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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 44

2021-10-16 13:00:00Publish Time: 2,139 views
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Chapter 44: The Sword of the Heavens

In terms of conclusion, the Federation and the Orb Union government in exile didn't come to an agreement. It can be easily seen from Scirocco's annoyed face.

Ade guessed, Kira has Cagalli, and Cagalli has a strong nature and cannot accept the terms offered by the Federation. As for what conditions caused the conversation to fall apart so quickly, it might be the puppet government Lacus had speculated about earlier. Then he told Lacus about his conclusion.

"You're an NT?!" Lacus was shocked. It was very rare for this expression to appear on her face, but that wasn't the point now, right?

"Didn't I say that?"

"What was I doing before …" Lacus held her forehead with her hand and let out a long sigh, deliberately talking to herself in a voice that Ade could hear, "Fortunately, the current course is the right one. "

I must not say anything at this time, or I will fall into her trap.

"Major Scirocco didn't get consensus with both Commodore Yamato and Miss Athha." Lacus blinked at Ade, "So his only hope is me?"

As if to validate her words, Aker knocked on the door with a twisted look, "Dr. Adrien, as much as I hate to say it, Major Scirocco would like to talk to you and Miss Clyne."

The three arrived at the conference room, and Scirocco was already waiting inside. He must have just found out that the NT in the base was Adrien Lingus himself, and gave Ade an undisguised look of "so it's you!". Behind him stood several officers, one of them looked particularly conspicuous. Judging from his shoulder patch, he should be a captain … could he be Yazan Gable?

Scirocco apparently had no intention of explaining, but simply watched Ade and Lacus sat down opposite him. Graham was in no position to engage in such a conversation, so he saluted Scirocco and went out.

Scirocco's consciousness was dank, cold, and inexplicably oily to Ade's perception, so uncomfortable that he wanted to hit its owner. Amuro also said he did not like Scirocco, now Ade understands what he meant. But wasn't this guy said to be good with women? Ade found this incomprehensible.

"Dr. Lingus, I've heard a lot about you." Scirocco greeted with a leathery smile, "In fact, this matter has little to do with you, but, out of courtesy, the military department still asked me to let you know that we will take Miss Clyne away."

There was not much problem with his statement. Lacus was now without human rights as a defector from a warring enemy country. Because of her status and beauty, she was instead more of a sought-after good, and Scirocco was now fighting Ade for the right to own this good. In this case, Lacus barely even has the right to speak, and she understands that. The end result depends on how tough each of the Federation and Ade is. Ade is a Lunar person and doesn't need to care about the Federation's reaction, which is why Lacus is counting on Ade to bail her out.

Scirocco represents the entire Federation top brass, and that's where his confidence is from. Ade's own identity has a little role here, but don't forget that he has a strong homeland behind him.

"Major Scirocco, right? I'm just a researcher, I don't know politics. This woman, who I brought out of ZAFT at the risk of my life, is a trophy of mine. If the Federation wants to take her away, they are taking my thing from me, and you know the consequences." Ade grabbed Lacus's hand and put it on the table, "I'm done talking, who's for it and who's against it?"

Scirocco froze for a moment, suddenly showing a fascinated smile, and applauded, "Good, good. It seems that our army's intelligence work still has some problems, the staff's even told me that Dr. Lingus is a very good talking weak man, what a great fallacy. But, since you are rescued by us, it's not good to let me leave with empty hands, right? Or doctor, are you looking down on me?"

"We can settle this account when we return to Anaheim, and I will not forget to return the favor of the Federation. But I'll take Lacus with me, and no one can keep her. I promise."

"Doctor, I certainly respect you, but I'm afraid your trophy is not of much value to the Queen and her husband, right?" Scirocco shrugged, "Dr. Lingus, you're putting me in a difficult position."

Ade sighed. Lacus identity was too sensitive, and in the end, he could only solve it in this way, "Difficult? Then I think you'd better given up. She is my woman, with my identity, do you still want to take my woman away from me?"

Scirocco looked at Ade with a gloomy look. Of course, he could not shout "I am an NT, I know you are lying!", the key here is only in Ade's statement, whether it is true or false is not important.

Scirocco sneered, got up, and left. After a day of bumping into the wall, he didn't even have the heart to pretend to be polite.

After that, Ade returned to the room with Aker leading the way, and Lacus naturally followed in.

"So you knew it would end up like this, right?" Ade looked at her with a complicated expression, "Is this pretty much the same as the script you prepared?"

"In my script, that last line would be said by myself, and I was very surprised by Ade-san's performance in front of me." Lacus laughed very happily, "I can't imagine Ade-san has such a side. It was really a surprise today."

"That is acting… I just don't like Scirocco."

"But I'm satisfied." Lacus's smile became a little despondent, "according to the agreement, I will eventually return to PLANT, and Ade-san is too important to the moon, so you can't leave with me. So even if the Federation publicized today's conversation, Ade-san, you can just say that you're tired of me at that time."

Looking at him as if he wanted to say something, Lacus put up her index finger and pressed it to his lips.

"I'm serious. I'm not a woman who waits for a pie to fall from the sky. Since Ade-san has given me the opportunity to return to politics, I will give my all for this opportunity. This is my biggest dream and there is no way I will give up." The young girl withdrew her fingers with a firm look, "There is something I want to fight for with all my might. I have always come this way and will always stick to it. So much for the status of a singer, so much for the dream of a politician, so much for everything else."

