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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 93

2021-12-03 09:05:00Publish Time: 1,907 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 93: Princess Diary

"We're already in the neighborhood." The boy's voice came out from the public channel, "You guys just stay in front of the vault and I'll drive Gundam to pick you up."

The voice cut off for a moment, and after a few minutes, the boy's voice sounded again, seemingly already on board. Ade continued talking with him and Ange was sent back to pack up.

"There's a big colony for us pre-war survivors, where we all live and work together to figure out how to survive in this asshole world." The boy's voice was childish, but his tone was mature, "Iserlohn circles around along the vaults every year just to find those like you who have just come out of the vault, though very few succeed."

"Actually, we've only been on the surface for a few days." Ade spoke the truth, "Was confused as to what to do, and then I met you guys."

"Well, you're lucky, because most of the Earth is too polluted to live on now, and you're in one of the few areas not affected by the pollution." The boy was very excited, "Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Garrod Ran, what's your name, little brother?"

"Adrien Lingus." said Ade, thinking in his heart that this is no surprise a character he knew, "My friend's name is Ange."

"Lingus? I've never heard of this surname, it's quite rare." as he said, a black dot appeared in the sky, "I see you, wait, I'll be right there."

Dozens of seconds later, a huge MS landed next to Ade. This Gundam had two wing-like scattered pieces on its back facing upwards, and two long gun barrels facing downwards. From a distance, it looked like it was carrying a big X. It was GX-9901-DX ( Gundam Double X ) Ade had expected to see. He was particularly curious if it could use the Twin Satellite Cannon - it had been several days since he'd been here and had never seen the moon. There had been thick dark clouds in the sky.

When Garrod came down from the cockpit, Ange happened to be packing up and coming out as well. Garrod looks only 14 or 15 years old, smart and energetic. He looked over Ade and Ange, and observed left and right, and finally pointed to Villkiss and asked suspiciously, "Little brother, can you explain what this is?"

"This is my female companion's vehicle, which can fly." Ade picked his words carefully.

"I see, that scared me." Garrod put down his guard, smiled and walked towards Ade with confidence, "I was from a vault too, wandering alone for a while before being picked up by Iserlohn, so I often feel that others look suspicious. Don't take offense, little brother. In this post-apocalyptic world, the most important thing amongst people is trust, right? So…"

He walked to the place five steps away from Ade, tensed his body fiercely to accelerate forward, and drew out a small knife, reflecting cold light on his right hand, "… lying people are the most untrustworthy!"

"Ade!" Ange rushed to Garrod and grabbed his hand, somehow twisted, and his hand was immediately twisted back behind him. The knife banged to the ground, and the black muzzle of the gun was put against Garrod's head almost at the same time.

Garrod struggled and found that he could not move, staring calmly at Ade. Ade picked up his knife and stood a little farther away, commanding, "Ange, let him go, we're not here to make enemies."

"Oh." Ange dutifully let go of Garrod, but the gun was still pointed at him, "Don't you play tricks, any extra moves and I'll shoot."

"Little Brother, ok, I understand that you are not hostile to us, but don't you want to explain?" Garrod moved his joints and pointed at Villkiss, "This kind of small machine is the model used by Embryo the Great Demon King to exterminate the world, right? All the ones on the doctor's side are MSs only, how did you guys get this thing?"

"This was originally an abandoned machine, and we don't know where it came from." Ade looked at him sincerely, "I don't know how to let you believe it, but I'm telling the truth."

"I have a way to make sure you're not lying. If you dare to let me on Gundam. You can follow me back near the ship, there's a way to take a lie detector there." Garrod's eyes gestured Ange, "You can discuss it with her."

"No need to discuss." Ade turned his head to Ange, "Ange, let him go."

"Can't you just pretend to discuss with me?" Ange grumbled and put away her gun, "You're making me look really bad here, okay?"

Garrod looked at Ade in surprise and jumped into the cockpit of Gundam DX. The Gundam slowly flew up, Ade picked up Alice and skillfully sat on the back seat of Villkiss to hold Ange, and Villkiss followed closely behind Gundam DX.

Not long later, before he saw the ship, the lie detector device was exposed. It was a very powerful NewType, more powerful than any person Ade had encountered before. Instead of recklessly pulling the other party directly into his mind space, he first tried to release goodwill, and the other party returned the same amount of goodwill after a moment of hesitation. To be honest, it was so convenient and saved a lot of effort in trying to find each other out.

"Well, sorry about what I did earlier." Garrod smiled awkwardly on the public channel, "You're a good man."

"Huh?" Ange elbowed Ade, "How does he know you're a good man? Too blind, right?"

"Don't you know whether I'm a good guy after sleeping together for so long?" After saying this, Ade immediately regretted teasing her again. He immediately changed the subject and said, "I have told you what NewType is. There is a NewType on board."

