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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 237

2022-05-08 11:45:00Publish Time: 812 views
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Chapter 237: Golden Autumn

Mineva's summer adventure came to an end and autumn arrived as scheduled.

The schoolwork of senior three was too much. Since returning to the moon, Mineva had never found a chance to make out with Ade again. But the smart girl was not worried at all except occasionally complaining to Ple, because she knew that the other party was worrying more than her, and enjoying his embarrassment could be regarded as compensation for his neglect and alienation of her for so many years, right?

In contrast, Ade felt a lot of headaches. Although everyone in the family could see what happened, it didn't mean he could fool it without a word. These days, he had been hiding in the laboratory in the name of overtime in an attempt to come up with a way to escape from the coming "public trial meeting".

Just as he racked his brains to find excuses, a piece of sudden news completely disrupted his plan.

"Ade, it's bad." Ayanami Rei found him breathlessly. After working together for so many years, Ade had never seen her look so flustered, "The Doctor, he was hospitalized this morning."

Ade decisively dropped everything at hand and hurried to the hospital with Ayanami Rei without even changing his white clothes. When they arrived, Aeolia was still receiving treatment. The dean outside the emergency room quickly introduced the situation to them.

"Dr. Lingus, you're here." The Dean was so oppressed by Ade's non-human spirit that he didn't dare to breathe. The sweat on his forehead kept seeping out, "This, this, you, listen to me…"

"Ade, be careful." Ayanami Rei pulled Ade's white clothes and whispered in his ear.

Aware of the impolite, Ade carefully withdrew his spirit field. The Dean had the spare strength to say, "The patient is old and his physical function is declining seriously. In addition, he engaged in high-intensity mental work all night last night, which led to his sudden fainting this morning."

"All night?" Ade looked at Rei and said, "Didn't you tell him to step back from the front line? He's been 100 years old and is still tossing all night? Does he really thinks he's an Angel?"

Ayanami Rei was silent.

The Dean carefully peeped at the reactions of the two in front of him. After a while, he continued, "After the patient was sent to the hospital in time this morning, we immediately called experts, professors, and scholars from various fields for an expert consultation, and specially invited Mr. Bidan to assist in the treatment. Now the patient has regained consciousness and is out of danger."

Hearing the familiar name, Ade couldn't help saying, "Kamille Bidan? How's he doing?"

"Dr. Bidan is excellent." The Dean immediately replied without thinking, "Both professional level and working attitude are outstanding, and his excellent NT ability has made great contributions many times.."

Ade listened with pride and nodded frequently. Ayanami saw his funny appearance and chuckled. The scene immediately became very embarrassing.

"Rei," Ade's voice sounded directly in her mind, "Can you continue to pretend to be a kuudere girl from tomorrow?"

"Forcibly distort the personality of the female assistant in order to meet your hidden interests?" Ayanami Rei rolled her eyes at him with a smile. "This is workplace sexual harassment. Please allow me to refuse."

Next, Ade listened carefully to the treatment plan introduced by the Dean and made "hmm" sounds from time to time The sound made the Dean very nervous.

When the Dean finished speaking, Aeolia's treatment just ended not long ago, and they immediately went to the nursing room. On the way, he happened to meet Kamille who returned to his department. Ade patted him on the shoulder, "Well done."

Kamille was stunned for a long time, dropped a "Thank you, Doctor" in a voice so thin that Ade could hardly hear, and then ran away in a panic. Looking at Kamille's back, Ayanami Rei looked at Ade and laughed again.

The two came to the nursing room. As soon as they entered, Ade saw Loran sitting by the hospital bed, smiling and chatting softly with the old man on the bed. Loran's eyes lit up when he noticed Ade's appearance.

"Aeolia," Ade went straight to the hospital bed, "Can you just —"

"Ade, come on." Loran hurriedly got up to meet him and smiled softly at Ade, "I know you're actually worried about the Doctor. Shall we listen to his reasons first?"

Seeing Loran's posture, Ade immediately lost his anger and sat down side by side with Loran, "Dr. Aeolia, you're so old, just leave the work to me. Otherwise, how sad would Diana and Ikari be if they know you are sick?"

"So you know it?" Aeolia sneered, "Also, didn't you call her 'Rei' very affectionately? How can she become 'Ikari' when you talk to me?"

Ade glanced at Loran's face and secretly decided not to quarrel with Aeolia no matter what he said. Aeolia felt boring and looked at him in silence.

