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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 235 Part 2

2022-05-05 11:55:00Publish Time: 677 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Through the window of the cabin, you can see a huge building with a strange shape from a distance, announcing its existence in the universe. Five concentric rings with different radii were rotating slowly around the main control room at the center of the circle, and the diameter of the outermost ring was up to 20 kilometers. This is the Wheel of Angels, the largest wonder in human history.

Ade's ship sent a login request to the fleet stationed on the Wheel of Angels, and soon a blue and white MS approached. The people on board quickly recognized that this MS was the famous hi- ν Gundam, belonging to Colonel Amuro Ray, deputy commander of the special force on the Wheel of Angels.

"Adrien, what happened?" Amuro's voice sounded directly in his consciousness, "It feels like you're… mentally unstable? I haven't seen you like this for years. What do you need me to do?"

"It's just about Mineva. Don't worry, I can solve it." Ade responded vaguely, "Has Nunnally been here?"

"Her Majesty? She's been here for a while." Amuro didn't ask much. He wouldn't foolishly intervene when it was related to women. "She said she wanted to inspect the Wheel of Angels. After coming, she stayed in the core and didn't leave. She has the same authority as Commander Bright, which is second only to you."

"That's just right. I have something to do with her." Ade tried to pretend to be natural. "Just leave me alone. I'll go to see her myself."

After saying goodbye to Amuro, the spacecraft sailed into the depths of the Wheel of Angels and finally docked at the core unit. Ade got off the ship alone and walked firmly to the main control room. At this position, he could clearly feel Nunnally and Mineva's existence. With his deepening, there were fewer and fewer people nearby. When he reached the door of the main control room, there was no one at all.

Speaking by his conscience, Ade felt sorry for Nunnally. Nunnally trusted him back then, just as Mineva now trusts Nunnally, but he wanted to kill her brother in front of her. Although he will make the same choice no matter how many times he comes back, Nunnally's injury is real.

However, although he betrayed Nunnally, at the critical moment, she still didn't hesitate to bet her life to save him and give him life again. In other words, without Nunnally's self-sacrifice, all humans would have become LCL by now.

So Ade has always felt guilty about Nunnally, and his guilt is even increasing day by day. No matter how many times Nunnally repeated the word "revenge", he never wanted to escape her revenge. So until now, he still believed that Mineva was a means used by Nunnally to elicit him and would never play any role in his and her plays.

So when Nunnally put irrefutable facts in front of him, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Mr. Lingus, you are here at last." In the empty main control room, Nunnally and Ade stood opposite each other, "I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Beside her, Mineva sat powerlessly on the ground with her back against the instrument. She was obviously drugged. The girl didn't seem to notice Ade's appearance, and she was still chattering, "Sister Nunnally, stop it, it's different from what we agreed…"

"Of course not, because I added a play to myself." Nunnally chuckled and looked at Mineva along with Ade. "This is to ensure the authenticity of the revenge drama so that you don't misunderstand me. I've been waiting for nine years for this day. I won't allow you to not devote yourself to it."

"Is it necessary?" Ade looked anxiously at the girl, "It doesn't matter how you hurt me. Why bother to involve Mineva?"

"Hurt you? How can I be willing to hurt you?" Nunnally opened her eyes in surprise. "And doing so will only make the people who love you sad. It's not revenge at all. What I want to see is your sadness, your pain, your despair, your tears. Of course, it should hurt the people you cherish. Yes."

Nunnally's sincere attitude was conveyed along the consciousness without any reservation, and her every word was undoubtedly true. Ade was shocked, and the NT radar in his mind began to alarm wildly, "What do you want to do?"

"You generously forgave my brother's life, so I also want to give you a chance." Nunnally pulled out the thin sword around her waist with her left hand and held it flat forward. At the same time, she nuzzled her mouth towards the sword hanging on the wall. "Let's Duel and let the person with blood on the sword win first. If you win, I'll return Mineva to you unharmed, and that's the end of our story."

