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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 30

2021-10-02 13:00:00Publish Time: 2,213 views
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Chapter 30: He Came to My Concert!

The concert was held in PLANT's largest concert hall.

The concert was to celebrate Lacus' birthday. Yes, today February 5th is Lacus's birthday. When Ade received the tickets Lacus gave him, it was very awkward for a while. As her fan, he didn't even know that the concert was for her birthday!

There is still some time before the concert starts. Ade and Uraki were on a small balcony on the second floor. The balcony was big enough to sit about five or six people, but at present only two of them. The balconies are separated by a certain distance, so if you speak in a low voice, you won't be heard from left to right. But unfortunately, the sound from the next balcony is loud.

"That blue hair and white hair are the sons of senators. Are all the children of officials like this now? They are too noisy!" Uraki was very dissatisfied, "Surprisingly none of them recognized the doctor. I have hung the doctor's photo in my room in U.C. 1979."

"There are still some good kids." Ade didn't want to comment on the second half of Uraki's sentence, "Zala's son should have recognized me, just now outside he saluted to me."

Ade and Uraki came in just in time to rub elbows with Athrun and his friends. Looking at their colorful hair, he had the delusion of dreaming back to the rural-urban fringe in a trance. (Translator: the young people in the rural-urban fringe in China like to dye colorful hair)

"Nicol, you are so lame!" Someone was clamoring loudly, "You can't even win the championship and you lost to a natural! It's simply a disgrace to our PLANT!"

"I can't help it, he's too strong!"

"Doctor, I think they're talking about the Junior Mini MS competition, right? Captain Ray won it back in the day, and it's called the cradle of ACE." Uraki said suddenly sullen, "I have not won the championship, I really do not deserve to be an ACE …"

"What was that champion's name again? Kamille or Camille? Like a pussy!" The crowd next door burst into laughter, and the air inside and outside the balcony was filled with rapture.

After a while, after Athrun repeatedly shouted "pay attention to quality", the next door finally quieted down a bit.

"Doesn't Dr. Lingus want to join the conversation of the young people?" Char sat down next to Ade naturally, with a very friendly tone, "Focusing on research and forgetting the fact that you are also young will lead to remorse when you reach my age."

"The younger you are the more you have to be careful with your words." Ade, of course, sensed this one early and couldn't resist trying to play a prank, "I don't want to be bothered with the mistakes I made because of my youth several years later."

Char looked a little surprised and did not respond in a hurry. At that moment, Haman also entered the balcony and sat down next to Char.

"I can't believe that the doctor has such an awareness as a researcher, and I only realized this after making many mistakes." In a short while Char regained his natural attitude, "If I had known that the doctor was also a New Type, I would never have waited until now to have this conversation."

To be honest, Ade didn't really want to communicate with Char about any ideas, nor did he want to talk with him about any ideals in life. Intuition tells him he doesn't get along with Char, and intuition basically equals positive understanding when dealing with NT. He tried to change the subject, "Senator Aznable and Miss Karn are practically inseparable, are you in love?"

"Far more than lovers, Haman is my spiritual companion." Char glanced at Haman, who had been low-browed and silent since she came in, "I see the possibility of New Type in her, you are also a New Type, you must understand it, right?"

Why do this person and Amuro often see the possibility of a New Type at every turn? Is this the nature of NT? Ade was speechless, he neither saw any possibility, nor could understand, but there was no need to provoke Char, silence would be good. It was good for everyone to politely keep their distance like this now.

Seeing Ade have little interest, Char changed the subject, "Doctor, you installed the D.R.A.G.O.O.N. System on the Freedom Gundam, I thought it was designed specifically for Coordinators. Until I learned that you, Dr. Lingus, are also a New Type and realized that the system was originally designed for us New Type. I'm afraid that this is the original design of the D.R.A.G.O.O.N., which replaces the complex calculations with the NT's mental sensing."

Char's words are in a sense not wrong. Ade nodded, pretending to put on a surprised look, "Forgive me, PLANT's research in mental sensing can already do this?"

"I may seem like a politician to the doctor, but I'm also the director of the New Type Institute." Char's tone turned low, "The Federation locked Amuro up like a beast, foolishly treating New Type as an unspecified superstition. But PLANT is different. Since the war, I have led the research related to New Type, and personally served as the director. With our current technical strength, it won't be long until we can complete the real D.R.A.G.O.N. system."

"Research?" His first thought was Ple.

"Don't get me wrong, of course it's humane research, both Haman and I have personally participated in the experiments." Char explained, "My good friend, Dr. Gilbert Durandal of the Institute of Life Sciences, is a leading expert in genetics, and he has successfully proven that NT and genetics have nothing to do with each other, and that there is no reason for PLANT to conduct inhumane experiments."

"PLANT's progress takes my breath away." Ade sighed, "compared to you, the Earth Federation simply …"

"So you do understand, Doctor, that gravity binds the human soul, and we must move faster into the true universe century." Char scanned through the audience downstairs, "Miss Lacus's song is admittedly beautiful, but can these people really appreciate it? PLANT is like that, let alone Earth."

