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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 49

2021-10-21 00:00:00Publish Time: 2,206 views
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Chapter 49: Simplified Chinese Version

Despite having lived in this world for years, Ade still feels that this matter is now the most ridiculous he has ever encountered - the Chinese version of TurnA. In the corner of the main screen, where he himself used to hide the magic conch icon, there was a watermark in Chinese, so faint as to be almost invisible: "Official Simplified Chinese Version".

He would have hesitated if it was only this line, after all, it only stated that the maker's native language was Chinese, but the line was followed by a (ಡωಡ) that was also so faint that it was almost invisible. That was too much information, so much that Ade does not know whether to think first or to whinge first.

First of all, he can be 100% sure that the maker of TurnA is a Chinese time-traveler like him, but this person seems to leave no trace in this world, at least he did not see any trace of a time-traveler from history books.

And then even if the maker of TurnA is Chinese, it doesn't mean that the situation has improved. He still has to solve the problem by himself.

But this clue is not meaningless. At least it proves that the TurnA maker's thinking and his thinking are similar, then he can bring his heart into the TurnA developers' perspective to think about the problem.

The operating system Ade made himself has a back door that only he knows. If you turn the system into Simplified Chinese and then poke the magic conch a hundred and eight times, you can enter a special mode. This mode can use the highest authority to directly mobilize hardware resources, but can only complete the most basic operations such as reboot, shutdown, cut off the power reactor, as so on.

This is the product of his idleness, even if others found out, it does not matter. The priority of this mode is above all, symbolizing his absolute control over MS as the maker. If TurnA's maker had the same habit as himself …

So Ade began to poke the (ಡωಡ). When he pokes, the screen doesn't change. This might be to prevent others to see out this back door. After more than two hundred pokes and no response, he began to think that TurnA's maker might not be as bored as he was, but he decided to poke up to a thousand just in case. When he reached 666 pokes, the screen finally changed and a brand new window replaced the previous system halted interface.

Looks like TurnA's maker was even more bored than he was …

But it's really similar to his way of thinking. The functions on the new window have only reboot, shutdown, and cut off the power furnace. Without hesitation, Ade pressed the button to cut off the power furnace, and a new small window popped up asking him for the password, followed by a button to retrieve it. He pressed the "Forgot the Password?" button, and another window popped up that said, "I wrote the password down on the computer in the center to prevent forgetting it.

"So, Your Highness Loran, do you know what 'the computer in the center' refers to? Looking at the context, the center should be something like a research center." Ade now knew how C.C. felt when she complained to him about "Hyzenthlays's encryption system is insane", "Is there anything you found from the relics that fits the description?"

"How did you find this?!" Loran was shocked and slightly disoriented, "I've been with it for decades and didn't even know TurnA had this kind of functionality?"

"Fate, it's all fate." Ade quickly looked around, "So does His Highness Loran have an idea for this 'computer in the center'? It's probably our only hope."

After Loran looked down and pondered for a while. He made an appearance of having made up his mind, and went aside to make a phone call, muttered for half a day, and afterward faced Ade and said, "Come with me."

So you can directly ask Diana, what's the use of thinking? In the end, you still have to ask your wife. Of course, Ade dare not say it out, only secretly think in the heart.

Leaving the secret warehouse where TurnA is stored, Harry drove a car with the two and circled around for a long time, and finally entered a building. The car has been driving in the closed channel, Ade can not see the appearance of the building, but can see that the walls of the building are metal. The internal canals of the building are very complicated, Loran led him inside and turned for a long time, and finally went through a metal door that would open automatically and entered a room.

The interior of the room is very spacious, visually dozens of meters wide. The walls were still made of metal, and the whole was shaped like a giant bowl upside down, with smooth curved surfaces all around. The walls are engraved with strange runes that look like circuits, it is not clear what the purpose is, but it looks very technological. The only thing in the empty room was a huge computer in the middle, and the screen was glowing.

"If we're talking about the computer in the center, this is the only one I can think of." Loran led Ade towards the huge computer in the center of the room, "This is not supposed to be where you are now. Dr. Adrien, with all due respect, we don't trust each other to this extent yet. But since things have come to this, it means that our relationship must be forced to move forward."

The first part of Loran's statement was true, and Ade could totally understand it. But the second half of the statement was subtle, and Ade wasn't sure what it meant, so he chose to respond in silence.

The two walked up to the computer, and the huge screen prominently displayed the phrase, "Current MSs Online: 0."

