likes the things I like. Our requirements for our lovers are the same!

When such a perfect man came to her, how would she not want to marry him?!

Probably, when this man first visited the Caelian temple, I and the Lamia Queen had fallen in love at first sight.

As the Water God's High Priestesses, they had no resistance to this man who was beloved by god!

When they knew his wish, they all chuckled to themselves.

However, I didn't expect that the Lamias would be the first!

How could such a thing be allowed?! This time, I won't lose!

Therefore, I drunk the Secret Potion of the Mermaid's to prove that I'm not inferior to the Lamias.

"I can do whatever Lamias can do!" The Queen repeated. She lowered her head with unease, ungracefully walking to Yun Xi with her newborn human legs.

Her red lips closely covered Yun Xi's lips. Soon after, Yun Xi's desire defeated his intellect. He held the Queen's body in his arms tightly and responded to her enthusiasm with all his strength.

This was what the Queen expected and wanted.

Her body trembled as her lips became hot. She fell upon Yun Xi's neck and drunk in his kiss.