"It's not the first day," Ade took the initiative to break the silence. "You promised me to retire. In fact, you have been secretly continuing to study something. Loran and Rei both know it, right?"

Ayanami Rei, standing behind Ade, suddenly turned into a kuudere girl again. She was expressionless all the way, as if she couldn't understand a word. With a guilty conscience, Loran avoided Ade's eyes and reached out to hold Ade's little thumb and shook it back and forth under the cover of his clothes.

"Come on, Lingus, it's none of their business. I insisted it." Aeolia's voice became a little depressed. "I want to correct the mistakes of the past."

"That's hard to do. You've made a lot of mistakes." Ade ignored Loran's dissatisfied eyes. "Which one do you want to correct?"

"Innovator." Aeolia shook his head. "Innovator's unstable spirit is my design mistake. I have to bear the main responsibility for Ribbon's character change. The rest of my life is running out. In order not to let other Innovators repeat the same mistake one day, I must correct this mistake while I still have the energy to think."

Other Innovators. Ade was not surprised to hear the word. Although he had been resentful about GN-Drive, what Aeolia had done now…

For some reason, Ade was in a complicated mood. He was silent for a long time before he asked, "How's it going?"

"Fortunately, my brain hasn't degenerated yet. The theoretical part was successfully completed this morning, and Ikari will take over the later experimental part." Aeolia uttered a deep sigh, and his old face was full of fatigue. "Lingus, I have done everything I can."

Although Loran is not a newtype and can't penetrate people's hearts, he keenly detected Ade's emotional fluctuations from his slightly stiff knuckles. Instead of trying to comfort him with words, he just held his hand silently.

"Lingus, I've been thinking about your problem for a long time. I tried to design a method to check and balance you, but I found that any power division will eventually become a tool of internal friction. I got the desperate conclusion that it's better to rely on your conscience than on a perfect system." Aeolia looked suddenly at Rin. "Ikari is my last hope. Promise me not to have emotional disputes with her."

"I never thought of having emotional disputes with her. I trained her as my error correction module at the beginning. Of course, I know you don't believe it." With Loran's encouragement, Ade cheered up and nodded sincerely to Aeolia, "I promise you, I will never have emotional disputes with Rei."

"Ikari, you heard that, too." Aeolia took a deep look at Ayanami Rei and solemnly looked at Ade, "Lingus, the future of mankind is up to you."

"You'd better take good care of yourself. Don't think too much." Ade pretended to smile easily, "The future of mankind is up to me."

In this way, time passes slowly, and autumn begins to show its golden tail.

Korozo Ronah was executed as mufti. Ade didn't kill his wife and daughter, but let them go. The Federal Council ushered in a major change of members, Prime Minister Marcenas resigned, and a puppet supported by the military came on stage.

In response to the political upheaval, a number of media said that Wang Liu Mei was afraid to be the biggest winner, but it was a pity that Miss Wang was receiving proper remuneration and didn't have the leisure to accept an interview.

Hathaway, who returned to school, received a clear reply from his secret love, Mineva. The expected result didn't make him too sad. After a long talk with his father, he decided to study geology and prepare to explore the universe with Judau in the future.

Then, Shinji's wedding was held as scheduled. He was surprised to find that many of his friends in the chat group were actually big shots. Ade even sent gifts in his own name.

Shortly after the wedding, Ayanami Rei gave up the long vacation given to her by Ade and hurried back to the moon. She was absorbed in the Perfect Innovator Theory entrusted to her. She still has lingering fears about Lacus's madness. As the proponent of the theory, Aeolia's body recovered very well. Kamille, who had just been rated as the attending physician, revealed to Ade that the old man could live for at least five more years.

In order to celebrate Kamille's promotion, several old friends who had worked together in Celestial Being got together and held a celebration party.

During the party, Uraki made a small report to Ade, saying that he saw Ayanami Rei at Shinji's wedding. After Ade successfully fooled him, he threatened Rei to play the role of the kuudere girl for a month. Rei bargained and changed the time to a week.

Mayu, Shinn's beloved sister, had not started looking for a boyfriend in her twenties. Uraki was very puzzled, but Kira said he supported Shinn. It's better to let it go.

Kira, who had taken advantage of his vacation to travel with his whole family to the Earth, also brought gifts to everyone and told everyone that he happened to meet Amuro, who was on shift leave and came out on vacation with Beltorchika.