A few minutes later, they stopped at the interior of the huge battleship. The people on board seemed to have not seen newcomers for a long time, they all ran curiously here to look at them. Garrod introduced Ade and Ange to everyone on the ship. Because there is an NT on board, Ade can't lie, so he just mislead them with words to make everyone think that he and Ange were born and raised in a vault. After the vault people died out, he and Ange were forced to come out to look for food and water.

Everyone was curious about Villkiss, but they didn't ask because they trust their NT.

After talking with them, Ade knew that Iserlohn was built before the war, the name was given by Dr. Yang, and it was the only warship that survived the World War. Other ships such as Hyperion and The Wonder Conch were destroyed by Embryo the Grand Moff in the war.

Some of them on board were from the colony Garrod mentioned before, and some were picked up after coming out of the vaults, such as Garrod himself. The ship is on an annual patrol mission, has gone a large part of the way, and will soon return to the colony. The colony is run by a character called "grandpa", who is said to be a pre-war survivor and the oldest of all.

After a while, everyone dispersed and went to do their own business, and Garrod continued to receive them, as the only Gundam pilot, he is trusted here.

Ade could not find any "famous people" on this ship, except for a girl wearing a simple style of dress. The girl had a long single ponytail and stood there quietly, with an ethereal expression as if the world had nothing to do with her. Garrod ran to this girl, and only then did she coyly curl her lips.

"Oh, this is Tiffa, she is my … my …" he scratched his head in embarrassment, Tiffa covered her mouth and smiled, " Tiffa is the first NewType in Dr. Yang's lifetime prophecy, it was she who judged that you are good people."

"Long hair, quiet, small breasts, and also an NT," Ange walked over to Garrod, who guardedly blocked Tiffa behind him, "Shorty, don't blame me for not warning you beforehand, Ade is a beast with a whole island as his harem, and your girlfriend happens to be his favorite type, I advise you to watch him closely."

"Hey, who are you calling a shorty? I'm 1.61 meters tall and still growing!" Garrod was very agitated as if he had been stepped on a sore foot, "And don't you pick on me and Tiffa, I trust Tiffa just like she trusts me!"

"Ange, stop it." Ade looked speechlessly at Ange and said to the young girl, "Tiffa, you and Ange are about the same height, can you lend her a dress to wear? Look at her, she dressed like this because she doesn't have any proper clothes to wear."

Tiffa looked at Ange, nodded, beckoned Ange to follow her, and walked towards the inside of the ship. Garrod also led Ade to follow, saying that he was assigned a room.

"Why do you act like you know Tiffa well? You just met, right?" Led Ade to an empty bedroom, Garrod stared at Ade nervously, "It's so strange that Tiffa would respond to you too."

"There's nothing strange about it." He said honestly, "I'm a NewType too."

Then he began to explain the reason why he was an NT. He still needs to live in this world for an unknown period of time, he didn't want to provoke Garrod's hostility. Even Kamille couldn't stand his language arts, neither Garrod could. And Tiffa, as his biggest weakness is too obvious. Just talking to Garrod for a while, Garrod had treated him as "our own person".

As they were talking, someone opened the door and came in. The one walking in front is Tiffa, followed by a young girl whom he does not know. The young girl has a pretty face, short blonde hair, wearing a loose size, simple style dress, but even this simple dress can not hide her proud figure and noble temperament. She walked in front of Ade in a dignified manner and turned around, gently squeezing the hem of her skirt with both hands, and slightly owed, "Good day, Mr. Ade."

Ade looked at her as if he had seen a ghost, and his mouth was open for a long time without knowing what to say.

"I'm sorry to have frightened you." The young lady covered her lips with her long fingers and laughed softly, "This is the first time I wear a dress in front of you, do you think it's good?"

Garrod was also shocked by Ange's appearance and looked at Tiffa blankly, then he suddenly remembered, "By the way, big sister, I also need to assign a room for you."

"Thank you, but I'll be fine with him in one room." Ange briskly moved to Ade's side and elegantly took him, the soft and warm touch on his arm made his heart beat wildly, "Ade-san, what do you think?"

Ade's head was still down, not reacting to what they were discussing.

"He has no objections, we'll be fine this way, thank you." Ange nodded her head in greeting Garrod. Garrod was startled and grabbed Tiffa's hand nervously.

It wasn't until both Garrod and Tiffa left the room that Ade finally squeezed out the words, "So, you are really a princess…"

"What else do you think?" Ange was very satisfied with his reaction, let go of his arm, sat heavily on the bed, and her two white calves swung back and forth, "I feel that the last time I wore a skirt was already a long time ago."

"Hey, Friday." He looked at Ange's casual sitting posture, could not help but spit out, "You're back to your original form."

"Ange! Not Friday!" The young girl laughed heartily as she said this, "Do you think I look better as a wild girl, or do you prefer me to behave like a princess?"

"It doesn't matter, it's pretty much the same." Her white swinging legs made him feel a little dazzling. He skimmed his head sheepishly, "You're still Friday anyway."