"This entire device only has this one function displayed now, but so far I haven't even figured out what this counter is for. It's been zero for decades since I found it, and it's never changed." Loran looked up and frowned, "Looks like some kind of MS detector? But I don't know what the object of detection is. By the way, it can also switch the display language, there are also more than three hundred kinds. I have not tried them all."

"Can you switch the language to Simplified Chinese?" Ade also doesn't understand what it means, "That square-shaped text. Yes, that's it."

With Loran's operations in the console, the entire screen flashed, and then everything turned into Chinese.

"Is it the same as on TurnA just now?" Loran couldn't read Chinese, he looked at Ade in confusion, "What's next?"

"Your Highness Loran, look over there, there's a very faint line of text and a cute round cartoon pattern in the corner." Ade pointed to the (ಡωಡ) on the screen, "I don't know how to use this console, can you figure out how to tap that cartoon pattern? Uh, keep tapping, I don't know how many taps you should do."

Then Loran just kept pressing the buttons stupidly at his instigation, which looked a little awkward. If he had known it, he would have done it himself. Fortunately, after about thirty clicks, a new window popped up, and there were two lines of letters and numbers. The notes indicate that they are TurnA's password and TurnX's password.

"TurnX …" This is unexpected and reasonable. Ade wondered where TurnX had gone.

"TurnX? There really is such a thing?!" Loran put up his palm to stop Ade from speaking, "We'll talk about this later, and you don't have to worry, Doctor. Diana and I still trust you. For now, let's try to see if we can turn TurnA off."

After a long journey, the two returned to TurnA's warehouse. Loran put the Core Fighter back into TurnA's crotch, and then entered the password he had jotted down earlier. Time seemed to stand still for a few seconds, and then TurnA's main interface went black, and all the dashboards and lights went out with it.

"It worked?" Loran tried to turn it on. No response. "It seems to have really worked, the power is completely turned off."

"Great." Ade followed with a long breath, "At least that virus is locked inside, no need to worry about TurnA becoming a threat. Too bad I'm not powerful enough to take it out."

"That's good enough, whether we have TurnA or not, at least, nothing uncontrollable has happened." Loran was optimistic, "Is Dr. Adrien available today? Diana and I would like to have a chat with you."

Half an hour later, for the second time in his life, Ade dined with the Loran couple, and this time he remembered to inform Lacus that he would not be home for dinner in the evening. The dinner was carried out in a joyful and peaceful atmosphere. Loran was still very easy-going, and Diana still looked very cold, nothing unusual. After the meal, the main topic finally began.

"Dr. Adrien, I'm not going to ask anything about TurnX, and you don't have to explain anything." said Loran sincerely, "Everyone has their own secrets, and so do Diana and I. For example, our age and appearance. I'm not going to tell you what's going on with our ages, but that doesn't stop you from having good feelings toward us. Likewise, the fact that you somehow learned TurnA or even TurnX doesn't stop Diana and me from showing kindness to you."

"What is important is that you have a sense of belonging to the Moon and to your home on the Moon, which is the basis of our mutual trust." Diana took the rare initiative to speak up, "Will you please, Doctor, be honest to tell me and Loran, do you really think the Moon is your home?"

Not expecting to encounter such a pointed question here. Ade bowed his head slightly and began to think. He didn't want to say yes hastily just to gain the trust of these two. Ghingham is an NT, he is the best lie detector. And it wasn't just the Loran couple who wanted to know the answer, he himself wanted to know the answer as well. Did he really think of the house on the moon as "home"? Did he really see himself as part of "this world"?

"Yes, this is my home." He looked up and said honestly.

When one arrives in an unfamiliar environment, one instinctively feels out of place, and one draws a clear line between the realm of "I" and the realm of "non-I". Until a certain bond emerges, linking him and the environment, blurring the distinction between the familiar and unfamiliar, making him feel "I'm probably a member of this place too, right?

When did I start to feel that way? Ade wanted to laugh, but held back. He guesses that it should be since after that night with C.C., right?

"I knew I could trust you." Loran showed him a warm smile, "I actually had the idea before, but Diana kept saying it was too early and not yet the right time. Since you've now been forced to participate in the inner circle of the moon, I'll just ask you directly here. Dr. Adrien, do you want to flex your muscles on a bigger stage?"

"I don't quite understand, Your Highness Loran." Is this a promotion for himself? Director to Minister? "A bigger stage means …"

"It's too bad your abilities are limited to Anaheim." Loran darted a glance at Diana, who gave him an imperceptible nod, "Do you want to join the Lunar government and hold an important position?"

"Uh… no."