Until the end of the celebration, no one asked Ade why Minerva had to break up the relationship with him before. "Don't worry about the Lingus family" is the consensus of all people, including Kamille.

And Mineva, who nearly turned the world upside down a few months ago, finally found her own position at home, and got good grades in the top ten of the whole grade in the mid-term exam. This time, she wouldn't give up to ask for a reward, but she hadn't figured out what to ask Ade for.

Faced with such a serious attribute conflict with Mineva, Miss Friday rarely ignited her antagonism and even absurdly involved Momoka in. Fortunately, Miss Maid was not dissatisfied, but very happy.

C. C. lived a slow-paced life in an orderly manner, and the changes around her had no impact on her. Lacus's novel was still serializing, but the plot developed unusually fast after Ange's debut.

Everyone was continuing their lives. In this way, Ade quietly started the final plan without notifying anyone.


The boson force field around V2 Gundam dissipated and Earth came into his view.

"Ade, get ready and get on track in 15 minutes." Alice asked with a trace of doubt, "Why don't we tell them?"

"That's good now." Ade gently rubbed his temples, "Otherwise, if everyone gave me a deep farewell, wouldn't it be a death flag?"

"Well…" Alice hesitated timidly for a moment. "Is it really good for me to be here?"

"Nothing could be better than this. I will be afraid if I'm alone." Ade leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. "If someone asks me who I want to live with most, I will pretend to be stupid and refuse to answer, because I don't know the answer. But if someone asks me who I want to die with most, it's you, Alice."

There was a moment of silence in the cockpit. More than ten seconds later, Alice's flustered voice rang out, "There are still 14 minutes to enter the scheduled track. Ade, concentrate!"

"Well, I see." Ade's right hand clenched and opened, "It's not easy to solve the insoluble deadlock. I don't have the plan to see Old Yang so early."

When he learned the truth of the world, he immediately judged that it was an insoluble deadlock. The whole universe was like an online game novel. The creator had arranged countless enemies layer by layer. Even if they escape from the galaxy, human beings are still facing the risk of extinction at any time. On the other hand, Ade confirmed the safety of another Universe from Embryo.

In that case, there is only one answer. First, remove the remaining human beings on another Earth, then completely destroy that Earth, and finally move the Earth-Moon system in this universe to that universe. This is the truth of the V Plan described by Ade to Aeolia.

To achieve this goal, three conditions need to be met. First, the time to seamlessly connect the Earth's orbits on both sides, which had been calculated by Ade and Ayanami Rei, which was today. The second is the boson jumping device that can cover the whole Earth-Moon system, for which the Wheel of Angels was built. At this moment, Ayanami Rei and Chang Wufei were waiting on it. Third, a tool that can completely decompose the Earth, that is, the V2 Gundam driven by Ade and Alice now.

Ade didn't equip this V2 Gundam with any unnecessary arms. The only purpose of its design is to cut the Earth from a suitable angle with the light wing behind it. Even the power furnace of TurnA was removed by him as the core energy of the V2 Gundam. But even so, the output of the light wing is still insufficient, and the only thing Ade can do is to use the psycho-frame, making up for the lack of output by using his NT ability.

It's not that he wants to be a hero, but he is the one with the strongest NT ability among the existing humans.

"There are seven minutes left to enter the scheduled orbit." Alice's voice sounded again, "Ade, your heart rate is so high. Do you want some music to relax?"

"Forget it, it makes me more nervous." Ade repeatedly took deep breaths, trying to calm his trembling hands. "Alice, I suddenly miss them a little. What should I do?"

"Well, actually, Loran secretly left you a message in the system, but he told me not to tell you." Alice gave an unexpected answer, "Ade, do you want to listen?"

He nodded silently.

"Ade, although I told Alice not to reveal the existence of this recording to you, if it's really lucky to be heard by you, it means that Alice judges that you're too nervous. She doesn't know how to comfort others, so she may choose to let me do it."

Ade raised the corners of his mouth knowingly.

"I won't tell you how much I believe you, so you regard it as a flag. I won't say some strange confessions, or wouldn't it be embarrassing if you were thinking of me in the end?"

V2 Gundam sped up.

"I'll just wait for you quietly on the moon. Well, that's all."

The dazzling particles dyed the fuselage of the V2 Gundam into a gentle blood red.

"The moon is a very good place. Come back quickly."

Thirteen thousand kilometers of light wings flew towards the blue star without looking back.

PS: One more chapter to go and this novel is over. Thank you for your reading.