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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 62

2021-11-02 18:45:00Publish Time: 2,106 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 62: Miracles and Magic Are …

"I didn't expect that Dr. Lingus would be so arrogant and shallow, it's too disappointing." Creuset sneered, while Providence Gundam's eleven beam pods were already released and ready to scatter to attack, "Talented people like you incite the jealousy and hatred of others, who then use the weapons you made to produce tragedies, and then the war never ends. "

"Wait for my instruction, Alice -" Ade stopped the drones' charge, and he decided to go straight to full power for a quick battle. Taking the time Creuset's beam pods were still not fully dispersed, Ferber's wings were spread decisively as he shouted, "Fire!"

The inventory in the ammunition locker, the MS's beam cannon, and the drones' fire poured out at the same time. For a moment, the particle beams and cluster rockets covered the entire field of view, reaching the terrifying visual effects.

"It's because humans like you keep being born throughout history, so humanity will eventually perish!" Creuset reluctantly forced to end his speech while trying to control Providence Gundam and the beam pods to evade Ade's attacks. The massive amount of bullets and beams were not much of a threat to Providence Gundam, and their main targets were actually the beam pods. At least half of the beam pods turned into cosmic dust under the indiscriminate attacks.

"Are you going to worry about human extinction?" Ade talked trash and lifted the long-bladed rifle to fire at Providence Gundam, while Alice controlled the drones to shoot the remaining beam pods. "Do you know what's on Jupiter? Do you know what ELS is? The whole universe is full of things that want to exterminate humanity, take your time and get in line!"

"You're wrong! Humanity must perish by its own hand!" Creuset is also a master of trash talk, he automatically ignored unintelligible terms such as ELS, and Providence Gundam lifted a shield in the distance with no intention to have a face-to-face fight with Ade. He just needs to buy some time and then victory will naturally be his, "Self-destruction is mankind's dream, mankind's desire, mankind's sin! I know all this, because I am the result!"

"You are just a defective good, what kind of result are you? The perfect Coordinator made by Dr. Ulen Hibiki is called the result!" Ade dodged the last beam pod's sneak attack on Hyzenthlays with his NT instincts and hit it with a shot, but the drones' firepower couldn't penetrate Providence Gundam's turtle-shell-like armor. The long-bladed rifle's high-powered mode was powerful enough, but too slow to fire. Now he has the absolute advantage, however, there is no time to waste, Ade was a little anxious, "He lives well now, unlike like you, a counterfeit good who relies on drugs to continue to live."

"You actually know it?" Creuset finally could not hide his shock, and had a slight delay in his action, "Knowing all this and still so arrogant, what an incorrigible creature!"

"Do not pretend to deceive yourself, you actually do not know anything and have been kept in the dark!" Taking this opportunity, Ade shortens the distance between him and Providence Gundam, "Do you know why Al Da Flaga is displeased with his son? Why did Ulen Hibiki's capital chain break? The Flaga family's old mansion was burned down, was it really because of a teenager? How come one of the products of the adjustment techniques is a defective product and the other is a perfect Coordinator?"

"Why?" Creuset asked involuntarily, and he even forgot to dodge Inle's attack. Now the long-bladed rifle slashed down at Providence Gundam, and he instinctively used the sword shield on his left arm to block it.

"Because you get what you pay for! How much did it cost when you were cloned? How much did it cost to create the perfect Coordinator? Use your brain to think about it--" the short arm of Providence Gundam was cut off by the long-bladed rifle from the shoulder joint, "Can you get stronger without charging money?"

"Lingus, you play tricks on me!" Creuset sidestepped another zero-range blast from the long-bladed rifle in the nick of time, while Providence Gundam's right arm and beam rifle were destroyed in a grazing shot. Providence Gundam kicked Inle hard, and by using the reaction force, Creuset ran away at the fastest speed.

"You don't deserve to drive Gundam!" Ade turned the power of the long-bladed rifle to the maximum and fired a shot at Providence Gundam's turtle shell, hitting the bulls-eye. Providence Gundam exploded violently, and Ade only heard a short "Ahh!" Creuset screamed in the public channel.

"Ade, they are going to finish the mirror change!" Alice's eager voice brought him to his senses quickly. Providence Gundam had flown a little far away in the explosion, he reluctantly added another shot to the wreckage of Providence Gundam, turned around, and sped away towards Genesis's cannon.

"Alice, listen to my arrangements. "

"Ade, it's already too late!" Alice's voice sounded like she was about to cry out, "You'll die if you rush in now!"

Now Genesis may have begun to charge up. Even if he could rush along the passage into the interior, he had no time to set the explosives and come out after that.

Ade aimed at the distant Genesis's cannon, continuing to march. From this distance, he could only barely see something like a core in the deepest side of the cannon barrel, perhaps it is a gamma-ray generator or reactor. He directly gave it a shot. No damage. Is there armor inside? Anyway, not enough power.

"Ade!" Alice was hissing.

"On my command, prepare to liberate Ferber." His voice was calm and unmistakable.

The high explosive was stored inside the inner wall of the TR-4 Dandelion, and Alice could complete the complicated job of hull separation in a flash.

