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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 168

2022-06-15 06:31:08Publish Time: 818 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 168: Lu Lu's Love Diary

When I first saw him, he was riding on the formidable, god-like Mountain Lord's back. Our village is located in the mountains and needs a three days walk to reach the nearest city. Mountain Lord was the greatest, most terrible creature they had ever seen.

Mountain Lord was Water God's subordinate and didn't eat humans, and its existence itself was enough to make the villagers feel reverence. Therefore, the villagers continued to offer it sacrifices even during the most difficult of days.

There were countless legends about Mountain Lord in the village. It was said that Mountain Lord was hundreds of years old and had defeated a lot of hero-ranked creatures who had tried to occupy this area. Mountain Lord had invulnerable fur, could bathe in fires and leap over mountain streams easily. Mountain Lord liked to eat beef. It only ate the beef from cattle that were about one year old.

Ever since Lu Lu could remember, the villagers had told her countless times that no one should provoke Mountain Lord or walk close to its lair. Mountain Lord was sacrosanct in the villagers' eyes. Till that day when two people who were greater than Mountain Lord arrived in this village.

They were Water God's Apostles, the spokesmen of the great god, the people that were longed for by all intelligent beings. No one dared to pretend to be an Apostle. Only the people who were chosen by Water God could wear a Water God's Mask.

At that moment, all the villagers understood that the most honorable guests had come. Lu Lu didn't know the reason, but when she saw the man who wore the silver mask, her heart couldn't stop pounding.

Why? They had never seen each other before, but she felt close to the honorable Apostle she had just seen.

She had a feeling that she knew this man, even before she was born in this world. However, it was impossible.

Both his broad shoulders and mature temperament had hinted that the Apostle was far older than her. Compared to him, she was just like a child.

When she was asked to be Water God's bride, she was really scared, because nobody in the world knew what would happen after becoming Water God's bride.

Water God was the only supreme god in the world. Even though over 90% of the people in the world believed in Water God, but no one had really seen the god with their eyes. To mortals, the god was just a distant, untouchable symbol, and only the god's Apostles walked around the world to preach the god's will.

She was afraid that she would never return to the mortal world after marrying Water God. He must have seen her frightened face and thought that she was a naive girl who couldn't be left alone, so he proposed to her to protect her in this way.

She knew it. She knew that she was pitied and protected. However, she also knew that she had fallen in love with the Apostle, who did his best to help her. He felt the weakness in her heart and stretched out a helping hand. She was too immature compared to the gentle Apostle.

When he proposed to Lu Lu, she froze.

What should I do? Is my expression strange? Will he think that I'm a weird girl? Why am I so immature? Whoooa!

When he held my hands, I found out that his hands were very large, and his expression was steadfast.

Is this what an adult should become?

Compared to him, Lu Lu thought that she was too indecisive. She stayed awake the whole night and pondered again and again.

No, how can a girl like me make him like me? Why aren't I a mature lady? If so, I would have the guts to answer him freely and bravely.

What? The Apostles were going to leave? They would go to other villages to choose new candidates for Water God?

Why? I haven't given him my answer! Was it because my indecision disappointed him?

No, it wasn't due to her, Lu Lu knew it. To the great Apostles, Water God's will was the most important thing. This village was just the first station on their journey.

“From the beginning, I shouldn't have felt hopeful to become the great Apostle's bride.” Lu Lu thought in her heart. However, it wasn't the end. I needed to tell him my answer. Even if he rejected me, I should let him know my heart!

Maybe I still felt afraid and my will wasn’t strong enough, but I will tell him!

"I will! I agree to be your bride! I want to stay with you! I fell in love with you at the first glance!"

Thank god! The Apostle hadn't left. He was still in the village!

This must be the last opportunity fate gave her!

Therefore, I told him, then got the answer I wanted.


Holding the fresh vegetables and fruits from other villagers in her hands, Lu Lu ran along the village path with a smile. She was happy and even the wind in her ears was euphonious.

In the golden sunshine, the man who wore the silver mask was leaning on the giant white tiger's body, as bright as a sun.

Today is still a sunny day.

I hope that he can find more beautiful brides!

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