"The universe is not always a beautiful place." Ade thought about the fossil of unknown creatures, "Senator Aznable councilors can see it every time you go to the Supreme Council, right?"

"That's why we New Types are needed." Char looked at Ade with a burning gaze, "Seeing through the fog, sensing danger, leading the lambs, these are all things that only New Type can do. What we have to do is to achieve the salvation of all mankind, the liberation of all mankind, the innovation of all mankind, there is no time to lose."

He's backtracking again! Ade kind of understand, as long as two NTs meet, they can not help but exchange the ideal of life. Even a hard-blooded fierce man like Ghingham would talk more after they meet, not to mention Amuro. Amuro said repeatedly at that time that he was different from them, and now Ade has a deep understanding.

But a politician like Char, even if he talks about these things, there must be a deeper purpose - he has always had very high regard for Char's political skill, and is very self-aware of himself.

At this point, the lights in the concert hall were suddenly turned off, and the venue was suddenly silent. Char whispered, "I'll leave the doctor to enjoy the music", and left with Haman, leaving Ade, who became a bit confused, alone. So what the hell is this person doing here? Is it just to test my attitude? Char was never a kind-hearted person, and Ade was not so naive as to think that two NTs met just to get close and intimate.

But now is not the time to think about this. Lacus has already taken the stage. The clothes she wore were not the same as the ones he saw yesterday, so it's true that there will be as many changes in clothes during the concert? The accompaniment sounded, and as a veteran pseudo-fan, he immediately heard that it was a song from Lacus's debut.

The next thing he did was to give up thinking about it and just let himself be immersed in the music. Lacus is not wrong, she did spend a lot of effort on music. With Ade's poor literary level it was impossible to find any suitable description, and now he didn't have the effort to think about it.

The songs of Lacus are mainly love songs, and the content is very sweet. The gentle and quiet style of the song with her ethereal and sweet voice gripped the heart of every listener.

From the midway point, Ade did not look at the stage anymore, nor did he care how many more new outfits Lacus would change, but relaxed against the back of the soft chair and gently closed his eyes. He forgot about Gundam, forgot about Geass, forgot about black technology, and forgot about alien fossils. Just like an ordinary person who comes home after a busy day with a lot of fatigue, the sun will still rise tomorrow, and the earth will not explode if you are lazy now, right? Now it does not matter to sleep in peace … of it …

"… Doctor, Doctor!" A violent shaking woke Ade up, and Uraki's embarrassed face appeared in front of him, "The concert is over. Well, you fell asleep in the middle."

Ade got up and looked around. Almost everyone has gone, and the theater was quiet. He stretched his back in a refreshing manner and patted Uraki's shoulder, "Go, go backstage."

When he got the tickets, to cover up the embarrassment, he promised to send Lacus a birthday gift, and then Lacus said he could come backstage directly after the concert. But, how could Dr. Lingus, who was a virgin a month ago, know how to choose birthday gifts for girls? The only gift he had ever given was a Haro pillow for C.C., but it was inappropriate to give this to Lacus.

This time, Uraki volunteered to jump out and say that he is experienced in this area. The next is a breathless analysis: Clyne's family is so rich, so the gift shouldn't be expensive; the smaller the gift is, the greater the probability of being used. Under Uraki's persuade, Ade finally bought a hairpin. Afterward, he thought it was too casual, right? However, it was already too late to buy a new one.

Led by the staff, Ade came to Lacus' lounge, where Athrun and his friends were already inside, with small and large boxes stacked quite high next to them, probably gifts from them. A yellow-haired boy whispered something to Athrun, causing Athrun to blush, others laughed, and Lacus also smiled companionably.

At that moment, a white-haired boy saw Ade and said loudly, "Ah, the one who was just sleeping and snoring!"

The air was suddenly quiet.

Only now did he understand why Uraki had that look. He did not snore in his own sleep, and today it seems that he slept really well, even the next balcony heard him. But he did not bother to explain it to them. He fished out the small gift box from his pocket and walked straight to Lacus.

"Happy birthday, Lacus." He placed the gift gently into her hand, "Sorry, I did fall asleep on the way. Today's concert was great, it was the most restful sleep I've had in years, thank you."

Lacus looked at him curiously for a while and couldn't help but laugh softly at his sincere expression, "Can I open it now?"

As Ade nodded, a delicate hairpin in the shape of a crescent moon appeared in Lacus's hand. It was very similar to the one she usually wore, but with subtle differences. Lacus untied her double ponytail sideways and straightened it out, pinning the hairpin to the hair in front of the left side of her forehead.

She turned around to face the mirror and tilted her head from side to side, then turned back and gave Ade a big smile, "Thank you, Mr. Ade, this hairpin is very cute."

At this moment, there are two options in front of him: 1, Lacus is very good at lightening things up; 2, Kou Uraki knows what the best-fit gift is. For a moment, just a moment, he wanted to choose the latter.