TR-4 Dandelion's thrusters were turned up to maximum, Inle was in a straight line from Genesis's cannon barrel, getting closer and closer, and what was suspected to be a large gamma ray generator was finally clearly visible at the end of his vision, "Now!"

As Alice released TR-4 Dandelion's restraints, Ade pulled the MS upward and applied the emergency brake. The huge inertial force from the emergency stop made him breathless for a while. After TR-4 Dandelion broke away from Inle, it continued to sprint towards the cannon barrel at high speed with the remaining thrust and inertia, but unfortunately, the angle was still a bit off, and it started to slow down after colliding with the inner wall of the cannon barrel.

Ade took a deep breath and set up the ultra-long-range beam cannon to aim at TR-4 Dandelion.

"I can't believe it's going to be like this." Alice's voice carried an indescribable emotion, "Watching you aim TR-4 Dandelion with your own hands, my emotional module is a bit confused."

"That's what you call having mixed emotions. Alice, you've grown up." He watched as TR-4 Dandelion got closer and closer to the innermost core, a distance he didn't need to hold his breath to snipe, "I'm going to count to three and shoot, then we'll run immediately. One, two … three!"

As he pulled the trigger, the high-energy electron beam penetrated TR-4 Dandelion and then struck the outer wall of the core again, while the local explosion chain caused by TR-4 Dandelion's high-powered engine detonated the high explosives placed on its inner wall, and then the explosive power of the high explosives continued to spread outward until it destroyed the nearby core unit's battered outer wall, which in turn caused the entire reactor out of control.

"Can you contact anyone, Alice?" He sped out in his Hyzenthlays before Genesis blew up, "Anyone."

"No, the concentration of Minovsky particles nearby is too high." Alice's voice was worried, "Without TR-4 Dandelion, our speed alone is not enough to escape from the explosion."

"So Hyzenthlays flies so slowly?" Ade grumbled as if he had just realized it, as if that would make him less nervous, "I didn't see any promised top-of-the-line Jegans coming to support me. In the end, I have to escape desperately. It's too humiliating."

"Genesis is starting to disintegrate, Ade, get ready to resist the impact!" Alice's voice was incredibly anxious, "The impact is expected to arrive in ten seconds!"

"What else can we do to improve the survival rate a bit?" Ade muttered to himself and opened the music player, "What BGM was played in the last episode of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED …Find The Way?"

"Five seconds, Ade!" Alice's voice was tinged with tears.

"The intro hasn't even started yet …" He found the song and pressed play and set it to a single loop by hand, "I wonder if that counts."

"Zero! Ade--" Alice's voice came to a screeching halt.

"Sigh, I know miracles and magic are …" Hyzenthlays disappeared into the light.

A small dazzling point of light lit up in the direction of Genesis in the distance, and in this instant, all the people on the battlefield understood what had happened. The troops on both sides of the moon and ZAFT slowed down their movements almost simultaneously, the ZAFT army began to retreat in an orderly manner under the orders of their commanders, and Ghingham did not order a pursuit.

"Success?" Shinn, who had resumed his attack, stopped his attack at Ghingham's order, and he excitedly contacted Lacus, "Miss Lacus, Mr. Adrien succeeded!"

"No, there must be something wrong." Lacus felt a heart palpitation for no reason, "Calling General Ghingham, requesting an immediate search for Inle!"

"The whole army is heading towards Genesis, with the search for Inle as the priority mission." Ghingham's voice rang out over the radio, "Kid, go and pick up your doctor too, don't pick up all the useless ones."

"Ade…" Lacus didn't have the heart to joke with them. She felt her rapidly beating heart was going to pop out of her chest, and her voice trembled a bit as she muttered to herself, "We agreed to go home together, don't lie to me."

ZAFT withdrew to another front altogether, and the lunar force did not encounter a single MS along the way. Inle should theoretically have been on its way back, but it was not encountered all the way. Shinn and Ghingham fell silent.

As the fleet got closer and closer to Genesis, Lacus's heart sank and her breathing became more and more labored. The fluke mind is the last straw to save her until everyone finally reached the wreckage of Genesis, and they still didn't find Inle.

"I …" Ghingham's voice was a little lower, "I can't feel him. It could be that my sensing range is too small, it could be--"

"That's enough, General." Shinn spoke out to stop him from continuing, "Be quiet for a moment, I'll try a little harder."

Ghingham didn't get angry, nor did he retort.

"Liar, liar, Ade is a liar." The young girl's eyes looked out at the dark and empty universe, tears flowing down uncontrollably, "What about your promise? What about your NT radar? What about the promise to go home together? Liar! Ade is a liar!"

The surrounding soliders were silent, and in the silent bridge, only left the voice of the young girl whimpering.

"Liar, actor! I believe in you! What is this?!" Drops of tears stained her front lapel, "How am I going to get home alone …!"

For a moment, it was as if something broke open in her mind. Ade had talked about it many times to her, and she instantly understood what it was.

"But what is the use of such things … it's not what I want…"

The young girl continued to bury her head and sob until her voice was a little hoarse and her sobs diminished. Then at that moment, she seemed to hear a nonexistent gentle song from afar, and what followed was a familiar and warm feeling, just like the first time she flung herself into his chest.

She looked up sharply, "…Ade?"

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