"To translate for you, I like both, as long as it's Ange." The young girl looked at his dumbfounded look with glee, "I told you I had a high IQ, you didn't believe me. I just don't like to think, huh."

"You used to be like this at the palace …" This was the first time he intuitively felt how much being forced to join Arsenal changed Ange's life, and remembered her self-loathing and stubbornness on the island, all connected up.

"What's that look on your face? Have a crush on your heart?" Ange jumped up from the bed with both hands and stood across to Ade, watching him carefully, then nodded and asked teasingly, "I see, you take pity on me?"

"No more bullshit with you, I'm going to go find Garrod for information. I still don't understand what kind of world this is." Ade opened the door and walked straight out, pausing when he reached the door, "You look good in a dress."

"Wait, I'm going too." Ange quickly followed and took his hand, "I have an IQ too, I have to figure out what the world is like."

When they found Garrod, he was watching an anime on the computer with Tiffa in his room. Ade took a casual glance, it seems to be a super robot anime. Considering Garrod's identity, it's quite normal for him to like this.

"I tell you, little brother, this is a pre-war film left behind, super good! Unfortunately, it seems to be the third one, I couldn't find the first two." Garrod paused the film and gave him a thumbs-up, "Do you want to watch it together? We'll watch from the first episode. It's okay, this is the tenth time I've watched it."

"Thanks, no." Ade was uninterested, "I came to ask something about Dr. Yang Wen-li. He died before I was born, but I'm interested in him and want to know about his life."

"Oh, little brother, that's good! I grew up listening to Dr. Yang's stories, too, and there's no one on this ship who knows more than I do!" He ran to the bed and pulled out a book from under the pillow, waving it excitedly in front of Ade's eyes, "Legend of the Earth's Heroes - Volume 1. I traded an MS with someone for this."

Ade didn't even know what to say. His heart was full of envy and jealousy at the moment. They both were transmigrators, why was he called by an odd surname like Lingus and the other person could be called by a cool name like Yang Wen-li? He growled inwardly in anger, "I want to be called Yang Wen-li, too!"

"But that MS is broken, I've made a fortune, hahaha." Carrod smugly laughed, suddenly realized that Tiffa was next to him, so he scratched his head embarrassed. Tiffa covered her mouth and smiled lightly, "This book is a biography of Dr. Yang written by the famous great writer Arso Foley, a total of four volumes. This is the first volume."

"Can I borrow it to read? I will try my best not to break it and return it to you when I finish reading it."

"Of course you can, Tiffa says you're a good man." Carrod just handed the book out and retracted, "but, it's hard to meet a person who has the same hobby, when can you finish it and discuss the plot with me? I can't wait. How about to let me give you a lecture first?"

"Fine." Ade doesn't care about spoilers, he can't wait to be spoiled. He sat side by side with Ange on the bed at Garrod's instruction and looked at him with expectant eyes.

"I'll start, then." Garrod coughed and opened the book with some excitement as Tiffa gazed at him with a smile on her face, "Humans finally formed the Earth Federation after a long struggle, changed the era to A.C. and began to march towards the universe. They built many colonial satellites and even colonized the Moon and Mars. But mankind encountered unprecedented technical difficulties on Mars, and it finally came to nothing."

"Mars was the foreshadowing." Ade is too familiar with this.

"That's it, little brother, it seems that you know a lot!" Garrod continued, "Although the world seems to be at peace, there are still non-stop small-scale terrorist attacks everywhere, and at the same time, the elite small group called OZ within the Earth Federation military is using the momentum of terrorist attacks to grow."

"Is it the same as what you said about TITANS?" Ange asked Ade in a low voice, and Ade nodded.

"In this context, Yang Wen-li was born into an ordinary family. His parents died unexpectedly when he was six years old, and he himself was adopted by a charity organization of OZ. He began to show excessive intelligence from that point on, completing his doctorate at the age of ten and joining one of the MS institutes under OZ."

"At the age of ten? Are all doctors monsters?" Ange whispered. Ade pinched her hand, and Ange pinched back in displeasure.

"At the age of fifteen, with the invention of the palladium fusion furnace, Dr. Yang successfully led MS into the second generation era, and he himself became the director of the MS Institute. That's when he finally met the best friend of his life for the first time." Garrod stood up excitedly at once, "He was Commander-in-Chief Treize, who was only twenty-one years old at that time and would later become the supreme leader of OZ!"

Ade applauded, and Ange looked at him in bewilderment.

"Treize was still a young officer at that time. He said to those around him, 'I want to be the loser,' but no one there responded to him, and the atmosphere was very awkward, and then, Dr. Yang spoke up!" Carrod looked at Ade with a gleaming gaze, "Guess what he said then?"

Ade put himself in Yang Wen-li's place and answered seriously, "One cannot be the loser."

Garrod slapped his thigh hard, "That's what the doctor said!"

Garrod Ran
Gundam DX
Tiffa Adill