"What if I lose?" Ade walked to the wall under her gaze and slowly pulled out the sword in the scabbard. The edge was cold.

"I put a small bomb near Mineva's heart. If you lose, I'll detonate it." Nunnally smiled and licked the corners of her lips. "Maybe she won't die with good luck?"

"Are you crazy?!" Ade looked at her incredulously. "Do you think I'll let you go after doing this?"

"What you want to do after that is your freedom. It doesn't matter if you want to kill me. I just want this revenge play to be finished." Nunnally flicked the blade and made a crisp sound. "I've left a will. Even if I die, it will never affect your plan. It's my honor to die in your hand."

"You're really crazy…" Ade, who was well aware, walked back to his original position and stood with a sword in front of Nunnally.

"If you say it's crazy, let it be." Nunnally's five fingers clenched the handle of the sword, "But isn't it you who made me like this?"

With a cold flash, Nunnally moved, and his dynamic vision couldn't keep up with her speed. Ade could only follow his NT sense and flick his sword, bouncing off the other party's blade.

"I could have lived a peaceful life with my brother, could have silently continued to admire you, could have been happy to be the Queen, could have cooperated with you to complete your great cause of saving mankind, but wasn't it you who personally destroyed all the beauty in front of me?"

The swords collided violently in the air over and over again.

"You know what? I worship you, I despise you, I admire you, I disdain you, I look forward to you, I envy you, I trust you, I suspect you, I get close to you, I hate you, I love you, I detest you, I…!"

The sound of metal impact was heard all the time.

"Speak! Why don't you speak? It's not like you at all. Hurry to make me speechless with your most proud sophistry!"

With an electric "miso" sound in his head, Ade waved the sword that completely followed his instinct, and the blade miraculously bypassed Nunnally's defense and pierced her eyebrows. Nunnally smiled and bumped her head against the tip of the sword.

Seeing that her head was about to be pierced, Nunnally tilted her head slightly. The blade touched her cheek, and a bunch of beautiful hair drifted away.

Then a sharp pain came. Ade looked down and saw that the thin sword had penetrated his right shoulder. Nunnally let go of the hilt of the sword and jumped into Ade's arms through the inertia of the forward rush, and their foreheads hit each other gently.

"I beat you." She showed a childlike innocent smile, then stepped back, and a small remote control appeared in her hand, "Go and say goodbye to Mineva?"

Just as Ade threw away the thin sword pulled from his shoulder and rushed to Nunnally, Mineva's body suddenly vibrated with Nunnally's action and collapsed to the ground. A cluster of blood bloomed on her chest, and the pungent smell of rust filled the whole main control room.

Ade's mind suddenly went blank. He rushed to Mineva and held her in his arms. The girl choked hard, and a bright red blood mark crossed from the corner of the girl's mouth to her white neck until it fell below the collarbone.

"… Uncle Ade?" Mineva seemed to finally recover a little consciousness and struggled to raise her arm, "Don't hurt… Sister Nunnally… She…"

"Don't talk." Ade immediately took her raised hand. "There's a doctor stationed on the Wheel of Angels. We'll —"

"Come on, Uncle Ade…" Mineva shook her head weakly, and her upper and lower eyelids had narrowed into a seam. "I… can I love you like C.C.?"

"…" Ade's vision was blurred and he could only nod with a choking voice.

"That's great…" Mineva closed her eyes with a smile and her voice was so low, "I love…"

In the next second, self blame, pain, regret, despair, and overwhelming negative emotions constantly beat Nunnally's consciousness. The shock wave made her breathing more and more rapid, her face more and more flushed, and her two strands trembled uncontrollably. Finally, with a spasm of her body, Nunnally uttered a low and gentle groan. The warm liquid soaked the pure cotton cloth and trickled down slowly along the inner side of her thigh.

"Mr. Lingus," Nunnally said, looking vaguely at the lost man in front of her, "The taste of revenge is really wonderful, don't you think?"