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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 167

2022-06-15 06:31:00Publish Time: 794 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 167: How to Propose

"Is 'learn to love' more effective than 'death battle'?"

Looking at the Side Quest Four, Yun Xi fell in doubt.

It was hard to believe. However, it seemed that the stars really thought that "learn to love" was more effective. They even reminded him through such an obvious method.

If he wanted to survive in future battles and finish the other quests, the basic principle was to finish Side Quest Four first. To love, then become strong enough to experience the death battle. The stars' love was too heavy, to the extent that Yun Xi wanted to cry.

“In fact, I don't want to propose to so many girls. I want to be an upright gentleman!”

However, it seemed that the stars didn't think so. In that case, even though Yun Xi had obtained his Water God's Mask and could control the mist in this world, he still needed to do Side Quest Four to strengthen himself. In order to achieve that, he had to ask for his first fiance's help.

The next morning, Yun Xi found Lu Lu.

"You mean, you want to know the etiquette and instructions for proposing?" Looking at Yun Xi who had just finished the wedding ceremony (and Yun Xi still thought that it was just an engagement ceremony) with her, Lu Lu's face turned red.

"In fact, master, you don't need to be too concerned. You are a great Apostle. As long as you ask, there would be many girls who want to marry you. Oh, right, the other girls in the village also have feelings for you. Master, do you want maidservants?"

"No. I need fiance’s... no, brides." Yun Xi looked at Lu Lu awkwardly.

Why could he only finish the Side Quest Four through this method?!

Normally, in order to become stronger, shouldn't he wash his body under the waterfall, brandish his sword in water to increase his stamina, or sit in meditation on the summit?

"Umm... Of course, master, an excellent man like you deserve to have excellent brides. Let me introduce the customs in this area. The most common method to look for lovers is to take part in the ceremony which will be held regularly by several villages together. If a man wants to propose to a girl, he will give the girl a gift during the ceremony. If the girl receives the gift, the man will have an opportunity. The more expensive or rare the gift is, the more sincerity and respect the man is showing. Of course, the social status gap between the man and the girl is also very important. However, once the man promises to marry the girl, there is no turning back."

Lu Lu smiled and continued, "Master, you are a Water God's Apostle. Your engagement has the highest level. Therefore, even if you don't give a girl a gift and only make a verbal contract with her, both of you won’t regret it, otherwise, it will be regarded as an irreverence to the great Water God."

"En. Ceremony, activity, the gathering place for young boys and girls. Gift, important, special, engagement, betrothal gifts, witness, marriage contract..." Yun Xi took out a notepad and recorded the main points Lu Lu explained on it.

After recording them, Yun Xi suddenly found that the engagement between Lu Lu and him didn't meet the common sense in this world. It was just a spur of the moment. He proposed to Lu Lu simply because she was a member of Starwing Knights. Before that, they hadn’t met each other nor had they loved. He behaved like a scum who cheated her and took advantage of her difficulties.

It wasn't right. It was wrong.

Lu Lu wasn't his childhood sweetheart. Even in Starwing Knights, she was just a girl who longed for "Mei" but not "Yun Xi". Even though she wouldn’t remember what happens in this world after the trial finished, shouldn't he feel guilty for cheating this innocent girl?

"Sorry, Did I miss too many things? I haven't prepared a gift for you..." Yun Xi said, but Lu Lu suddenly covered his mouth with her hand.

"No. It's enough. Haven't you given me a most precious gift? Mountain Lord's hair is a priceless treasure! You gave it to me and it let me become a third-ranked pharmacist, nothing could be better than that. I'm satisfied."

“You really are a good girl.” Looking at Lu Lu's smiling face, Yun Xi felt even more guilty.

Sigh. If it wasn't because Side Quest Four was his only opportunity to fight against the Sky Sword, he wouldn't want to do this.

"Come here master, these are the fruits I just picked. Let me feed you." Lu Lu said.

She had known Yun Xi's goal. Since the great Apostle wanted to marry a lot of girls, then as his first fiance, she needed to help him. As for why he wanted so many brides... Wasn't it a matter of course that a man like the great Apostle wanted to have a lot of descendants?

The world wasn't as peaceful as what it seemingly was. Disaster could strike at any time. Even in this ordinary village, people did their best to produce descendants in case that unexpected disaster would deplete the number of villagers.

Strong people were respected by everyone because they could protect ordinary people. And Water God's Apostles were the people who were at the top of the social class in this world because they could listen and relay the great Water God's words. They were god's spokesmen, they were the people's heroes. Each of them had the power to change the world.

As an ordinary girl who was proposed to by such a great man, it must be her destiny, Lu Lu thought in her heart. Therefore, it was her responsibility to help him achieve his goal because she liked the way the great Apostle was very much.

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