She is talking about the dream of being a politician, right?

"By the way, can you… perform… perform the acting just now again?" For a moment, Lacus's firm look disappeared and she poked her arm out with a slightly red face, "Who is for it and who is against it? Can you play it again?"

"…Lacus, I told you I was an NT, right? There's a more important matter now." Ade didn't know if he should be happy or sad now, he pointed to his head, "The almighty NT radar needs me to take care of it."

"Is it dangerous?"

"I think so. The alarm caused by the malice Scirocco showed just now is similar to the situation on the Eternal, but not that urgent." Ade finds that it seems to be beneficial to provoke an NT, "He's probably thinking about something really bad and getting worked up about it."

Lacus put away that expression just now and began to look down in deep thought. After a while, the young girl looked up, "The possibility of the danger coming from Scirocco himself is minimal. He's just a messenger, it should be the higher-ups who want to turn against you. First of all, we have no more use, but the Federation can not take direct action against you. Secondly, ZAFT's next target must be Australia, and the closest base to Orb Union is Torrington. Finally, the defenders of the Torrington base cannot withstand ZAFT's assault. So the conclusion is?"

"Strategic contraction, abandon Torrington … sold us by the way?"

"If Ade-san is captured by ZAFT, it can provoke His Highness Loran. If you are killed, it would be better for them. Ade-san, have you offended any of the Federation senators?"

"No, I don't think so …" in addition to Scirocco who he just offended, he had no contact with any of the Federation officials. It must be some other reason.

"Anyway, my mission is complete." Lacus still had a smile on her face and didn't look worried at all, "Next, Ade-san, please save us, right?"

But now they are under house arrest, robbing a Gundam to run away is absolutely unrealistic. It is impossible to let Loran drive TurnA to take him back. Oh, I guess I can only count on "that" at a time like this.

"Captain Aker, this is my lifelong request. I'm dying for not be able to browse the forum for so many days. Let me use the pc for a while!"

"As a soldier, I can't break military rules just because we have a good personal relationship."

"Absolutely nothing suspicious, you can monitor the whole time." As well as the trump card, "I can tell you V2's boot code."

"It's none of my business what the world will be! By my own consciousness!"

Then as if to prove Lacus' presumptions, Ade was awakened a day later in the morning by the sound of a piercing alarm. He went out just in time to meet Lacus, and the guards who had stood guard at the door all night were gone. Soon, Aker appeared and led them towards the port, explaining to him the current situation along the way.

Yesterday at midnight, the officers of the TITANS faction all evacuated, and also took their own direct troops, leaving only the remaining garrison with the order to resist as much as possible, and now ZAFT has almost fought the way to the door of the base.

"If you're not my men, you're not men. It's really very TITANS." Ade sighed, "So, after all the TITANS officials have left, you're now the highest rank here now?"

"That's right, so I now have wartime command." Aker nodded, "The order I gave to everyone was to retreat, it was my decision as the person in charge."

"Why didn't they take V2 with them?"

"Because I slept in it yesterday."

A short time later, everyone arrived at the port and Ade saw that the Orb Union's spaceship was also there. That was understandable. Since they are so disobedient, the Federation won't care about their lives. The atmosphere in the port was gloomy, and everyone was worried about their life.

The combatants went to the front to buy time, the non-combatants boarded the ship in an orderly manner under the command of the petty officers. Ade and Lacus coincidentally got on Orb Union's ship.

As for Aker, "Dr. Adrien, finally the time has come to keep my promise. Let me, Graham Aker, and your daughter guard her father side by side! This is the destined battle!"

The Orb Union's ship started to leave the port. Ade and Lacus both stood on the bridge. From a distance, they could see ZAFT's MSs spread out like locusts in a spectacular manner. Did ZAFT send out all their combat forces? Shortly after, the Torrington base was easily captured, and some of the MSs flew out to chase after them.

Ade borrowed a telescope, and after searching for a while, he finally found Aker. He is being attacked by many ordinary Zakus and an ACE. Although he fought fiercely, he was gradually overwhelmed and started to get shot after killing several enemies. Then in Ade's shocked eyes, V2's cockpit ejected at high speed and V2 was blown up.

Fortunately, Aker is lucky enough. No one chased after the cockpit, and after a while, he was fished up by a friendly ship.

The battle on the front line relied on Aker and Kira. Now that Aker was lost, Kira was fighting and moving away, and the situation was rapidly tilting towards ZAFT's side, with the battle line getting closer and closer to the ships. A lady on the bridge whimpered. Cagalli went up to comfort her, but how was she supposed to comfort someone with a desperate look on her own face? The lady cried even harder.

Lacus quietly held Ade's hand. The young girl's palm slightly sweating. Although she didn't say anything, the fear will still be there.

"Ade-san, if your backhand doesn't work, our agreement can't be fulfilled." The young girl's voice had a tremor, "At least, for now, please let me--"

All of a sudden, a wild and hideous torrent of particles rushing and whistling in front of everyone, tearing the sky apart. Countless MSs were turned to dust in the torrent, and the explosions symbolizing death were heard one after another, and the girl's voice ended abruptly here.

"How can it not work?" Ade smiled at the "lady" who appeared on the other side of the sky, "That's another me!"