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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 226

2022-04-24 12:10:00Publish Time: 688 views
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Chapter 226: The Inertia of Fate

"Really? So it's a long vacation from today?" Cagalli looked at her husband with joy, "I heard from Lacus that the Doctor came back yesterday and have been wondering when you would be back."

"Yes, it starts today." Kira yawned, "After a few overnight works, I finally finished the task from the Doctor, the Wheel of Angels will enter the acceptance phase, I will not be busy until after the official operation. As for the Doctor, he is probably at home now to catch up on his sleep."

"Great!" At this moment, Cagalli couldn't wait to jump into Kira's arms, but unfortunately, she has to pay attention to her image when the two children are around, "Haruka, Sora, do you hear me? Daddy will stay home with you for the rest of the day!"

Sora, with her twin ponytails, happily took Haruka's hand, and Kira looked at his son and daughter with a gentle smile on his face, feeling immense pride inside.

Unlike other families where the children fight over toys or other things, the Yamato siblings are very affectionate and never fight. Not only that, the two children are also very well behaved and understanding. Take the rabbit doll held by the sister, Sora has been playing with this doll for many years but never asked to buy a new one, and even refused to waste money on toys because she was used to playing with the rabbit doll.

Kira's heart pounded with guilt at the thought, and luckily the mortgage he had to pay would finally be paid out.

Several years earlier, he had changed his job from pilot to programmer at the suggestion of Dr. Lingus, and was responsible for writing the operating system for new MSs in the military industry of Anaheim. At first, he didn't understand it very well, after all, his income didn't increase significantly, but with his instinctive trust in Dr. Lingus, he kept on doing it.

After a few years in Anaheim, he was transferred to the Wheel of Angels as a senior executive in the software department, and his annual salary easily increased several times. Since then the pressure of monthly repayments had become less, the economy had a surplus, when the vacation, he could also take the wife and children to travel abroad or something, the smile also appeared more frequently on Cagalli's face.

For him, Dr. Lingus is his benefactor. In addition to working hard every day, to make more contributions to the Wheel of Angels, Kira really doesn't know how to repay the Doctor.

"By the way, Kira, the Doctor is on leave anyway, should we call the Doctor's family and take a trip to Earth?" Cagalli said out of the blue, "What do you think if we bring Sora and Haruka, and the Doctor brings Audrey? There's no reason for Lacus to put it off now."

No, Lacus must have had another reason for standing you up for seven years, such as being grounded at home for 30 years. But this couldn't be told to Cagalli, and Kira could only try to find an excuse, "Audrey will be embarrassed to play with children. After all, she's at that age."

"Well, that makes sense, but Audrey would be pissed if the Doctor left her to go play by himself." Cagalli frowned, "What to do? What to do? What to do?"

"Or our family goes alone. Just bring the Doctor and his family some gifts when we come back. In fact, I always feel that Audrey and the Doctor—" The phone suddenly rang, Kira looked at the caller ID and picked the phone up, "Hello, Audrey?"

"Hello, Uncle Kira, I'm sorry to bother you so early in the morning, I have a question to ask." Audrey said in a homely tone, "There is an MS called Kshatriya, I don't know if you've heard of it, it was sold to ZAFT by Anaheim the year before last, and it just happened to be shipped back to Anaheim recently to be overhauled and upgraded."

"I know that MS, what's up?" Kira was not currently working in Anaheim, but he still knew some news, "Speaking of which, its operating system has not been updated for a long time. Kshatriya uses the same version which I wrote back then, I think."

"That's great, saves me a lot of time." Audrey's voice dripped with joy, "Could you please tell me the system administrator's username and password?"

Wait a minute, wait a minute! This familiar feeling… could it be—!

"Don't worry, I won't threaten you and tell everyone your real relationship with Sister Cagalli like Sister Lacus did. After all, Sister Cagalli took care of me when I was little, and I actually liked her quite a bit." Audrey laughed softly, "But if little Sora knew it, it would be very interesting, wouldn't it?"

"… I will tell you the username and password."

Mineva turned off the phone and looked up at Ple, "I got the boot code. Once the set time comes, the video we recorded before will be automatically released, and by that time, I will have already run out of the moon in that MS."

"I still don't think so." Ple stubbornly shook her head, the ponytail at the back of her head followed her movements and tossed it from side to side, "Mineva, it's too dangerous for you to go alone, I want to go with you."

"There's nothing dangerous." Mineva pulled the battery out of her phone and stuffed it back into her pocket, "I have self-preservation with Beargguy, and Sister Nunnally will send ACE to meet me. The plan is very well thought out and everything is under control."

"No, it's really still too dangerous!" Ple's hands firmly pressed on Mineva's shoulders, "Mineva, you are indeed smarter than me, but your driving skills are so poor, what if you meet bad guys' MSs? And your level of physical skills is also not good, in case Beargguy-kun malfunctioned, you are not even able to protect yourself."

"You're not like me, Ple," Mineva gently pushed her hand away, "Breaking off my relationship with Uncle Ade publicly would be both my goal and my means, so that Uncle Ade's social status wouldn't be affected too much by my actions afterward. But your parents are ambassadors abroad, what will your parents do if you join me in such activities?"

"Oh yeah, mom and dad will be upset, we need to find a way." Ple shook her head while raising her right index finger and drawing circles in the air, "Can I give myself a fake name? So that even if I'm exposed, I won't cause trouble for mom and dad? I'm so clever!"

"Well, Ple…" Mineva sighed, "Really, you don't have to be so insistent. This is between me and Uncle Ade, and there's no reason for you to get involved in it."

"You're my best friend, so I'm going to protect you, isn't that a reason? If you dare to disagree, I'll take you back to Uncle Ade now and see what you do, huh?" Ple nodded in satisfaction, spinning her index finger in a circle and suddenly pointed forward, "What do you think of the name Marida?"

"… ok, you can in. You're worthy of being my handpicked friend." Mineva smiled bitterly and held her outstretched right hand, "Welcome to Mufti."